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Ninja Idols That Charm During The Reiwa Era - NINJA紅 / NINJA Kurenai - New Age Idols Spotlight

Do you like ninjas? What about idols? How many ladies that have a variety of talents (models, actresses, etc.) can you put in both categories? There is no need for them to hide in the shadows and be silent stress killers. Ninja紅 has become such a staple in my life since they grabbed my attention and I hope they will grab yours as well. I hope you will join me on this journey as we spotlight NINJA紅.... Group Information Ninja紅 (Kurenai) debuted on February 15th, 2020 under the company YM2 Agency.  Their company has a variety of talents from domestic talents to foreign talents as well. Quite a few notable ones to be honest. In the time they have been a group they have released two digital singles and one physical single. They have their very own YouTube channel that posts a variety of videos from behind the scenes, games, live videos and a lot more. I will place their channel in the official links section. The group is also active with advertising certain products such as the Kirin probi