Accidental Hiatus Awareness

Just A Announcement!

I am truly sorry for the recent hiatus. I did not plan to go on one but I got busy at work.

I have not given up on y'all yet, believe me,

I see that people still view my blog and I really appreciate it.

I have not stopped listening to J-Pop and while I have been gone, I have discovered new groups and some old ones have released new singles and albums.

So, with that being said, here is my new schedule:

I am currently writing a article about the group MilkShake Nagasaki and when I get all the information I need, I will debut that article.

The next article after that or before I get the MilkShake one released, I am going to release a goodbye article to my former AKB48 kami-oshi Matsui Rena.

That one shall be a heart felt one. -sigh-

Once those two are published, I will release a article every Sunday night. No exception.

I have a big list of groups that are just waiting to be introduced to my viewers.

So once again, I am extremely sorry for the accidental hiatus. Please forgive me.

And as always, have a wonderful day no matter where you are!

Yours Truly,

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