Day After Valentines Blog Update : February 16th, 2016

Photo Courtesy: Myself (April 27th, 2015) Akihabara, Japan

I would like to say a late Happy Platonic Valentines Day to everyone out there.

I hope you had a great day with your significant other.

As for me, I spent it by buying chocolate for myself and have been casually eating it over time.

Sad, huh.

Anyways, the reason why there has been no news article lately is because I have been swamped with work.

I work at a lovely place named Walmart. In Japan, those would be Seiyu and Livin'.

The company I work for owns those two businesses.

Getting off track here.

I usually get home about midnight or a little earlier (Central Standard Time - 14 hours behind Japan Standard Time) and I am super tired.

I really want to write but my brain keeps telling me to put it off.

So, technically it is laziness but I choose to blame it elsewhere.

As I am typing this write now, I have a couple of articles burning in me.

I really am wanting to write another opinion post but this time in what, in my opinion, the differences are in Korean Pop and Japanese Pop.

There are a lot of articles out there about that subject. I have yet to join those masses as well.

I have also been on a little kick in terms of Alice Project. Today, I literally watched videos from their past, like 2011 era to see the original members and to see how far they have come.

I have a lot of favorites in Alice Project and I really like that.

If I am having a rough day, I can turn to them for some great music and plain adorableness.

I mean plain in a good way.

They never seem to fail to make me smile.

In terms of other articles, I plan on introducing Deep Girl, Keyakizaka46 and a couple others.

A couple of articles to be updated will be the Nogizaka 46 article, the AKB48 article and the Sunmyu article.

For the Nogi 46 and AKB48 one, I am waiting on new profile pictures to be released and then I can completely remodel them.

As for Sunmyu, I will just update the member information and the singles/albums portion.

As I stated in my news a couple of weeks ago, I found out my favorite member graduated so that is when I decided that I need to update it.

I also have a bit of questions I would like to answer that I have received from multiple people in my personal life regarding idols.

I think that one will be a doozy.

Anyways, I best start getting to work shouldn't I?


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