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The Cute Rock Idols With Calming Voices - HAKUAKI - Now DIsbanded!! - New Age Idols Spotlight

Image Courtesy: Official Twitter The past few months I have written about some of my favorite groups. I had known of those groups for quite some time. This month will be a little different. I want to introduce a group that, just only a few months ago, came onto the music scene.  Since their debut, they have been on constant rotation in my playlists.   This dance and vocal group shouldn't be missed! Shall we go on a journey and explore more about HAKUAKI?  Group Information HAKUAKI made their debut on March 11, 2021 with a one-man live operation at Hatsudai DOORS.  The meaning of the name HAKUAKI confused me a little bit when I was doing research.  To be honest, I thought it meant something else in Japanese. I did some translation skills and it brought up the Kanji for Cretaceous. It was period around the dinosaur times. That didn't make any sense for the name to be that. After perusing the group's Twitter, the meaning is actually Hack A Kingdom. It makes more sense when you

PinkySpice New MV (この指とまれ!) Release - New Age Idols Review

  Kind of a weird screenshot... Somehow this has turned into a PinkySpice fan website. I don't mind it though.  Anyways, today or tonight, the group has released their new music video for their upcoming single Rakuyo ni Madou,  on July 21st. The song is titled  この指とまれ!(Kono yubi tomore) or in English, Rare With This Finger!.   It is a very interesting title to say the least. Let's review this song and video! I was eagerly anticipating this video when it was teased. Of course, I had to put on my notifications. I'm going to be honest. This video and song is my style. For real! It is a very stark difference from their previous songs and I like that. It is very bouncy and has some nice jazz intertwined. I had to watch it another two or so times.  Of course the vocals are top notch. The chorus is ever so catchy and you just start to jam a little bit. There is a part where the synthesizer comes in during the dance break that makes it really classic. It is followed by a nice solo

おめでとう PinkySpice!! - New Age Idols News

I have some news for all PinkySpice fans! It was announced on June 2nd, 2021 that PinkySpice (ピンスパ ) will be releasing their new CD single nationwide. The title of the single is 落陽に惑う ( Rakuyo ni madou) or in English " I'm confused by the setting sun" It has been a long time coming to be honest.  Now you will be able to purchase the physical copy of a PinkySpice CD regardless of where you live in the world. It will be released on July 21st, 2021.... Everybody give a round of applause! There is also another piece of big news! It was also announced on June 3rd, 2021 that their album " Checkmate"  is now available digitally. Another round of applause! There is a big list of distribution services where you can find this album. I will put in a photo of the services as well as a link to access them.  Here is the link to access all of these services around the world:  Linkcore I am so so happy for this to happen to them. Their music will be able to be accessed by count