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Death Rabbits Turned Just Rabbits With A Hint of Death - Desu.Rabbits - Underrated Spotlight - NOW DISBANDED

Image Courtesy: DESURABBITS Official Website This article is dedicated to one of my all-time favorite Japanese Pop groups... As you saw by the titled, the group is Desu. Rabbits or the artist formerly known as Death Rabbits. If you do not know this group by now, then you either must be living under a rock or you may not care to hear their music. Either way, you still should know about them regardless. I will provide all you readers with an introduction to the group and include their various forms of SNS they use. Later on in the article, I will showcase some of my favorite music videos of theirs. Also including in this article is how my fandom came to fruition and what this group means to me as well. So please read all the way to the bottom! Group Inroduction The group Desu Rabbits are under the label G-Records Japan. The group was formed in 2013 with members Emi, Yuzu, Karin and last but not least Bucho.  Up to this point, the group has released 10 singles and