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Seishun! Tropicalmaru NOW DISBANDED!!! - Check 'em Out!

Seishun! Tropical Maru or Kaiketsu! Tropical Maru is a not so large idol group that I had trouble finding information on, but when I did I was so relieved. This idol group was formed in 2011 under the agency Shining Will, which the idol group AeLL is under the same agency. The group started with 13 members but now only consists of seven. Sometimes they are color coded, other times they are not. My personal preference are the non-color coded times. The group has the purpose to support agriculture, forestry and fishing (but mostly fishing). Their fans are called Mariners, which now I'm apparently a Mariner. Their music is very catchy and will get stuck in your head by the way. I look forward to listening and purchasing their album and albums in the future.  The group members are: Name : Momokawa Haruka Birthdate : November 1st, 1995 Color : Orange Name : Yamaguchi Mizuki Birthdate : November 4th, 1990 Color : Yellow-Green Name : Ishioka Mai Birthdate : August 7th, 199