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Don't Stare Into The Sunmyu (さんみゅ~), You Might Go Blind - Idol Spotlight!!!

My spotlight is shining bright on the group created by the agency Sun Music Group and the label Pony Canyon in July of 2012. At its creation, Sunmyu consisted of 10 members among 1000 applicants, but now currently consists of eight members. The group was formerly know as Sun-μ (β), Their catchphrase is "Bright, energetic and refreshing! Pure idols of the 21st century!" I agree with their catchphrase a lot as they perform cover and original songs inspired by 1980s idols. These girls have some serious talent and I expect them to be around for a while. Discography Information The first two singles were indie titles when they were known as Sun-μ (β). August 4th, 2012 - Kuchibiru Network November 3rd, 2012 - First Kiss January 23rd, 2013 - Kuchibiru Network April 24th, 2013 - Hoho ni Kiss Shite July 3rd, 2013 - Natsu Matsuri November 20th, 2013 - Kore ga Ai Nanda March 19th, 2014 - Haru Ga Kite Bok

Computers Meet Idols - Cupitron (キュピトロン) - Idol Spotlight!!!

This group Cupitron is a group I have been jamming out to lately because their music is so EDM and pop that it makes my head explode. Now I have to admit, I have developed a crush on these three girls. They are so talented and put together, it is fantastic. Nice job, Kisspoint Records! The name Cupitron is a combination of the words "cupid" like the angel and "tron" in regards to computer architecture. The group also performed at JAM Expo last year. I wish I could have seen it but that stage wasn't streamed. *Update (July 12th, 2015) - When I first released this biography of the group on September 12th, 2014, I was still sort of new to blogging and the article looked really bad, so now I am back to fix it. If you have followed me, you will have seen the differences. When I went to Tokyo on vacation, I got to see this group during the Solo x Solo x Solo Girls Storm Golden at Astro Hall Shinjuku. May I say, that they were really good to see perfo

Up, Up, and Away!!!! - Up Up Girls Kakko Kari - Idol Spotlight!

Today, I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite idol groups and that group would be the Up Up Girls Kakko Kari (アップアップガールズ(仮). Group Profile The UUG were formed in 2011 by Up-Front Agency under the name Up-Front Girls. The group is also known as UFZS, as a group that makes K-POP dance covers. The unit held its first live in September 2012 in Daikanyama Unit in Tokyo. In December 2012, T-Pallete Records signed them and they changed their name to the Up Up Girls Kakko Kari. If you don't know what Kakko Kari stands for, the definition of the term means "subject to change." So technically their name could change at any time (just like a popular item for sale at a local store). They were moderately quiet in 2013, but last year, they stepped up hardcore. In February 2014, the members teamed up with solo artist Kikkawa You and The Possible, to form the group titled Team Makenki. Between the months of March and June 2014, the UUG held their first

Juice=Juice New Music Video Review and Single Information

Yay! It is that time Hello Project fans, when your favorite group decides to release their first single of the year. I am actually super excited to share this MV that was just uploaded over the weekend. As you know the artists name is Juice=Juice. You can check out my introduction to the group here: Juice=Juice plus pie! Now for the music video. The song is titled Wonderful World (Promotion Edit) My Review: I thoroughly enjoyed the song and the dancing. As for the members, Karin Miyamoto looks pretty as usual with her short hair. I honestly hope she grows it out a little more (just saying). Every ones' favorite, Rose Quartz or Tomoko Kanazawa looks amazing. I was surprised honestly. As for my girls, Sayuki and Yuka, they look like they have not aged one bit. Also, Akari looks a little more grown up than the last time I saw her. Now as for the outfit part, they are really superb. The way the white shirt and the white shorts, completely belong with the lovely blue ja

My "Once In A Lifetime" Idol, Yuuka Ueno - Solo Idol Spotlight

Photo Courtesy: Yuuka Ueno Official Twitter As a idol blogger, you listen to idol groups a lot but sometimes you have to slow it down and listen to a solo artist that you can sit back and simply enjoy the music. That is where this lovely lady comes into play. May I introduce you to Yuuko Ueno! It is said that Hashimoto Kanna from the Fukuoka idol group Rev. from DVL is a "once in a lifetime idol," but she has nothing on Yuuka. Yeah, you just read that correctly! Idol Information Name: As I have repeated about twice not including the title Yuuka Ueno Birthdate: February 5th, 1998 Hometown: Tokushima Prefecture, Japan In 2012, she was entered into a local karaoke contest in her hometown by her mother. There were about 10,000 contestants competing for the "Grand Prix Dream Vocalist" sponsored by Young Magazine. The winner would be able to have a chance to get a record deal with King Records. Yuuka outlasted all of the contestants and won the competitio

AKB48 - My "Obsession?" and My Oshimen List - Opinion Piece

Photo Courtesy: Okay. I know. AKB, right? You are correct. Yes, I can say I am a fan of the 48 group and its sister groups as well besides JKT48 and SNH48, as I am not too familiar with those two. I have no idea of NGT48, yet. Don't get me wrong. I like big idol groups with up to 16 members but over 110? What on Earth? Why become a fan of AKB48 in the first place? Why listen to one of the most Overrated Idol Group to ever exist? A topic has also been brought to my attention that they only are there for their beauty and "sexiness" which is wrong. The answer to those two questions would be that one does not simply overlook that group when you are a idol fan. The third topics answer would be a mixed response. I can say that I do not mind them being gravure models as well. Go for it! Showcase what you have! Most of us fans don't mind it as well, while others may attack us for liking that stuff. On the other hand, if they are too