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Rockin' Those Shades! - Maria - New Age Idols Introduction!!

There are some groups that you can't help but smile about. May it be there cuteness, the type of music they perform or their all around coolness. The one I want to introduce is a group that showcases all three.  With sunglasses and backpacks in tow, these holy immaculate girls sing mischievous rock.  They are the playful rock girls! They are Maria! The history surrounding Maria is quite a interesting one. The group was started in December 2013 yet the group did not officially begin activities until April 26th, 2014. They are currently signed under Inazuma and their singles and albums are released through File Records.  Six members passed through the auditions to form this playful group but out of the original lineup only four remain: RinaRina, Minori, Lala, & Aona.  The two members that left that group happened to do so in 2015, both of them five months apart: Mei left the group February 20th, 2015 due to personal reasons and the same explanation can be applied

Oshi Chronicles - Part Two - The HKT Triad

Picking favorite members can be a rough decision as sometimes you can't just pick one. This is one of those times. Over the course of the past year and a half, I have been paying a lot of attention to most of the sister groups of AKB48 and not the main one itself. One of the sister groups that has severely drawn my attention is the so-called "loli" group down in Fukuoka, HKT48. When it comes to choosing a favorite in that group there are plenty to choose from such as the first ever back-to-back winner of the AKB Senbatsu Sousenkyo Sashihara Rino or I could go after one of the other major stars of the group including Kodama Haruka aka Haruppi or even Miyawaki Sakura. The three that I mentioned above have big, I mean big fan bases around the world. The sad part about that reality is that I got one of my workers to be a fan of Haruppi. No joke. The only problem with me choosing one of those three main attractions is their fan base being so large. I honestly d

Oshi Chronicles - Part One - Keyakizaka46s' Own Imaizumi Yui

Courtesy: Hustle Press Japan Welcome to a new series I will be starting weekly on Saturdays, obviously titled Oshi Chronicles, where I will present you with my favorite member or members of some of the groups I listen to. I hope you enjoy this series as I have been non-awkwardly admiring them. So, with that aside, the first part is dedicated to my tied for number one spot members from the slightly newly formed sister group of Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46. When I first learned of the beginning of a Nogizaka46 sister group, I went sort of nuts. I mean, Aki-P keeps pumping out these groups one after another that I admire him for being a brutally smart marketing genius, With most groups I write about, I usually pick a first impression oshi or the one that catches my eyes immediately but with this group I kind of had a difficult time trying to pick one. When the group started their variety show debut with Keyaki tte, Kakenai? I knew I had the chance to pick a member to throw all my