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Don't Stare Into The Sunmyu (さんみゅ~), You Might Go Blind - Idol Spotlight!!!

My spotlight is shining bright on the group created by the agency Sun Music Group and the label Pony Canyon in July of 2012. At its creation, Sunmyu consisted of 10 members among 1000 applicants, but now currently consists of eight members.

The group was formerly know as Sun-μ (β),

Their catchphrase is "Bright, energetic and refreshing! Pure idols of the 21st century!"

I agree with their catchphrase a lot as they perform cover and original songs inspired by 1980s idols.

These girls have some serious talent and I expect them to be around for a while.

Discography Information

The first two singles were indie titles when they were known as Sun-μ (β).

August 4th, 2012 - Kuchibiru Network

November 3rd, 2012 - First Kiss

January 23rd, 2013 - Kuchibiru Network

April 24th, 2013 - Hoho ni Kiss Shite

July 3rd, 2013 - Natsu Matsuri

November 20th, 2013 - Kore ga Ai Nanda

March 19th, 2014 - Haru Ga Kite Bokutachi wa Mata Sukoshi Otona ni Naru

July 2nd, 2014 - Junjyo Mermaid

November 19th, 2014 - Hatsuyuki no Symphony

March 18th, 2015 - Hajimari no Melody

The group has also released one spectacular album, as I mention my review below.

August 6th, 2014 - Mirai Chizu

You can purchase their singles and albums from CDJapan or HMV Japan

Member Information:

As I mentioned, Sunmyu had 10 members but Goto Tsubasa Jenni withdrew from the group in September 2012 and Nakayama Masae resigned in April 2013.

The current roster is:

Name: Kinoshita Ayana
Birthdate: July 14th, 1996

Name: Yayoi Kobayashi
Birthdate: March 4th, 1996

Name: Sena Niihara
Birthdate: December 25th, 1998

Name: Misuzu Nishizono
Birthdate: April 2nd, 1995

Name: Mami Noda
Birthdate: June 30th, 1996

Name: Reika Hasegawa
Birthdate: March 25th, 1996

Name: Haruka Yamauchi
Birthdate: June 9th, 1994
My Kami-oshi of the group

Nishizono Misuzu is the leader of the group and Kinoshita Ayana is also an actress and model.

How I Came Across Sunmyu

I came across Sunmyu from researching other groups and watching their videos on YouTube when in suggested videos this group came up and I clicked on the video and I was shocked about how good they were.

Now don't get me wrong, I was hoping they weren't terrible and I was right.

After watching a couple of their videos, I looked for their singles and albums on CDJapan, where I get most of my stuff, and I saw they released the full length album in August and I bookmarked it and tried to decide if I wanted it.

After waiting about a week or two, I went ahead and purchased the limited edition 2 CD set which came with a mini-photo book. I waited four days for it to arrive and when it did I put it in and enjoyed it.

When I unboxed it, I automatically went right for the photo book and inside were a bunch of photos of each member and one as a group. But what surprised me was that I didn't know it came with a member photo and when I saw who it was, I was happy. It was Yamauchi Haruka, which so happens to be my favorite member. Score For Me!

The album sounded fantastic as it has a sort of beach music, relaxing theme to it. If you were going on a long road trip for two to three hours, it would be perfect.

I have multiple favorite songs on the album and I hope you purchase it for yourself to listen to.

Music Video Information:

They did not release a music video at all when they were under their former name.

So under that circumstance, as the group changed their name to Sunmyu, their debut single brought forth two music videos, Kuchibiru Network and Secret Blue Memories. These are both flashbacks for all Sunmyu fans because they look so young.

Next up is from their second single, Hoho ni Kiss Shite. I absolutely love this song and music video. It became my number one song when I saw it researching this group and it has not wavered by any means.

For their third single, Natsu Matsuri, they released that title track music video but YouTube only has the one chorus version. I will put that video in and give you the link for the full version. This track is a cover of Whiteberry. By all means, this one is way better.

Full Version: Sunmyu Natsu Matsuri

For their fourth single video, Kore ga Ai Nanda, they bring out the soft side to themselves by floating around in boats on a picturesque lake. It looks absolutely beautiful wherever they are.

The fifth single brought us two music videos. The video for Haru Ga Kite Bokutachi wa Mata
Sukoshi Otona ni Naru and also Bokura No Renaissance. Both videos showcase their talents as artists and the songs are little on the slow side but they are still enjoyable.

Their sixth singles music video, Junjyo Mermaid brought me the most awkward funniness of any off their videos. Below the video I will tell you why.

The reason why I say it is a bit funny is that she liked her and wanted to tell her how she felt. She says, "Let's go over here where I can get you alone." As they sit there she thinks, "I have my chance to tell her how I feel!" -Strange hand touch ensues- At that moment the other girl goes, "Really?" and then the other friends show up. FRIENDZONED!!! Man, that's cold.

The seventh single by the group brought us two music videos as well; Hatsuyuki no Symphony and Koi Ha Panorama. 

The first video has the wintery Christmas feel to it as it was released in late November. Going out shopping to buy presents for their significant other and then giving the gifts to them. I'll accept them all! As for Koi Ha Panorama, the video is really adorable. Filming it in a school room and then adding behind the scenes footage makes it really fun to watch and listen. The song is great and it is more uptempo than some of their previous b-sides.

Their latest single brought us the video for Hajimari no Melody. This video showcases their purity and also their voices. That rock tone to the song plus the choreography make it a great tune. Their prettiness level is at a 12 out of 10. Just saying. 

As you can see, they released two music videos for their first, fifth and seventh singles. The next single would obviously be number nine, so I hope there would be two releases.

Final Thoughts

I am so excited to see a new release from this group soon. It has been about four months since their last release, so I may have to wait patiently. 

This group shows no signs of stopping anytime soon and if they do, I would be devastated.

Can we get them to come to the states soon, because I would be there in a heartbeat. 

I honestly hope you listen to this group and become a big fan of theirs like I am and others around the world.

Official Links:

Official Twitter
Official Website
Official YouTube

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Computers Meet Idols - Cupitron (キュピトロン) - Idol Spotlight!!!

This group Cupitron is a group I have been jamming out to lately because their music is so EDM and pop that it makes my head explode. Now I have to admit, I have developed a crush on these three girls. They are so talented and put together, it is fantastic.

Nice job, Kisspoint Records!

The name Cupitron is a combination of the words "cupid" like the angel and "tron" in regards to computer architecture.

The group also performed at JAM Expo last year. I wish I could have seen it but that stage wasn't streamed.

*Update (July 12th, 2015) - When I first released this biography of the group on September 12th, 2014, I was still sort of new to blogging and the article looked really bad, so now I am back to fix it. If you have followed me, you will have seen the differences.

When I went to Tokyo on vacation, I got to see this group during the Solo x Solo x Solo Girls Storm Golden at Astro Hall Shinjuku. May I say, that they were really good to see perform. I was excited to see them perform and they did not disappoint. 

Member Information

The group only has three members which makes it easy to know their names. Also, they happen to be color coded.

Name: Yamakawa Nichika
Birthdate: May 22nd, 1997
Color: Blue
Hobbies/Skills: Volleyball and Piano

Name: Hamada Saika
Birthdate: December 27th, 1999
Color: Red
Hobbies/Skills: Long Distance Running

Name: Miyakawa Rina
 Birthdate: September 26th, 2000
Color: Green
Hobbies/Skills: Running, Swimming and Cooking

Discography Information

June 25th, 2014 - Summer Kaijyu

September 17th, 2014 - Unicorn Parade

February 11th, 2015 - Battery

July 22nd, 2015 - Robot Boy Robot Girl

You can purchase their new single on theses great sites:
HMV Japan
CD Japan

Music Video Information

For their first single Summer Kaijyu, they sadly did not release a music video for that song.

So with that being said, this is there first music video they released, titled Unicorn Parade, the title of the second single. This is the first video I saw of them that made me pay attention to this group of girls. I still love listening to this song and watching the music video. This video was filmed in the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo.

Next up would be the video for the single, Battery. The song is fantastic as well as the video. Those special effects go hard. I really like watching the video a lot. It is in my Top 3 favorite Cupitron songs.

For their newest single Robot Boy Robot Girl, they released this wonderful video. The group looks absolutely adorable and their outfits with those lights make them look cooler. The song is a bit off of their usual hyper songs but it is a good change of pace.

Official Links

Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Facebook
Kisspoint Records YouTube

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Up, Up, and Away!!!! - Up Up Girls Kakko Kari - Idol Spotlight!

Today, I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite idol groups and that group would be the Up Up Girls Kakko Kari (アップアップガールズ(仮).

Group Profile

The UUG were formed in 2011 by Up-Front Agency under the name Up-Front Girls.

The group is also known as UFZS, as a group that makes K-POP dance covers.

The unit held its first live in September 2012 in Daikanyama Unit in Tokyo.

In December 2012, T-Pallete Records signed them and they changed their name to the Up Up Girls Kakko Kari. If you don't know what Kakko Kari stands for, the definition of the term means "subject to change." So technically their name could change at any time (just like a popular item for sale at a local store).

They were moderately quiet in 2013, but last year, they stepped up hardcore.

In February 2014, the members teamed up with solo artist Kikkawa You and The Possible, to form the group titled Team Makenki.

Between the months of March and June 2014, the UUG held their first nationwide live tour. During that same time, they held concerts with the group Tokyo Girls' Style.

They also visited Hong Kong in June 2014 at the Kawaii Pop Festival.

This one is so amazing to even write in here, but in August, they climbed Mt. Fuji throughout the day and night to perform their song, "Zenryoku! Pump Up!!". The video of that is so amazing and I will place that in the video section of the article.

In December, the group joined forces with the Japanese Self Defense Force to challenge themselves in the military at Utsunomiya Garrison.

It has been decided that on May 31st, 2015, the group will participate in the Honolulu Ekiden and Music Festival. They will also run the team relay event, which is a total of 42.2 kilometers. I want to go so bad to that.

Member Information

The group currently consists of seven members and each has been assigned a color. Make sure to look for interesting facts about some of the members.

Name: Sengoku Minami
Birthdate: April 30th, 1991
Color: Red
Fact: She is the leader of the group. Ms. Minami has also starred in a horror movie in July 2013 with a fellow member and others from different idol groups. Winner of Next Gravure Queen Battle in January 2014. She also held a solo live performance in April of 2014. She has also won the Sakidol Ace Survival Season 2. If I had one member to oshi over, it would be her. Not only is she talented but also she is very pretty and her birthday is only four days from my own, so yeah. 

Name: Furukawa Konatsu
Birthdate: June 5th, 1992
Color: Pink
Fact: She likes dancing, singing, and sleeping

Name: Mori Saki
Birthdate: October 12th, 1993
Color: Green
Fact: She enjoys to people watch
Name: Sato Ayana
Birthdate: January 7th, 1995
Color: Purple
Fact: She co-starred in the horror movie with Minami. She also likes to play tennis.

Name: Sekine Azusa
Birthdate: June 14th, 1996
Color: Orange
Fact: According to her official profile, she likes to read aloud and talk to dogs in their eyes (Ehhh???)

Name: Arai Manami
Birthdate: November 19th, 1997
Color: Blue
Fact: Her hobbies include knitting, roller skating, playing piano, and shooting hoops.

Name: Saho Akari
Birthdate: June 8th, 1995
Color: Yellow
Fact: She enjoys watching movies in her spare time.

Discography Information

As a group, they have released 19 hard copy singles and two digital singles. As Team Makenki, they have only released one single. The group has also released two albums.

To see all their singles check out here.

Sorry, since they have had a lot of singles, I decided not to type every one of them out. It would have taken a lot of time to accomplish. Again, I'm sorry.

Music Video Review

For the first review, I would like to show you the video I saw that caught my attention. It is their song titled Zenryoku! Pump Up!!

My review of the video is that it is so energetic, you feel like you could dance to it all the time. This song really helps when you're out of energy because just like the song suggests, Full Power! Pump Up!! The video is pretty fun to watch as well because it showcases the members dance talents as well as singing. Top Not Song!!!!

The next video is for their song Enjoy!! Enjoy!!

The group filmed this while in Taipei and it is so amazing to watch. The sights of them walking around enjoying themselves and the view near the water cap off a high energy song in which the chorus will stick in your head.

For ballad wise, I will drop you the one and only ballad I seem to enjoy. It is for their song This Melody With You.

My review of this song and music video goes as follows. The song is simply amazing. The lyrics are so amazing, that you wish that you could jump through your laptop and sing the melody with them. The music video is perfect as well as it showcases their beauty. The dance moves are pretty basic but that is alright by my own standards.

Like I stated earlier they climber Mt. Fuji and performed Pump Up! on top and here is that video. It looks so amazing.

To see all their music videos, check out their YouTube playlist here.

How Did I Come Across UUG?

So back in June of 2014, I went searching for new idol groups to listen to and at that time I saw in my suggested videos, the video for Pump Up! At first I was like,"It's not bad, I kind of like it," but slowly and surely the song was stuck in my head and it wouldn't get out. I showed most of my co-workers the video and they weren't very enthusiastic about it as I was. I watched their other music videos and fell in love with the group. I became a big fan of the group that I purchased a t-shirt from the group and I love to wear it. It shrank though :(
I was able to find most of their songs through a app on my phone and I just jammed out to them nonstop. Even when shooting hoops in my spare time, they would be blasting through my headphones at that time.
But I kind of got tired of them back in October to the point, I took them out of my playlist but a couple of weeks ago, I remembered randomly one of their songs and thought to myself, "I miss them", and they were put back in a instant.

Some song recommendations if you find them are: Be Your Soul, Going my ↑, DJ PandaBoy Remix, and also Upper Rock, and バレバレ I Love You.

I highly suggest you keep track of this group in the future as they will be a threat (good one, not bad) to not mess with. I predict a big year for the group and maybe a new album and a couple of singles.

I would love for whoever reads this, to follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Make them one of your favorite groups and add them to your playlists.

Official Links

Official Website
Official Twitter
Official YouTube
Official Facebook
Official Tumblr
Official Instagram
Official Showroom

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Juice=Juice New Music Video Review and Single Information

Yay! It is that time Hello Project fans, when your favorite group decides to release their first single of the year.

I am actually super excited to share this MV that was just uploaded over the weekend.

As you know the artists name is Juice=Juice. You can check out my introduction to the group here:Juice=Juice plus pie!

Now for the music video. The song is titled Wonderful World (Promotion Edit)

My Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed the song and the dancing. As for the members, Karin Miyamoto looks pretty as usual with her short hair. I honestly hope she grows it out a little more (just saying). Every ones' favorite, Rose Quartz or Tomoko Kanazawa looks amazing. I was surprised honestly. As for my girls, Sayuki and Yuka, they look like they have not aged one bit. Also, Akari looks a little more grown up than the last time I saw her.

Now as for the outfit part, they are really superb. The way the white shirt and the white shorts, completely belong with the lovely blue jacket.

For the scenery of the MV, they did a great job picking it out. The way the sun shines in through the window makes the group look pure and innocent, which is good.

As for the song itself, you can most definitely tell it is a Hello Pro song. The tune is so upbeat and the lyrics are so good, that I listened to it multiple times and I can't stop. it is that good.

There are four editions for this new single titled  Wonderful World/Ca va ? Ca va ?(サヴァサヴァ). It releases on April the 8th. It comes in six editions: 

Limited Edition A:

CD Tracklist:
1. Wonderful World
2. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a)
3. Wonderful World (Instrumental)
4. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a) (Instrumental)

DVD Tracklist:

1. Wonderful World (Music Video)

Limited Edition B:

CD Tracklist:
1.Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a)
2. Wonderful World
3. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a) (Instrumental)
4. Wonderful World (Instrumental)

DVD Tracklist:
1. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a) (Music Video)

Limited Edition C:

CD Tracklist:
1. Wonderful World
2. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a)
3. Wonderful World (Instrumental)
4. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a) (Instrumental)

DVD Tracklist:

1. Wonderful World (Dance Shot Version)
2. Wonderful World (Jacket - Making of and off-shot video)

Limited Edition D: 

CD Tracklist: 
1. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a)
2. Wonderful World
3. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a) (Instrumental)
4. Wonderful World (Instrumental)

DVD Tracklist:
1. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a) (Dance Shot Version)
2. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a) (Jacket - Making of and off-shot video)

Regular Edition A:

CD Tracklist:
1. Wonderful World
2. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu-a)
3. Wonderful World (Instrumental)
4. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a) (Instrumental)

Regular Edition B:

CD Tracklist:
1. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a)
2. Wonderful World
3. Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a) (Instrumental)
4. Wonderful World (Instrumental)

You can purchase the single through these great websites:

I will be purchasing this single when I get to Japan to support the group. I hope you enjoy the music video and keep cheering them on to greatness.

When they release the video for Ca va? Ca va? (Savu~asavu~a), I will release my review of the video. It actually might be a video review, 

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My "Once In A Lifetime" Idol, Yuuka Ueno - Solo Idol Spotlight

Photo Courtesy: Yuuka Ueno Official Twitter

As a idol blogger, you listen to idol groups a lot but sometimes you have to slow it down and listen to a solo artist that you can sit back and simply enjoy the music. That is where this lovely lady comes into play. May I introduce you to Yuuko Ueno!

It is said that Hashimoto Kanna from the Fukuoka idol group Rev. from DVL is a "once in a lifetime idol," but she has nothing on Yuuka. Yeah, you just read that correctly!

Idol Information

Name: As I have repeated about twice not including the title Yuuka Ueno
Birthdate: February 5th, 1998
Hometown: Tokushima Prefecture, Japan

In 2012, she was entered into a local karaoke contest in her hometown by her mother. There were about 10,000 contestants competing for the "Grand Prix Dream Vocalist" sponsored by Young Magazine. The winner would be able to have a chance to get a record deal with King Records. Yuuka outlasted all of the contestants and won the competition at the age of 14 years old, which is really amazing in my books.

After she signed with King Records, she released her first single in July 2013 with her vocals from the Grand Prix Dream Vocalist contest.

Discography Information

July 24th, 2013 - 1st Single - Kimi to Ita Sora <Goka Ban>

December 11th, 2013 - 2nd Single - Winter Kiss

April 23rd, 2014 - 3rd Single - Diamond Days - Kokoro No Tsubasa - / Dear My Hero

October 1st, 2014 - 4th Single - Suki ni Nattemo Idesuka? / Taisetsu na Anata

March 18th, 2015 - 5th Single - Hoshi Tachi no Moment / Slow Motion

Acting Information

Not only is she a singer but she has also been in a couple of movies:

2013: Toire no Hanako-san Shin Gekijoban- portrayed Sayo Nagasawa

2014: 1/11 Juuichi Bun no Ichi- portrayed Nina Shinomori

How Did You Come Across This Artist?

I was on Twitter a while back, let us just say three months ago? when one of my original followers Hilo in English posted this video which intrigued me and I instantly watched it and I was completely blown away by her vocals and looked her up. Little did I know that she was 17, which sort of turned me away for a while but I came running back due to lack of solo artists in my life. I would like to thank Hilo for introducing me to her and for being a loyal Twitter follower.

I was honestly shocked by her mature vocals for a young lady of her age and most of her songs as I still listen to them, give me chills. I'll describe them later to you.

I think she has a brilliant future not only as a solo artist but as a actress and a model. Most of her fans and myself are looking forward to her new material. We will support you Yuuka! Count On It!

*Update (July 12th, 2015) - I got to witness her in person when I went to the Solo x Solo x Solo Girls Storm Golden. She was outstanding and I got to meet her in person. She is a very lovely girl and tried her best to communicate in English, even though we had some communication issues. I got a picture of her and her autograph, which is a big score. 

Music Video Information and Review

The first music video is from her first single Kimi to Ita Sora.

I really enjoyed the PV as it was so bright and it had that Parent Trap effect with two of Yuuka, which threw me off. As for the song, it was a really good song and was high energy which you could listen to and tell your friends to watch it.

The second one is Winter Kiss from her second single with the same name.

As it was released in December, you can hear the bells in the melody, which are very enticing to hear, The song is a really good song if you like the love story aspect of it, like the lyrics:

Always Thinking of You
Thinking of You

Towards the last few seconds of the song makes my hear flutter, because that is sometimes true when you like someone or even in love with that person.

The music video is sort of sad but happy, if you know what I mean. Yuuka likes the cool guy who is surrounded by all these chicks, but as for is staring at him, he catches her glance and she gets up and leaves due to shyness. As the MV progresses, you can see that this dude happens to be everywhere she is, coincidence? Anyway, the guy is strumming along and she sees him performing around a bunch of girls and randomly pulls  a Michael Jackson jacket toss and shows off his white A-shirt (as wee call it in America) which is strange to do and at that point, Yuuka just says "Screw-It" and walks up to him like a boss and shoots him a smile saying "Please notice me over these over girls. I like you."

These next two are from her third single. The first one is titled Diamond Days.

I actually really like the song as it is really cheerful and it has a summer feel to it. It is very upbeat and you can jam to it if you'd like. I especially enjoy the part a little over halfway through when the music stops and it becomes a solo and then the band starts again, as it gives me chills everytime, 
As for the music video is concerned, it looks like it is from a movie due to the events. Again, we had the Double Yuuka in it which is cool and also it looked like a token from the Nickelodeon show Legends of the Hidden Temple at the beginning, which brought back a lot of childhood memories, Over than that, it was just alright.

The second one is Dear My Hero.

Now as for this song, it gives me complete goosebumps and makes me teary eyed every time. (Yeah, I'm a guy, so what?) The song is so relaxing and her voice resonates throughout the entire song. The way the melody is soft and then climaxes and drops back down is a thing of beauty. It has to be my favorite song of hers. 
Music video wise, it is from the movie 1/11 Juuichi Bun no Ichi which she stars in. I love the fact it was at a soccer stadium, which looked to be one of the best ones around. As she stares at he ball with words of encouragement to her crush, you can't help but wonder what she is going to write. Towards the end, she writes what she wants and he shows up in the stands next to her. As he picks up the ball, she gives that shy and nervous smile which makes her look incredibly cute. All in all, it was a fantastic song with a fantastic video, but I want to see that darn movie though.

This next one is from her fourth single titled Suki ni Nattemo Idesuka? This song was the one shown to me by Hilo.

I absolutely adore this song and music video. The way the song is arranged is perfect and the tune is so singable if you don't mind mumbling half the words you can't pronounce. I really enjoy jamming out to this at work, which is awfully strange to watch. I can whistle to it and even hum. I love this song.
I really enjoy the music video a lot. It fades in to English lettering on her bed with the light shining in as she wakes up, which caught me by surprise. I was like, "Yay! English!" Anyways, as the video progresses you see English and Japanese all over which was really cool to watch. Those moments in which she is getting ready for some fans is pretty taboo, like that toothbrushing part. (Yeah people like those kinds of shots) As it goes on, she has on glasses which make her look ultra beautiful to me. I like that kind of look in a idol. But as she reads a magazine she discovers the word LOVE written on a heart and begins to study it carefully. Then it changes to her trying to figure out what love is and changes into this great two piece outfit and belts out some more lyrics. The houses were so colorful and she notices this guy bypass her yet she goes on without a pause. She then walks through a door and BAM! It was just a dream. Ehhh? What the? You could see it on her face and I thought the same as well. She wonders what that was about and shrugs it off and gets up again. Great music video.

As for her latest music video, it is titled Hoshi Tachi no Moment. The main track from her fifth single. 

I truly like this song. I enjoy the guitar and drum feel to it and it is just amazing to listen to. It makes you want to just relax and calm down if you've had a rough day. She never seems to disappoint when it comes to vocals as they are so soothing.I could listen to it for hours.
I simply adore the music video. It looks like you are on a date with her, which is quite cool because why not? The way she plays around and wears goofy stuff and acts goofy made my heart doki-doki. As you are walking along with her you stop to eat some amazing looking food and you can't help but smile. As the music video progresses. a panda puppet comes out from behind a counter singing the song for a little and then she appears finishing the lines, which was quite cute. You walk into a restaurant? and she changes into a one piece traditional dress and waits for you to show up. But you don't. Why do you not show up? Tell me. As the night sky appears, you see the stars illuminated behind her which is very superb on the production part. As you could tell, I liked it.

Final Thoughts

Over time, I have started to like her more and more. I even re-watched the videos to review them for your sake. I think I might have a little, just a little, crush on her. 

I really hope you enjoyed this article about this lovely lady and support her with all your might. Please spread her talent to anyone you know and maybe you may find other fans like yourself or make some new ones.

Official Links

Official YouTube
King Records Shop
HMV Japan

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AKB48 - My "Obsession?" and My Oshimen List - Opinion Piece

Photo Courtesy:

Okay. I know. AKB, right?

You are correct.

Yes, I can say I am a fan of the 48 group and its sister groups as well besides JKT48 and SNH48, as I am not too familiar with those two. I have no idea of NGT48, yet.

Don't get me wrong. I like big idol groups with up to 16 members but over 110? What on Earth?

Why become a fan of AKB48 in the first place?

Why listen to one of the most Overrated Idol Group to ever exist?

A topic has also been brought to my attention that they only are there for their beauty and "sexiness" which is wrong.

The answer to those two questions would be that one does not simply overlook that group when you are a idol fan.

The third topics answer would be a mixed response.

I can say that I do not mind them being gravure models as well. Go for it! Showcase what you have!

Most of us fans don't mind it as well, while others may attack us for liking that stuff.

On the other hand, if they are too young, like maybe say 15 or below, I am not keen to that gravure type.

-Insert Bad Segue Here-

I, at one time when I first started to listen to J-Pop, swore to family, friends and even God; Yes, God; that I would not join the mass hoard of fans that they have.

Boy, was I wrong.

So about 9 months ago, which is between Labrador Retriever and Kokoro No Placard, I started my crazy decent into AKB Group madness...

Now at first, I had heard about the group through the story of the crazy maniac slashing two members, Iriyama Anna or Annin and Kawaei Rina, during their handshake event.

Which was completely wrong by all means. The sentence they gave him was too light for his crime.

Sorry, a little bad blood there.

The first video I saw for AKB was for Koisuru Fortune Cookie with Sashihara Rino as center and I simply loved it.

Oh No! I thought.

Then I listened to Kokoro No Placard and I actually got goosebumps and the hair on my arms stood up and sadly, I think I shed a tear. I loved it that much.

I had no idea they had their own show, named AKBingo! and after I watched a couple of English subbed versions of the show, I fell deeper and deeper into love.

I kept my AKB fandom hidden for quite a while, which is sort of wrong to do but I did not want people to find out.

Weird, huh?

As usual, I find out they added another team to the group, Team 8, consisting of girls from every prefecture in Japan.

I watched their first music video and thought Damn! They're good and ultra cute as well. Here I go again. I immediately picked a first impression oshi, which is Yamada Nanami and I was set.

Then came SKE and HKT into my life.

SKE is AKBs' sister group is in Nagoya and HKT is in Fukuoka. I am not a big fan of NMB, which is based in Osaka, but I only like a couple of members from that group.

I first saw SKE from the video Oki Doki, which is a common phrase in Oklahoma or around the world. I listened to that song over and over, even showing co-workers and family the video because I enjoyed it that much. After becoming a fan, I listened and saw the video for 12gatsu no Kangaroo and Seishun Curry Rice and fell deeper into the group.

Links For:
 12gatsu no Kangaroo
Seishun Curry Rice
Coquettish Juutai Chuu

For HKT, I saw the video for Hikaeme I Love You! with the double center of Sakura and Harrupi (Kodama Haruka). Then I saw Melon Juice and I thought it was a cool song and I became a fan right after that.

I have seen multiple and more of SKE and HKT shows (such as Ebi-sho, Ebi Friday Night, Ebi Calcio, HKT No Odekake, Hakata Hyakkaten, etc.) due to gracious subbers. After watching those, they have become my top groups to listen to.

Now the problem with SKE48, was the gosh darn graduations we have had earlier this year. They kept going and going until we (fans) were at our wits end. Until just recently (knock on wood).

Nowadays, I can't stop watching videos upon videos and I can't stop talking about them on a daily basis. Now that is sorta crazy.

When I went to Tokyo a month ago, I stopped by the AKB48 Shop & Cafe to see what the buzz was about and to my shock, I was actually disappointed. Even though there were two shops, they were small and didn't carry a lot of goods. I probably was in the wrong place. Honestly, I felt awkward walking around in there. I didn't purchase anything but I plan to in the future.

I also should have went to a handshake event but I decided to pass.

I eagerly anticipate every new single from each sister group and AKB itself.

What you are about to see below will blow your mind, literally.

I am so sorry to do this to whomever is reading this, but it is a big list,

Now comes the part where I mention my favorite members or oshimen and then you wonder why I chose them (You'll just have to guess!). Some of them are in other groups currently and I will list them in their original groups.

All profile photos courtesy: Stage48 and AKS

Update 1-26-2016: After the original release of this article on July 12th, 2015, a few members have graduated and also some of the girls I had on here, I changed my mind on some, so you will notice a difference if you read the first.

Update In Progress




                                                                            Owada Nana
                                                                            Team A
                                                                            Born September 15th, 1999

                                                                            Shimazaki Haruka
                                                                            Team A
                                                                            Born March 30th, 1994

                                                                            Yui Yokoyama
                                                                            Team A
                                                                            Born December 8th, 1992
You are probably yelling at your computer, phone or tablet wondering why I do not oshihen Takamina. I honestly have not been a big fan of her or Iwata Karen. Hate me now!


                                                                            Shimada Haruka
                                                                            Team K
                                                                            Born December 16th, 1992

                                                                            Tano Yuka
                                                                            Team K
                                                                            Born March 7th, 1997

                                                                            Minegishi Minami
                                                                            Team K
                                                                            Born November 15th, 1992

                                                                            Mukaichi Mion
                                                                            Team K
                                                                            Born January 29th, 1998

                                                                            Mogi Shinobu
                                                                            Team K
                                                                            Born February 16th, 1999

                                                                            Oshima Ryoka
                                                                            Team B
                                                                            Born October 21st, 1998

                                                                            Kizaki Yuria
                                                                            Team B
                                                                            Born February 11th, 1996

                                                                            Goto Moe
                                                                            Team B
                                                                            Born May 20th, 2001

                                                                            Watanabe Mayu
                                                                            Team B
                                                                            Born March 26th, 1994

                                                                            Okada Nana
                                                                            Team 4
                                                                            Born November 7th, 1997

                                                                            Kojima Mako
                                                                            Team 4
                                                                            Born May 30th, 1997

                                                                            Komiyama Haruka
                                                                            Team 4
                                                                            Born September 12th, 1998

                                                                            Nishino Miki
                                                                            Team 4
                                                                            Born April 4th, 1999

                                                                            Yokoyama Yui
                                                                            Team 8
                                                                            Born February 22nd, 2001

                                                                            Yamada Nanami
                                                                            Team 8 / Team A
                                                                            Born February 9th, 1999

                                                                             Nakano Ikumi
                                                                             Team 8
                                                                             Born August 20th, 2000

                                                                             Miyazato Rira
                                                                             Team 8
                                                                             Born March 30th, 2002

Yes, that would end my AKB oshi list and also yes, no Yukirin, or Juri. The hate continues...

On to the sister groups;


                                                                            Anai Chiharo
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born January 27th, 1996

                                                                            Akiyoshi Yuka
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born October 24th, 2000

                                                                            Kojina Yui
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born January 24th, 1998

                                                                            Kodama Haruka
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born September 19th, 1996

                                                                            Riko Sakaguchi
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born July 26th, 1994

                                                                            Sashihara Rino
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born November 21st, 1992

                                                                            Tashima Meru
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born January 7th, 2000

                                                                            Tanaka Natsumi
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born August 10th, 2000

                                                                            Matsuoka Natsumi
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born August 8th, 1996

                                                                            Ota Aika
                                                                            Team KIV
                                                                            Born December 8th, 1994

                                                                            Tomonaga Mio
                                                                            Team KIV / AKB Team B
                                                                            Born May 17th, 1998

                                                                            Miyawaki Sakura
                                                                            Team KIV / AKB Team A
                                                                            Born March 19th, 1998

                                                                            Motomura Aoi
                                                                            Team KIV
                                                                            Born May 31st, 1997

                                                                             Moriyasu Madoka
                                                                             Team KIV
                                                                             Born July 26th, 1997

                                                                             Aramaki Misaki
                                                                             Born January 28th, 2001

                                                                            Sakamoto Erena
                                                                            Born September 12th, 2000


                                                                            Yamamoto Sayaka
                                                                            Team N / AKB Team K
                                                                            Born July 14th, 1993

                                                                            Ichikawa Miori
                                                                            Team BII
                                                                            Born February 12th, 1994

                                                                            Miyuki Watanabe
                                                                            Team BII / AKB Team B
                                                                            Born September 19th, 1993


                                                                            Oya Masana
                                                                            Team S
                                                                            Born November 6th, 1990

                                                                            Kitagawa Ryoha
                                                                            Team S
                                                                            Born October 9th, 1998

                                                                            Ego Yuna
                                                                            Team KII
                                                                            Born March 29th, 2000

                                                                            Oba Mina
                                                                            Team KII
                                                                            Born April 3rd, 1992

                                                                            Takayanagi Akane
                                                                            Team KII
                                                                            Born November 29th, 1991

                                                                            Furuhata Nao
                                                                            Team KII
                                                                            Born September 15th, 1996

                                                                            Matsumura Kaori
                                                                            Team KII
                                                                            Born January 17th, 1990

                                                                            Kimoto Kanon
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born August 11th, 1997

                                                                            Sato Sumire
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born November 20th, 1993

                                                                            Shibata Aya
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born April 1st, 1993

                                                                            Suda Akari
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born October 31st, 1991

                                                                            Tani Marika
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born January 5th, 1996

And last but not least....

                                                                            Matsui Rena
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born July 27th, 1991

Where is Jurina and Sae at? I can honestly say I do not like Matsui Jurina at all for some reason. For Saes' sake, I'm not a big fan of her.

Well, that was a long list, wasn't it?

A grand total of 54 members.

Now I randomly have that many profile pictures on my laptop hard drive,

Oh Well! I can make a good desktop background though.

So on that note I think I am going to wrap it up here...

I can say I am not a AKB elitist by any means. 

I just truly love to discuss this group to anyone who wants to listen to me gripe and moan and praise them in one conversation. 

I really hope you made it this far. I truly appreciate it.

To those subbers, may I say thank you for fueling my love for the group. I would like to at least provide my readers with your website link in order to bring them to the group.

For AKB subs:

UKN48  (Also subs Nogi46 as well)
Mars Sub Team
Half-Assed Subs

HKT Subs

Blue Mentaiko

SKE Subs

Kangaroo Subs

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AKB Official Website
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