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Big Announcement From Your Favorite Blog!!! - Early Christmas Post!

MERRY CHRISTMAS (Six Days Early)!!

You might be wondering why I have that title for this kind of post. Well, there is a good reason for it.

For those of you who have been following my journey as a idol blogger, I greatly appreciate you.

No really. I do.

I wrote a article about my first journey to Tokyo back in late April/early May and how fun I made it sound and other stuff like that such as the concerts I attended and the interview that took place on my birthday while I was there.

I kind of have two news stories to cover with y'all instead of one. Sorry.

The first news story is the fact that I shall be returning to Japan from April 25th - May 13th, 2016. 


My major plans for this trip are that from April 25th - May 4th (aka Golden Week) I will be in the Tokyo area.

After those nine days, I will journey on down to Fukuoka for the rest of my vacation.

Why that should matter to you, you may ask.

Since I am a idol "wota/blogger/whatever" I will be making my rounds to several different venues to watch different artists.

So if you are particularly performing in Tokyo or the metro area, feel free to drop me a line on when you are performing and where. I will do my best to attend your show(s) and probably/more than likely purchase your merchandise as well.

I also plan to get in at least maybe one interview but that is still being determined by my one-man workforce.

When I get to Fukuoka, I will be doing more sightseeing and then going to try to catch a HKT48 show when I am down there. Also, I would like to see the beach or at least be on it.

I'm in a landlocked state, so we don't have beaches here.


If you would like to come join me and hang out while I'm there, especially on my birthday, that would be fantastic.

News Story No. 2:

On December 27th-28th, 2015, I will be releasing my first end-of-year article. I plan on showcasing my top 10 singles and top 15 songs from the Japanese spectrum.

I will also release a list of my top 10 Korean Pop singles and top 15 songs.

I have a lot and I mean a lot to cover with you readers on that one but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy listening to your favorites as well.

I just remembered that I will also have my blogs and my personal New Years Resolution in there as well.

So with that said and done, I honestly hope you have enjoyed reading my posts for the past year and have grown to love me.

I'm really nice in person, but shy as well. That's not the point.

Once again, I thank you.

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I wish you a very Merry Christmas from here in Oklahoma USA and a Happy New Year as well. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

New Notall Single - Just Now - Single Review!

Attention: Notall is back with a new single after their recent release of my baby, my lover which was a great single but I have to admit they did a even better job with this one.

No Joke.

As soon as I found out about this release I immediately pre-ordered it, especially when I saw that they collaborated with the other indie group CYNTIA​ for their lead track, Just Now.

I still would have bought it even if they wouldn't have done that.

I really liked the cover art of this single as each member looks extra cute. 

Sorry for embarrassing you.

Now for my single review of Just Now.

The single has three tracks on it.

The title track Just Now is one of those songs that you could have on a road trip and jam out to it while on a open highway. 

The chord at the beginning gets the song to a great start right off the bat. The vocals come in with the order: The whole group then Katase Narumi, Tasaki Reina, Watanabe Chiko and finally Sato Haruka.

I definitely liked the part between each member with the walkie-talkie sound effect separating them. 

It took me a while to figure out who sang which part so I had to rely on live footage from one of their many performances. 

The rock element hits really hard in this song which makes it pretty killer.

As for the vocals, they are really on par on this track. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to each one of them sing this song. 

I have to give credit where it is due and Notall x CYNTIA knocked it out of the park. 

I got goosebumps when I first heard this song, it was that good.

The second track on the album きらめけtweet girl!! (Kirameke tweet girl!!!) is a great rock/retro/techno track that you could jam to as well.

​Now admittedly at first I did not like this song but it has slowly grown on me.

The reason why I didn't like it because I felt like it was out of there style but I could be completely wrong.


The beat to this song is ultra fast paced, so you have to keep up. It sort of felt like a Dempagumi Inc. song.

The vocals are pretty good as well.

They did their best with this track and I have seen them perform it on YouTube before, so I knew it could have been on this single.

The final track on this single is 
フィルター (Firuta). 

I did like the rock/techno intensity in this song as well with the fast pace to it. 

The vocals are strong and really intertwine perfectly with the chord and the different beats. 

I really liked this song a lot and it gave me even more reason to jam out to this single,

My overall review of this single would be that it was a pretty good single. Compared to the last one, which I rated pretty darn high, they are getting better and better as time goes along.

I honestly and patiently will wait for their new material to release.

Speaking of new material, they got themselves a new mobile site.

That was random.

I hope you go out and purchase this single from the following sites:

HMV Japan (Also has song samples)
Amazon Japan
Tower Records Japan

Please keep supporting this group as I will be in the future. I would love to see them succeed just as much as their other fans would.

Also, even more news from the group, they will be attending the Japan Expo in Thailand from January 22nd - 24th, 2016. So for all you Taiwanese fans, I hope you have a great time next month. Info here: Japan Expo Thailand (Notall)

I promised to see them when I come back to visit and I plan to do it. 

Official Links

Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Facebook
Official YouTube

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Worst Day Of An Idol Fans' Life - Graduation and Oshihening - My Story

I am once again going to go on a strange path with this post. So just stick with me. Please?

As you have seen in my post regarding my "obsession" with AKB48, I listed all of my favorite members at the time and at the bottom under the SKE section, I listed my "kami-oshi" as Matsui Rena.

Now, I had really liked Rena-chan for about a year at that point (no creepiness intended). She is the young woman that got me into Nogizaka46 and also into SKE48. I watched countless variety shows involving her and she made me smile.

Then came the day, I will never, as a AKB48 fan, forget.

That day came on June 10th, 2015. It started as any normal day like an idol fan like myself.

Check Facebook. Check YouTube. Check Reddit. Check Instagram and last but not least check Twitter.

When I checked Twitter that afternoon, something felt "off" about it. I scrolled through my timeline to discover tweets stating that Rena will make a announcement on ANN (All Night Nippon).

I started to worry about it since she was my oshimen.

When I got to work later that day, I had a strange sad/mad sensation to the point that it bothered me.

Thoughts started to come to mind about what the announcement could pertain to.

I was hoping for it to not be graduation and was telling myself that it would be fine.

Those thoughts were very distracting to me at work.

I didn't see any news before I went to bed that night.

Waking up the next morning and reading what she said and the photos after the radio broadcast brought tears to my eyes.

I was in shock and denial.

"Why do you have to go?"

"I don't want you to leave."

Sad, huh.

She said that her graduation concert would be in late August.

To this day, I have yet to watch that concert.

At that point, I had to choose a new member to fully support.

My three choices at that time were: Ichikawa Miori, aka Lemon, Mayu Watanabe and Okada Nana.

I got offers to join Team Mayuyu but none to join any other teams.

Deciding on who to pick was a battle to behold. I weighed the pros and cons of each member.

For instance:

Ichikawa Miori - Pro: Age difference isn't that large ; Con: I can see her graduating sooner than later

Okada Nana - Pro: Serious Personality ; Con: Age

Mayu Watanabe - Pro: Popular and has been center before ; Con: Way too popular for me

After days of deliberation (some take months) the decision was made to oshihen to Okada Nana.

Naachan was in a virtual tie with Mayu before the decision. I took Miorin off the list after a day. Sorry Lemon, I still like you though,

I didn't choose Mayu because of her popularity. I did not want to join forces with the throngs of fans she has. No offence to her fans.

Why Choose Naachan?

I chose her for a variety of reasons.

- I can see a bigger future with her as a member of the group.

- She has a serious personality and can also be awkwardly funny during some times, which makes her even cuter.

- She is a great dancer and a superb singer.

- She also has a habit of taking naps in various places and getting caught which can lead to some hilarious photos and even revenge photos.

One of the major detractors of her being my oshimen was her age, At the time she was 17, turned 18 last weekend, so making a leap of faith from a 24 year old to someone seven years younger was really tough to take in.

It has been exactly six months since then. I did not mean to release it now. I thought it would have been earlier. But what a coincidence it happened to be.

Do I regret my decision?

I do not regret it one bit but I do doubt myself that I will lose faith in her. So, I need to work on that.

What about Rena?

I follow her on Instagram and Twitter so I can get my awkward dose of her every now and then.

If you were to go to a handshake event, how many times would you visit her lane?

In all honesty, I have way too many favorite members. If I did apply and win, I would meet her at least twice. I am a very nervous person when I meet my favorite members so that first time would be like a ice breaker.

Sorry for the rambling, I just wanted to cover this topic and get it off of my chest.

If you have a story to tell about your favorite member graduating and having to oshihen, feel free to tell.

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*And as always, wherever you are, Have A Great Day And Keep Loving Idols!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

I'm Back!!! Also, Viewer Participation Project!

I am really, really sorry for being gone for the past month, I have been so busy due to work and other real life problems which has caused me not to write as much.

Not only that, but I sort of got writers block, in which I can't seem to think of anything and it just sucks because I am leaving you out in the cold.

I know I have said this before, but I honestly want to get back on track with my readers and hopefully y'all will kindly welcome me back.

With that out of the way, I want to talk to you about something important.

I would like you, yes you, to collaborate with me to not only help improve my skills as a jpop/kpop blogger but also help me discover new groups that I may not have heard of or you would like to see me review.

I would really like your help.

Would you like to see more underrated group reviews?

Single Reviews?

Opinion Topics?

More K-Pop?

What would you like to see?

I have been thinking really hard about this over the past few weeks and I hope you can help.

I also have a end of the year plan for you as well! It is going to be big!

Feel free to comment below or send me a Tweet or drop me a e-mail. 

Thank you so much!

Yours Truly,


Monday, October 5, 2015

Relationships and Idols - Love Ban Issue - Opinion Piece

As you can see by the title, I am going to talk about that lovely topic that has most idols fans either going crazy or just not giving a darn.

I fall into both categories in some cases,

To the readers who have no idea what the "Love Ban" is, The love ban is a rule or guideline set forth by major idol companies such as the 48 Group or Hello Project and even some minor agencies that prevent their talent from dating or falling in love with anyone.

Now, there are ways certain idols have "tried" to get around this rule to no avail. I will talk about this later on and will share my opinion on those matters.

The reason why I am discussing this is because it has been on my mind since I became a idol fan.

They can't date?

Say what?

That is a bunch of crap, is what I still think.

For most fans, they follow their oshi through thick and thin. They cheer them on fully and attend their handshake events every chance they get (unlike myself, because I live abroad).

But when their favorite member gets involved in a so-called "scandal," they sometimes might become depressed or even oshihen to another girl because they don't want someone who happened to have a little "fun."

I have looked into this and discovered some points in which I find this issue wrong.

First of all, when they graduate or decide to leave their respective group, they have no experience when it comes to dating.

Excerpt from (September 10th, 2014):

 The MC of the show, Goto Terumoto, asks: “AKB48 is forbidden from having relationships. You’ve graduated. How’s your love life been?”  Kasai replied, “Having a relationship is no longer forbidden, but I really haven’t done anything….”.
Continuing on, she says, “I was so busy when I was in AKB48.  So, I never went through the process of dating, and don’t understand it.  How to go out with someone, what it means to be with someone… it seems I really don’t understand it.”  While she talks about this seriously, the show’s other guest commentator SHELLY couldn’t stop laughing, and starts covering her face.
Watanabe followed afterward with, “Even more than us, it seems the audience can’t hold their laughter”, wherein many of the audience’s female members start clapping and laughing.  While Kasai hadn’t completely understood the situation, the MC Goto chimes in, “Everybody is thinking, ‘Yeah right, that can’t be true!'”, and continues to ask Kasai, “Don’t people just confess to you?”.  Kasai answers, “No, nobody has ever confessed to me!”
They have been under this rule for so long that some of them who have been involved from 15 years old until their mid-late 20s have no idea what it is like to have a conversation with a man (or woman in some cases) that is either not a fan or a member of the staff.

Also, the fact that they can not have a boyfriend before they even audition for a certain group really blows my mind,

As a idol fan, you understand sometimes why they decide to go out and have a good time even though it may risk popularity and such.

But there has been one case in particular of me having a hard time dealing with a scandalous situation involving a idol member.

No, it wasn't me by the way.

When I first started listening to idol groups, in particular Nogizaka46, a member named Matsumura Sayuri got involved in such a ordeal.

I read the headlines and saw the photos and comments from other people around me and I couldn't believe it.

I was in complete shock.

It actually took a toll on me while I was working that day because it was stuck in my head.

I thought about it and I got over it eventually but I didn't know what repercussions were to have happen.

I waited for a official announcement from herself and she talked on Nogi-radio about it whilst struggling to get it out.

I felt bad and I forgave her and I have been a fan since.

Some other notable scandals have occurred in the AKB scene, such as Sashihara Rino and her being shipped to Hakata to be their leader.  Good move on Aki-Ps' part.

Look at HKT now!

Another memorable one is the Minegishi Minami scandal in which she decided to shave her head in order to make up for the situation. She lost fans but she has since regrown her hair and is back to the same woman before it all happened.

As for minor idol groups, I know of only one involving Aoyama Saint Hachamecha High School.

The girl had a boyfriend whilst being involved with the group and that member was forced to resign and her and her boyfriend had to pay damages.


Now I am going to make a case for the idol agencies:

They would rather not have their talent involved in any sort of relationship because it may distract them from their jobs as a idol.

Agencies would like to have their girls look approachable and be of a clean slate in order to appeal to their fans and have them show up to the handshake events.

As you can tell, I have thought about it a whole heck of a lot. I honestly hope you do not find this offensive by any means,

If I did offend you, I'm sorry.

Now those are my opinions and everyone is entitled to their own.

If you have a comment about this subject, feel free to leave a comment below. I won't mind.

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*And as always, Have A Great Day No Matter Where You Are.

Friday, August 28, 2015

What Is Your Favorite Flavor? - MilkShake (ミルクセーキ) Nagasaki - Idol Spotlight!

Do you like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies & cream shakes?

If not, what is wrong with you?

I'm just playing.

So, with that introduction let me introduce you to one of the most underrated idol groups that I have been fond of recently.

The groups name is MilkShake Nagasaki and as in the name of the group, they are named after the ice cream dessert.

But in Nagasaki, unlike here in the states, is not in a drink form. It is in more of a sorbet format. According to online sources, it has a vanilla and citrus flavor to it, which sounds incredible.

Truth be told, before writing this, I actually went out and purchased one to eat while writing.

Group / Member Information

Group Debut : July 2013

The group originally had six members. The lineup featured Miyu Nishiyama, Runa Itoh, Mai Murakami, Maria Nakagawa, Yuuna Kawai, and Kei Yokozawa.

In May 2014, Miyu Nishiyama graduated from the group.

After Miyus' graduatation, MilkShake Nagasaki added five members in the same month.

The added members were Emi Aikawa, Saki Yazawa, Rika Honda, Urara Hiraoka and Rin Nonomiya.

Later on in the year, August to be exact, Mai Murakami announced her graduation, which left nine members for their second single.

In February 2015, Rin Nonomiya decided to pursue other opportunities and graduate from the group.

Back in April 2015, Runa Itoh graduated from the group as well dropping the group total to a mere seven members.

Earlier this year, a little bit after Runa graduated, the group added Mio Fujimoto to bring the total to eight members.

I'm sorry if I confused you with names and numbers. I did the same to myself typing and researching this.

The group is not color coded which is good for all of you reading and myself.

Name: Maria Nakagawa
Birthdate: December 14th, 1988
Hobby: McDonald's Tour
Twitter: @MilkShake_maria

Name: Yuuna Kawai
Birthdate: November 1st, 1995
Hobby: Dramas and Traveling (Wants to go to Switzerland)
Twitter: @MilkShake_yuuna

Name: Rika Honda
Birthdate: February 7th, 1993
Hobby: Looking at magazines and clothes
Twitter: @MilkShake_rika

Name: Kei Yokozawa
Birthdate: April 4th, 1996
Hobby: Music Appreciation (especially K-Pop)
Twitter: @MilkShake_kei


Name: Saki Yazawa
Birthdate: May 1st, 1991
Hobby: Stage Ornamental
Twitter: @MilkShake_saki

Name: Emi Aikawa
Birthdate: January 30th, 1998
Hobby: Dance and Member Impersonation
Twitter: @MilkShake_emi

Name: Urara Hiraoka
Birthdate: November 15th, 1997
Hobby: AKB fan (Yamamoto Sayaka)
Twitter: @MilkShake_urara

Name: Mio Fujimoto
Birthdate: May 6th, 1997
Hobby: Looking at cute things
Twitter: @MilkShake_Mio

Discography Information

As of the release of this article, they have released three singles:

December 25th, 2013 - Milk Shake Dai Sakusen (ミルクセーキ大作戦) / Just 2 Of Us

December 20th, 2014 - WhatAFantaG☆ / Nichiyobi ha Daikirai!

July 8th, 2015 - Say It! / Te Tsunagou

You can purchase their singles from these lovely sites:

Music Video Information

The following two videos showcase the original lineup.

The first video I would like to show you is their debut music video Milk Shake Dai Sakusen. 

I actually really like this debut video. With the setting being in a school like most idol groups is one of my favorite types of background. The video itself is pretty good with the group just hanging around in the classroom thinking about things and talking together etc. 

As you see in the beginning and end, a letter is placed upon what looks like a male classmates shoes. 

I still wonder what that letter says.

The coupling video for this track Just 2 Of Us is able to be viewed below.

As you can see at the beginning, she is writing Arigatou or Thank You for all the non Japanese speakers. As the video progresses, you see them around the city with beautiful landscapes and big sights such as that giant anchor.

The members look pretty as usual in their normal clothes. 

Music wise, I really like this song as well. It has a hip-hop tone to it. I also like the vocals. The blend well with each other. 

That was the final video the original lineup made. I hope I didn't give them too much nostalgia watching these. 

The next video is from their second single WhatAFantaG☆.

This song and single is when this group came into their own. It was also released after Miyu and Mai graduated and the new member addition. It showed that they do not need the two of them to succeed, 

No offence. 

 I super like this song and video. 

The video is really great because it has two sets of costumes, the school girl ones and the sparkly Freedom jackets. Once again I say that the members look really pretty in this video.I do like the effect of the stars in the sky behind them and the view of the city as well when they filmed in the day. I want to visit that spot and take a breath of fresh air. 

This single is the last one of Itoh Runa and Rin Nonomiya and I have to say they made it count. The song is so catchy that I have caught myself humming along to it while at work and sadly white boy dancing along as well. I think that this song is in my top two of their videos along with their latest one. 

Their latest video Say It! has be my second favorite video of theirs and I will tell you why after the video.

First and foremost; A one shot video? 

Heck yeah!

I love one shot videos!

Anyways, at the beginning you get the see the latest addition to the group Mio Fujimoto (she kind of reminds me of Matsumura Kaori of SKE48). The ice cream cone she has looks amazing. 

As the video progresses, more and more members join the fray as the song goes along whilst walking along the marina,

I will say it once more, that the members are looking really pretty in this mv as well.

After making their way around the area, they stop a couple of times to use their choreography, which is a smart move. 

Towards the end they make it to a platform along with fans of the group in the background, doing a planned choreography set as well. I really liked that part of getting them involved in the music video.

The effects of the words scrolling around and the other effects make the video pop out more.

I think they did a splendid job writing this song and singing it as well.

How Did I Come Across MilkShake?

Unlike past articles where I used YouTube as my outlet to find a certain group, I actually have a book with them in it.

The book is Kyushu Idol Book and I got it for Christmas last year in order to discover more artists and MilkShake just so happened to be in there.

I did a little research on the group and then I put them to the side to focus on other groups. Sorry.

I came back across the group just recently when I saw they released the video for Say It! and I watched it a few times just to get my bearings straight with them again.

Overall Group Review

MilkShake Nagasaki is a group that most people have not heard of because they are still underrated. 

This group has a long way to go in terms of gaining ground on other groups from that area such as Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuin. 

All in all, you need to look out for this group. They have loads of potential just waiting to strike. 

I can not wait to see what this group has planned next. 

I truly hope this group succeeds and I wish them the best of luck in the future. You Can Do It!

Please follow this group and share them to everyone you know. Please and Thank You. The more people that get to know MilkShake, the better.

Official Links

Official Ameblo Website
Official Twitter
Official Facebook

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*And as always, have a great day no matter where you are!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Notall Single Simply Amazing - My Baby. My Lover Review

For those of you who do not know who notall is, go here to get a crash course please. Then Return!

You made it back!

Anyways, the group dropped their fourth single on July 13th; my baby, my lover. 

The single also happens to be their first anniversary one as well.

After I had my interview with the group, I was hoping that they would release a new single shortly there after.

On July 5th, I noticed that they had uploaded a new music video. I immediately clicked play and I was so amazed at the video and the song itself.

In a good way, not bad.

After watching the video, I went to their website and saw they were releasing the single on July 13th.

Shortly there after, I went to CDJapan and pre-ordered it and I have not been disappointed with my purchase.

The day of release, the single placed eighth on the Top 10 Oricon Daily Sales Chart.

About three days ago before this was written, it arrived and I instantaneously put it into my computer to listen.

My Review

As Japanese idol singles go, there are usually three songs. The title track and two coupling songs.

The title track is of course my baby, my lover. This song is a perfect song if you have a significant other. Even if you don't like myself, it is still a great track to listen to.

The reason why I say it is for someone with a significant other, are the lyrics in the chorus:

"My baby, forever
My lover, I miss you
My baby, forever
I need you, I miss you, I love you."

The lyrics above have been stuck in my head for days. No, seriously. I woke up one day singing that,

The lyrics really stand out in this track as they are really good and in harmony with each other.

The tempo is fast paced and has a little bit of EDM to it, which is refreshing to here in this kind of track.

The video for it is really good as well:

The ladies look absolutely pretty in this video, both in the cinematic shots as well as the dance shot. It makes you feel like you are on a date with one of the members, which I like in a music video (accidental creeper).

The problem is, which one do you choose?

The coupling tracks for this single are really as top notch as the main track. No joke!

Nounai Live! is the title for the second track.

This song has everything I want in a idol song. It has guitars, a funky groove and your brass instruments.

I love the tempo to the song as well. it picks up in the right spots and drops at the right time to bring in the vocals.

The instrumental part in the track is superb because it gives you all three aspects of the melodic charm.

The vocals are so contagious that you could keep jamming out to this for hours on end.

It is just amazing.

As for the third and final track to this single, Oniku de Night Sensation.

All I can say is, WOW!

According to Tokyo Girls' Update, the group performed this song at Niku Fes earlier in the spring. The song also incorporates the names of 21 variety of meats.

What a effort to remember those names!

At the start, you can get that wota chant and the fist pumps going due to the strong beat.

Then the vocals come in, with a amazing beat drop.

The beat for this song is so out of this world, it makes my head hurt. Again in a good way.

It has the techno vibe mixed with a heavy rock presence that will shake your cars side mirrors.

Once more, the vocals they pour in are really great. They match the vibe for this song.

I honestly, can't describe how many times I have listened to this track as well. I love it.

Final Grade

For their fourth single, I give notalls' my baby, my lover a big A+!

I simply loved this single to death. I've listened to it over and over again. I've shown my co-workers the music video for this single and they like it a lot.

I'm slowly but surely turning them into fans.

I look forward to their future videos and new single releases and I hope you do as well.

[To: Notall

Congratulations on a great single! I wish you all the best! 

From your biggest fan or distant pal here in Oklahoma USA!]

You can purchase this single on these websites:

HMV Japan
Tower Records Japan
Tsutaya Japan

Or if you prefer, digital download:

Amazon Japan

*Please Purchase!

Official Links

Official Website
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I Had The Time Of My Life - Tokyo Trip Wrap-Up

Hello Everyone Again!

I took a trip to Japan for the first time from last Monday, April 27th to Monday May 4th, 2015.

So today, I would like to share my experiences with you, so you might learn from some of my mistakes.

Monday - Tuesday

So, I left Oklahoma City at 6:55 AM on the 27th and arrived to LAX by Phoenix at about noon. Now admittedly at that time I was quite tired already. I found my gate at LAX for Singapore Airlines that will connect me to Tokyo Narita at 7:15 PM on Tuesday the 28th.

Skip ahead 11 hours and I had sat sort of next (a seat between us) to this lovely l young lady around my age, just guessing. When we landed is when we technically had our first conversation and she was super nice at suggesting places to see and it was a plus that she was pretty as well. I did not get her contact info though, which looking back at it, I should have. Oh Well!

When you arrive at Narita, you go through quarantine, passport control, and customs to get to the trains. After getting through that easily I made my way to Narita Terminal 1 station. When I was doing my research on how to get to my hotel, which was in Kashiwa-no-ha in Chiba prefecture, I thought I was going to be at Terminal 2, not 1. I had to quickly find my way to the train.

This is where it gets funny.  I was tired as it was and I hopped on the first train hoping it was mine. Boy, was I wrong. I needed to get to Minami-Nagareyama via the Narita Express and I didn't understand what was going on at the station. I got off at some station I can't remember and ended up on a train heading for Nippori instead. I accidentally fall asleep on the train and end up in Ueno, which makes my heart jump out of my chest.

After asking where to go from the train attendants, I make it to my hotel about a hour and a half to two hours later than when I should have. Oops. Great story to tell though.

So I was tired and I didn't eat dinner because I was exhausted and went to sleep.


I wake up on the 29th, not really tired but tired. I decided I would head for Akihabara for the day and experience that.

So, I make it there by train, surprisingly, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I walked out of the station and looked to my right and saw the AKB48 Cafe and Shop and the Gundam Cafe. I waltzed into the AKB48 shop to take a look around but after careful consideration, I got nothing. I was actually a little surprised they did not have a lot of t-shirts or anything like that for sale. The had a lot of member photos, keychains, calendars, stuff like that.

After that experience, I walked around to see a bunch of sites I knew about and I ran into people selling souvenirs and bought a couple.

As I was about to head back to my hotel around 1:00 PM, I noticed the Kamen Joshi sign by the station and thought, "Hey, why not? You're already here!" So I tried to find the P.A.R.M.S theater in Akihabara, After getting lost after using shotty directions from the sign, I asked a few people where it was and they gave me well enough directions to find it in a resort hotel building. I walk in and I pay about $40 to watch the performance.

I get a coke and I head to the back of the tiny theater to take it in a little bit. Then I noticed that they allow their fans to be almost at the stage as it is standing room only. So I journeyed up to the technically first yet second row and started watching. I was so excited to watch the performance of all the small groups and then the Steam Girls, Armor Girls and then Alice Juban, in which my kami-oshi Anna Tachibana performs as center for Juban and also Kamen Joshi. As I jammed out to the groups, the fans were involving me in everything, from chants to fan moves to the music, such as swaying and cheering for your favorite members,

I received a glowstick from this man to use for the Alice Juban part. I almost broke it immediately and he told me to wait. I waited like a good little foreign boy and when he told me to break it, I did. So after jamming out to the music, it came time to meet your favorite members by purchasing items, such as tees and cds etc. like that. The man that gave me the glowstick started to talk to me in Japanese and then realized I spoke English and then he started to speak to me in broken English and then translating whatever was being said to meet your favorite members. I waited for Anna-chan to come back out after the man translated to me that she was changing. So, she came out and I was exuberant.

So, it was 2shot time and the man accompanied me to tell the manager that I wanted to meet Anna-chan. After paying $20 to go up on stage and meet her I must say, she is prettier in person. I kind of stumbled with talking to her because it was like a dream come true. Anyways, I told her where I was from while shaking her hand and she started to speak in English to me, which was ultra cute and made me blush even more. After talking with her, we got out picture taken and she signed it, which I will awkwardly cherish. After that we said goodbye and she said she loved me etc. (stuff a idol fan loves to hear).

I walked back onto the floor and the same guy who was chatting with me, asked how long I would be there and what I had planned, how I learned about Alice Project and then proceeded to give me all types of their first single. I was so happy. I never caught his name but I want to express my gratitude for helping me out. A great way to start my journey in Tokyo.

After the concert, I left to head back to my hotel and journeyed to the mall next door and see what the mall life was like. I enjoyed this great dinner at the Bistro 309 where I had a Doriya? which is gratin rice with cheese, ham with a egg on top and it was super delicious,

I walked around some more and enjoyed a concert series in the outdoor section of the mall, which was neat and just listened. Back to the hotel it was for me to fall asleep for the night.


I got up on the 30th with a plan in mind, the Tokyo Skytree and Asakusa (Senso-ji Temple). I wandered on down there and took a good look at Tokyo from 350m up. Once I got the that mark and looked out over the city, I began to well with tears because I didn't want to leave. I hid those tears though and left the Skytree with a sense of sadness. Taking the train to Asakusa was next and I went to the famous Senso-ji Temple.

I walked through the famous shopping and souvenir street leading up the the temple that was streaming of people with those stupid selfie sticks, I went to the temple and cleansed myself of bad juju and got my fortune from the box. I got a regular fortune though. I took some photos there, as I did at almost every destination. I couldn't believe I was doing what I was doing and it made me happy.

I crossed the bridge into Sumida City where the Asahi Alcohol Corp. building is located. On the way over, I photobombed these girls picture and that was very funny. I sat by the Sumida River and thought about my plans for the future and what i have enjoyed doing thus far. At about 7:00 I went back to Akihabara to enjoy the night time there and it was ultra pretty. I enjoyed it at night because there were more people to watch and the stores were lit up.

Making it back to the hotel at about 9:00 was great timing because I was tired.


This probably was number three on my top 3 of the week. I had done my research on Yuuka Ueno for the post I made on her which you can find here. I saw that she was going to be performing at the Astro Hall 15th Anniversary Solo x Solo x Solo Girls Storm Golden event in Shinjuku.

I left a little early to get down there and had lunch and made my way to the famed Takeshita-dori where the fashion is strange and amazing. I saw the most Americans there than anywhere on all the days combined. After walking around for about two hours, I had a famous Harajuku crepe, the Strawberry Chocolate with Whipped Cream and it was really good, I had never had a crepe before, so that was a experience to say the least.

I waited on the concert to start and walked in to the tiny, tiny venue and got a spot up front. I will detail the concert in my next post later this week in order to give you the full rundown of the spectacle and the slight disappointment of some artists.

The event ended at about 11:00 PM and I rushed my way back to my hotel with the final trains and slept away my ringing and slightly deaf ears,


Saturday, May the 2nd had the top moment of my entire trip, my interview with Notall. I will post more of my experience with them for their Exclusive Interview; Notall next Monday, May 11th. So be on a look for that one.

Also, May 2nd was my Japanese birthday and I once again visited the Skytree and the Skytree Town. I had a great birthday while I was there but other than the interview, my day was tame.

Kind of a lame review though.


My final full day of Japan was held with a trip to Shibuya and the crossing there. I made it down there about noon and happened to stop across a idol group named Candy holics. I only caught the MC part at the end, which was disappointing.

My main goal in Shibuya was to find out where Amuse Inc. and shop is located. I found it and was disappointed because Amuse really isn't publicized in that area as I expected it to be. It was in a plain white building and had nobody in it (maybe because it was a holiday or Sunday?)

I went back to Akihabara to visit Yodobashi Camera store and looked at the Sony Walkman they had on display and they looked really cool and I had to rationalize with myself that I didn't need it because why have two MP3 players, including my phone and have to keep transefering music from device to device plus also I would have to have the settings changed to United States standards. Anyways, I walked out with two sets of headphones.

I went back to the mall by my hotel and did a little more shopping, which involved candy, and a couple of shirts that were quite expensive.

Since I knew I had to leave, I went to sleep a little later than usual.


May 4th was the probably the hardest day on me mentally and physically. I got to the airport about five hours early and waited for my plane to leave the country. As I sat waiting on my journey home I once again became overwhelmed with sadness. I honestly didn't want to leave and then made my journey back to the states.

I left Tokyo Narita at 7:15 PM and had somebody sit on the aisle seat but his in-flight entertainment didn't work, so he moved, which gave me room to stretch out and I went to sleep after watching a movie with one of my favorite Japanese actors in it. I woke up with a couple of hours to spare and watched another movie and landed at Los Angeles Airport at 1 PM. I got back to OKC at 11:15 PM, so according to a clock, I had only been gone 4 hours, which was strange.

Lessons Learned

1. Get mobile Wi-fi. I'm being serious. You will not get any important emails. I almost missed my interview due to that lack of communication.

2. Bring some extra money. I had over $500 and it barely covered my expenses.

3. Learn some Japanese, I occasionally used the skills I had to overcome the language barrier a little. Most residents do speak Japanese, so don't be afraid to ask questions. They will do your best to answer you.

4. Get a SUICA card. I got one and it helped a lot. What a SUICA is good for is it can be used on all types of trains and buses. You may have to refill it about once every two-three days but it helped to get where you're going.

5. Enjoy. If you want to have a great time, just believe you can do it and go out there.

Final Wrap-Up

I got to see a lot of sights and hear the sounds of a big city atmosphere and I loved it, I will definitely go back in a year and do the same things over or journey more around Japan.

I want to thank everyone I met and helped me throughout my journey, I may have not caught your name but Thank You!

You can follow me on Twitter or post your comments here. I don't mind.

And as always Please Wherever You Are Or Whatever You Do, Enjoy Life To Its Fullest And Have A Fantastic Day!

Blog Update and Current Project!

How goes it everyone?

I am so sorry I haven't written anything in over a month. 

I have been dealing with real life problems (work, home life etc.) and I feel sorry for neglecting you.

Also, being a idol blogger, I have come to like a lot of groups and I haven't had the time to do the proper research on the groups, thus in turn, producing no new posts leaving my readers out in the cold. 

So as of today, I am announcing my new schedule for my blog:

On Monday nights (early Tuesday mornings) I will be releasing new articles every week. 

I will be back on track when it comes to presenting groups for you to listen to.

So, in my away from blog life, I will have to make double the effort. I make a promise here in front of the world that I will not let you down.

Now on to some major announcements:

I have grown to like AKB groups a lot lately and I can't help but annoy people about being a 48wota which in turn makes them hate me, so on that note:

Since the AKB48 Sousenkyo will take place in a couple a months. I have decided to hold my own 40 member Sousenkyo based on my favorites. You will notice in that article, I decided to leave out Nogizaka 46, JKT48 and SNH48, due to the fact that:

1. Nogi46 is supposed to be AKBs rival group


2. I have not payed attention to either JKT48 or SNH48

So be prepared for that one in the next coming days. It will be separated into two parts from numbers 40 - 21 and 20 - 1.

Second announcement:

I have been given the opportunity from myself and the great support from friends and family to be able to visit Tokyo, landing on April 28th to take-off on May 4th. That week includes my birthday, so YAY!!! 

Also, due to contacting groups about interviews, the "social-idol" group Notall has given me the chance to hold a exclusive interview with the group (in person) on my birthday.

So make sure to look out for that one. 

Again, I'm so sorry for making you wait for articles. 

Purpure☆ - Underrated Idol Spotlight!

Let me introduce you to this great idol group.

The groups name is Purpure☆ as suggested by the title. Created in 2013, this group is from Kyoto, and aims for academic priorities on the weekdays and idle weekends for singing to deepen their ancient traditions and charm to make a knowledge of the history, culture and tourism as the idol of the city of Kyoto. All members had to pass the Kyoto Certification Exam. The groups' name comes from the old English coat of arms violet (Purpure) and the  ☆ meaning sparkling light, called the star. So in together it would make the group Purpure sparkly star.

The group consists of nine members according to their official website profile.

Member Information

Name: Kinomoto Aya (Leader)
Birthdate: December 10th, 1993
Twitter Handle: @aya_purpure

Name: Hamaguchi Aiko
Birthdate: October 20th, 1994
Twitter Handle: @aiko_purpure

Name: Sae Watanabe
Birthdate: August 19th, 1993
Twitter Handle: @sae_purpure

Name: Morimura Rina (Sub-Leader)
Birthdate: January 27th, 1993
Twitter Handle: @rina_purpure

Name: Amigurumi Hoshino
Birthdate: March 12th, 1998
Twitter Handle: @amiru_purpure

Name: Kurokawa Haruna
Birthdate: April 26th, 1994
Twitter Handle: @haruna_purpure

Name: Hinano Yui
Birthdate: February 25th, 1993
Twitter Handle: @yui_purpure

Name: Aizawa Akane
Birthdate: June 5th, 1996
Twitter Handle: @akane_purpure

Name: Sasaki Yurina
Birthdate: May 11th, 1996
Twitter Handle: @yurina_purpure

Discography Information

To this date Purpure☆ has only released one single. The single is titled Ka-Ren-Ka/Start. The single was released on May 5th, 2014. I hope to see more singles coming out and a potential album.

There are four tracks on the single; two with vocals and two without.

The first track Ka-Ren-Ka, I would consider it to be a ballad because of the tone it sets, the vocals are calm making it sound like a old-fashioned Japanese love song.

The second track, titled Start, I believe is to be the best song on this single. it has the rock feel you can jam to and it is very catchy. They did a very good job with this one. I get goosebumps listening to it (no, seriously).

How Did You Find Purpure☆?

Well, technically they found me. Since I have a Twitter account, I noticed one day about a month ago that the member Sae Watanabe decided to follow me. I had never heard of this group even while doing research of other groups.

I don't know how she found me, but if you see this, Thanks!

I went on YouTube and watched their live concert video for their song Start and I dug into them more.

After finding their official site and gaining knowledge of the group and its members, I knew I had been given a hidden gem.

After checking out their site, I decided to order their only single and a t-shirt. I might have went overboard and asked them to sign it.

I received the package about 10 days later with the cd and the shirt both autographed by the members of the group. I was astonished.

I greatly appreciate what you did and I will cherish it!

I will post the photos of the shirt and cd later in the post.

They have become one of my hidden idols that I hope I can spread the joy and fun of Purpure☆ with my readers.

Music Videos

They have not produced a MV but they have concert footage though and here it is. Both of their songs were performed at the Kyoto Okazaki Red Carpet.

The song is Start.

This next one is the main track for their first single Ka-Ren-Ka.

Ka-Ren-Ka Video

Also, here is their PR video they did. Just warning you, the pirate lady is kind of creepy to me. LOL.

My Purpure☆  Merchandise

Again, may I say Thank You! I especially like the drawings you made for your autographs. They're Kawaii!

Share this group or this post to anyone you know. I hope for the success of the group for the future. I want to make this group known not only in the Kyoto area but around the world.

Official Links

Official Facebook
Official Twitter
Official Ameblo Blog
Official Showroom

Feel free to comment or follow me on Twitter.

Please Wherever You Are Or Whatever You Do, Enjoy Life To Its Fullest And Have A Fantastic Day!