Big Announcement From Your Favorite Blog!!! - Early Christmas Post!

MERRY CHRISTMAS (Six Days Early)!!

You might be wondering why I have that title for this kind of post. Well, there is a good reason for it.

For those of you who have been following my journey as a idol blogger, I greatly appreciate you.

No really. I do.

I wrote a article about my first journey to Tokyo back in late April/early May and how fun I made it sound and other stuff like that such as the concerts I attended and the interview that took place on my birthday while I was there.

I kind of have two news stories to cover with y'all instead of one. Sorry.

The first news story is the fact that I shall be returning to Japan from April 25th - May 13th, 2016. 


My major plans for this trip are that from April 25th - May 4th (aka Golden Week) I will be in the Tokyo area.

After those nine days, I will journey on down to Fukuoka for the rest of my vacation.

Why that should matter to you, you may ask.

Since I am a idol "wota/blogger/whatever" I will be making my rounds to several different venues to watch different artists.

So if you are particularly performing in Tokyo or the metro area, feel free to drop me a line on when you are performing and where. I will do my best to attend your show(s) and probably/more than likely purchase your merchandise as well.

I also plan to get in at least maybe one interview but that is still being determined by my one-man workforce.

When I get to Fukuoka, I will be doing more sightseeing and then going to try to catch a HKT48 show when I am down there. Also, I would like to see the beach or at least be on it.

I'm in a landlocked state, so we don't have beaches here.


If you would like to come join me and hang out while I'm there, especially on my birthday, that would be fantastic.

News Story No. 2:

On December 27th-28th, 2015, I will be releasing my first end-of-year article. I plan on showcasing my top 10 singles and top 15 songs from the Japanese spectrum.

I will also release a list of my top 10 Korean Pop singles and top 15 songs.

I have a lot and I mean a lot to cover with you readers on that one but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy listening to your favorites as well.

I just remembered that I will also have my blogs and my personal New Years Resolution in there as well.

So with that said and done, I honestly hope you have enjoyed reading my posts for the past year and have grown to love me.

I'm really nice in person, but shy as well. That's not the point.

Once again, I thank you.

You can follow me on Twitter or feel free to leave a comment. I do not mind at all.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas from here in Oklahoma USA and a Happy New Year as well. 


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