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New Notall Single - Just Now - Single Review!

Attention: Notall is back with a new single after their recent release of  my baby, my lover  which was a great single but I have to admit they did a even better job with this one. No Joke. As soon as I found out about this release I immediately pre-ordered it, especially when I saw that they collaborated with the other indie group CYNTIA​ for their lead track,  Just Now . I still would have bought it even if they wouldn't have done that. I really liked the cover art of this single as each member looks extra cute.  Sorry for embarrassing you. Now for my single review of  Just Now. The single has three tracks on it. The title track  Just Now  is one of those songs that you could have on a road trip and jam out to it while on a open highway.  The chord at the beginning gets the song to a great start right off the bat. The vocals come in with the order: The whole group then Katase Narumi, Tasaki Reina, Watanabe Chiko and finally Sato Haruka. I definitely liked the part betwe

What Is Your Favorite Flavor? - MilkShake (ミルクセーキ) Nagasaki - Idol Spotlight!

Do you like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies & cream shakes? If not, what is wrong with you? I'm just playing. So, with that introduction let me introduce you to one of the most underrated idol groups that I have been fond of recently. The groups name is MilkShake Nagasaki and as in the name of the group, they are named after the ice cream dessert. But in Nagasaki, unlike here in the states, is not in a drink form. It is in more of a sorbet format. According to online sources, it has a vanilla and citrus flavor to it, which sounds incredible. Truth be told, before writing this, I actually went out and purchased one to eat while writing. Group / Member Information Group Debut : July 2013 The group originally had six members. The lineup featured Miyu Nishiyama, Runa Itoh, Mai Murakami, Maria Nakagawa, Yuuna Kawai, and Kei Yokozawa. In May 2014, Miyu Nishiyama graduated from the group. After Miyus' graduatation, MilkShake Nagasaki added fiv

New Notall Single Simply Amazing - My Baby. My Lover Review

For those of you who do not know who notall is, go  here to get a crash course please. Then Return! You made it back! Anyways, the group dropped their fourth single on July 13th;  my baby, my lover.  The single also happens to be their first anniversary one as well. After I had my interview with the group, I was hoping that they would release a new single shortly there after. On July 5th, I noticed that they had uploaded a new music video. I immediately clicked play and I was so amazed at the video and the song itself. In a good way, not bad. After watching the video, I went to their website and saw they were releasing the single on July 13th. Shortly there after, I went to CDJapan and pre-ordered it and I have not been disappointed with my purchase. The day of release, the single placed eighth on the Top 10 Oricon Daily Sales Chart. About three days ago before this was written, it arrived and I instantaneously put it into my computer to listen. My Review

I Had The Time Of My Life - Tokyo Trip Wrap-Up

Hello Everyone Again! I took a trip to Japan for the first time from last Monday, April 27th to Monday May 4th, 2015. So today, I would like to share my experiences with you, so you might learn from some of my mistakes. Monday - Tuesday So, I left Oklahoma City at 6:55 AM on the 27th and arrived to LAX by Phoenix at about noon. Now admittedly at that time I was quite tired already. I found my gate at LAX for Singapore Airlines that will connect me to Tokyo Narita at 7:15 PM on Tuesday the 28th. Skip ahead 11 hours and I had sat sort of next (a seat between us) to this lovely l young lady around my age, just guessing. When we landed is when we technically had our first conversation and she was super nice at suggesting places to see and it was a plus that she was pretty as well. I did not get her contact info though, which looking back at it, I should have. Oh Well! When you arrive at Narita, you go through quarantine, passport control, and customs to get to the trains. Af

Purpure☆ - Underrated Idol Spotlight!

Let me introduce you to this great idol group. The groups name is Purpure☆ as suggested by the title. Created in 2013, this group is from Kyoto, and aims for academic priorities on the weekdays and idle weekends for  singing to deepen   their ancient traditions and charm to make a knowledge of the history , culture and tourism as the idol of the city of Kyoto . All members had to pass the Kyoto Certification Exam. The groups' name comes from the old English coat of arms violet (Purpure) and the  ☆ meaning sparkling light, called the star. So in together it would make the group Purpure sparkly star. The group consists of nine members according to their official website profile. Member Information Name: Kinomoto Aya (Leader) Birthdate: December 10th, 1993 Twitter Handle: @aya_purpure Name: Hamaguchi Aiko Birthdate: October 20th, 1994 Twitter Handle: @aiko_purpure Name: Sae Watanabe Birthdate: August 19th, 19

i☆Ris (Just As Colorful As The Rainbow) - Idol Spotlight!

Okay Everyone! I want to bring to your attention this amazing idol group that you are bound to love. The groups name is i☆Ris like you didn't read the name in the title. The group was formed in 2012 by Dive II Entertainment, which is under the major JPOP agency Avex, which also deals with groups within iDol Street such as GEM, Cheeky Parade, Super Girls, and the iDol Streets groups. The group currently consists of six members. The name i☆Ris is based off of the word "Iris" which is the Greek word for "rainbow" and refers to the flower of the same name. The group released a application for the iPhone and Android in May 2014. Also, the group members are seiyuus, or voice actresses. They voice the girls in the anime PriPara or Prism Paradise. Member Information Name: Yamakita Saki Birthdate: February 28th, 1991 Color: Green Random Fact: Her hobby is travelling alone. She is also the leader of the group and I have to admit that she is my oshi