One Of A Kind Idols In Omiya - Omiya I☆DOLL (大宮アイドール) and I☆DOLL BRAVE - New Age Idols Spotlight


If you had told me a year ago, that I would meet a couple members of this group, and they would become a mainstay in my life, I might have been surprised. 

Little did I know that this smaller group would play a much bigger part in shaping who I have become as a idol fan and person since that day. 

That group is Omiya IDOLL (大宮アイドル)  and their research student group IDOLL BRAVE. 

Some of you may not have heard about this group (especially in English speaking countries) or maybe not even in Japan itself.

Where is Omiya? You may ask. Omiya is in Saitama Prefecture, which is northwest of Tokyo. I can compare it to my hometown when it comes to explaining where I am from. 

Let me introduce both of these great groups to you.

Group Information

As I mentioned, this group is a locally based in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. 

They were formed in November 2014.

Not only are the members idols but they also work part-time at a café with the same name.

They do performances daily in their café but the members may vary depending on the day.

There are currently five members in Omiya IDOLL and six members in  IDOLL BRAVE. 

As of October 2020, the group(s) has released a total of one physical single, way back in 2015. They have not released any digital music either. In order to hear them, you must go to their café or happen to see them at a performance in a live venue.


Member Information

In this section, I will share some of the members information and maybe a quick fun fact. I will also include their SNS for you to follow them on social media if you'd like. They would highly appreciate it. 

They have a grocery list of former members, 10 to be exact, but I will only list one that has been elusive during my research.

The only remaining members of the 1st Generation are Rina and Aya.

Each member has a color assigned to them as well, which is always great to have.

Also each member not only does Showroom on the official group stream, they each have their own personal Showroom rooms. Follow them on there and get to know the members as well.

The group members use the 1:1 video chat app Talkport as well. Make sure you sign up for their slots early to get the opportunity to speak to them.

Omiya I☆DOLL 

Name: Rina Konno 
Birthdate: November 29th
Color: Red

Name: Aya Watanabe 
Birthdate: July 20th
Color: Blue

Name: Momo Shirakawa 
Birthdate: November 30th
Color: White

Name: Juri Inoue 
Birthdate: March 15th
Color: Purple

Name: Hitomi Sakurai 
Birthdate: June 9th
Color: Light Blue

A couple of fun facts about the members: Rina is a 10 year idol. That is a long time! It is a rare achievement nowadays. Rina is also a pretty good English speaker. I am very impressed by her command of the language. Not only can she sing and dance but she also is a good piano player as well. 

Aya is a diehard baseball and Yokohama DeNA Baystars fan. She has a dedicated YouTube about them. As a Baystars fan myself, I approve! Go Baystars!

Note: One member of the group, Yuuri Kojima, has been on indefinite hiatus since late January 2020. I decided not to include her for that reason. Update: On November 10th, 2020 it was announced that she would be terminated from the group.


Name: Tsugumi Hanamori
Birthdate: March 3rd
Color: Green

Name: Karin Himemiya
Birthday: October 6th
Color: Pink

Name: Saki Wakana
Birthdate: April 18th
Color: Orange

Name: Sayaka Furukawa
Birthdate: April 16th
Color: Yellow

Former Members

Name: Haruka Kaneishi 
Birthdate: December 23rd
Color: Purple
SNS: Twitter 

Graduated on March 28th, 2021... I regret not meeting her when I had the chance but I wish nothing but the best for her future. Announcement

Name: Yemesaki Ramu
Birthdate: March 11th
Color: Red

Unfortunately left the group on November 6th, 2020 due to family circumstances

Discography Information

As I mentioned earlier, they have only released one physical single and through my scouring of the internet, they do not have any digital versions of their music either. 

Ryusei Destiny - Released March 15th, 2015

See if you can pick out Aya and Rina in this single jacket. It took me a minute but I was able to find them both. 

Music Video Information

This section might be a little short compared to previous articles I have written. The group has released one music video and it was fairly recent. It was achieved after gaining 1,000 subscribers on their official YouTube channel. 

The music video they released is for their song, Reviver.

I personally love this song. It is one of my favorites of theirs. The rock and electronic vibes are right up my alley. It makes you want to do the fan chant and pump your fist.  The camera shots are really well done with the sweeping motion in the studio and some of the close angles. The outfits are great as well. You can notice their colors on parts of them, which makes it stand out. For their first music video, it was really well done. I don't know why they are being tracked down but I would like to know someday. The members themselves are really good singers and dancers. They also, as always, look pretty in this music video. 

Omiya BRAVE has not released a music video as of October 2020, but I hope they do in the future. If they do, I will place it in here. 

In the meantime, take a peek at some of their music that you could expect to see. 

Back on June 27th, 2020, as the coronavirus was still spreading, both groups held a no audience YouTube live. Each group performed for about 50 minutes or so and they showed off their set lists. Their talents and charisma are on full display. 

This was the first live for Ramu, the red member of BRAVE, so if you are curious of what was happening in the first MC segment. 

Overall Review

I want to thank Twitter for allowing me to become a fan of both of these groups. A few years ago, either the group account followed me or vice versa but I didn't really know about them. I looked up the members back then and found a favorite but kept quiet about it.  I had them in my mind but I never had  a chance to see them in person.

Back in December 2019, on my trip to Tokyo, I went to see a live performance of a variety of groups at Akihabara Garage, I think. I went to see another group there but while waiting I got a flyer from one of the members of the group. The member I received it from, was Rina. As I gazed at the flyer, I suddenly remembered who they were and I was really excited to see them. They were also there performing with BRAVE. At the time, I didn't know anything about their music or even most of the members. 

I saw both groups perform and to be honest, I liked it a lot. Even though it was only a 10-15 minute set, it was still fun to watch. While enjoying the performance, I was picking favorite members. I picked a BRAVE one and then chose a couple from I Doll. 

When they got finished with their portion of the show, they moved on to the merchandise table. Truth be told, I was super nervous because it was the first time to meet them. I wanted to meet Rina and Juri for separate reasons. After getting in line and buying my chekis, I met Rina first and it was really enjoyable. She was so nice and pretty. She could speak a little bit of English which helped calm the nerves. After I met her, I got a chance to meet Juri. I was a fan of Juri before the event so I went in a little more nervous. She was incredibly kind and pretty. I kid you not, she has big eyes that are captivating (that sounded awkward). She did not speak a lot of English, so we had to use Google Translate during our time but it was fun nonetheless.  

I walked away from their table incredibly happy to finally meet a couple of them and see their performance. 

As for BRAVE, I did not go over to their merchandise table. Maybe it was due to nervousness or other things on my mind but I kind of regret it. I apologize to the members. After the past few months, I have gotten to watch their showrooms and such. They have made me a bigger fan of them. 

Since that afternoon, I have not forgotten about this group for one day. I always see them in my Twitter timeline and I can't help but to hit the like button. 

They are a really talented set of groups and I wish for more success in the future regardless of the circumstances. Make sure you check out some of their YouTube videos because they can be real comedic. I'm not joking about that one. 

To the members of Omiya I DOLL and I Doll BRAVE, you are all talented, both in singing and dancing. You are all hard workers, not only on stage but also in the café as well. There may be sometimes when you are feeling down on your luck due to various circumstances but I hope that you can rely not only on each other but also your fans as well. You have a really dedicated fan base in Japan and a growing one in foreign countries. We all will support you no matter if you are happy or sad because you bring us happiness in return. Thank you for the countless smiles and laughs you have given us and I hope to see more of you all in the future. Someday, I hope to speak to you on Talkport as well.  Much love and support from the United States.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I hope that you have learned more about this group than you previously did and will keep your eye out on them. 

Official Links

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*As always, no matter where you are, Have A Great Day!