Blog Update and Current Project!

How goes it everyone?

I am so sorry I haven't written anything in over a month. 

I have been dealing with real life problems (work, home life etc.) and I feel sorry for neglecting you.

Also, being a idol blogger, I have come to like a lot of groups and I haven't had the time to do the proper research on the groups, thus in turn, producing no new posts leaving my readers out in the cold. 

So as of today, I am announcing my new schedule for my blog:

On Monday nights (early Tuesday mornings) I will be releasing new articles every week. 

I will be back on track when it comes to presenting groups for you to listen to.

So, in my away from blog life, I will have to make double the effort. I make a promise here in front of the world that I will not let you down.

Now on to some major announcements:

I have grown to like AKB groups a lot lately and I can't help but annoy people about being a 48wota which in turn makes them hate me, so on that note:

Since the AKB48 Sousenkyo will take place in a couple a months. I have decided to hold my own 40 member Sousenkyo based on my favorites. You will notice in that article, I decided to leave out Nogizaka 46, JKT48 and SNH48, due to the fact that:

1. Nogi46 is supposed to be AKBs rival group


2. I have not payed attention to either JKT48 or SNH48

So be prepared for that one in the next coming days. It will be separated into two parts from numbers 40 - 21 and 20 - 1.

Second announcement:

I have been given the opportunity from myself and the great support from friends and family to be able to visit Tokyo, landing on April 28th to take-off on May 4th. That week includes my birthday, so YAY!!! 

Also, due to contacting groups about interviews, the "social-idol" group Notall has given me the chance to hold a exclusive interview with the group (in person) on my birthday.

So make sure to look out for that one. 

Again, I'm so sorry for making you wait for articles. 


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