First LUVネオガールズウェイブ MV! and Some News As Well - New Age Idols Review


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It has been a while since I have done one of these...A few years actually.

So, for those of you that do not know, I am a very big fan of LUV Neo Girls Wave. 

I released a spotlight about them here, where you can find a lot of information about the group.

Anyways, on May 19th, 2021, their official Twitter sent out a link to their first music video and I was super excited to watch it.

To be honest, I did a reaction video to it but it lagged so bad that it was really unwatchable. I apologize for that. 

Here is the video, titled  ○×◻️じゃものたりナイッ or  ○×◻️ Jamonotari Nai. It is the short version of the song.

This song is not what I expected to be honest, in a good way. This sounds like a traditional idol song and I am super down for it. It doesn't have that LUVネオ very intense EDM sound to it and it makes it quite enjoyable. It is a breath of fresh air to say the least. I'm anticipating the return to heavy EDM and that is good as well.

First things first. The members are extremely cute! Throughout the video, it is hard to look away from the screen (maybe that is just me though). The casual outfits are cute as well. 

Did you choose a favorite member yet????

Are you positive? If not, then watch the video again. 

The cinematography is really nice. I like the fact, that is goes from a cell phone camera view to cute scenes with the members and even the whole group. The video also shows their dorky sides as well. Just FYI some of these scenes (mostly behind the scenes) might be on their official group TikTok. 

The running scene was pretty funny to be honest with the variety of things going on, from eating to reading a newspaper with a toothbrush. 

This song has so much replay ability and you can bet a lot of money that I will be doing that for sure. It is catchy, up-tempo and just a straight up jam. I'm curious what the long version sounds like. 

All in all, you can tell that I really enjoyed this song and look forward to listening to it a lot more. 

For their first music video, they did a fantastic job. Shout out to the members and staff!! 

Last but not least, there is some news. On May 16th, thanks to the mobilization of 56 people, they will release two songs,  べべべインベーダー (Bebebe Invader) and GEKITEKI!!, on to subscription services (Apple Music, Spotify, LINE Music, etc.) this month. Keep your eyes out on that as well in the coming days. I am super excited to listen to those as well.

I hope you enjoyed my kind of brief review of the latest news from LUVネオ. If you would like, you can follow me on Twitter or feel free to leave a comment. 



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