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The Power Of Idols

Sorry that I accidentally went on a months hiatus. I began to have writers block for a while there but after taking a breather, I'm back. Today I am going to write a article about what idols mean to certain people and how they can connect not only fans of different generations but also around the world.  As a idol fan in the United States, you kind of get frowned upon and sort of shoved into a niche group of people where others think that you might be a perv for looking at idols.  You might have family members who think that you liking such things will ruin your future, may it be financially, emotionally, or even starting a relationship.  Yet to those people who enjoy idols such as myself, we work hard in order for that to not take a toll on those certain aspects of our lives. Some of us work at minimum wage or above jobs working 40+ hours a week in order to make sure we can support these groups or members we are extremely fond of . Other times we work those jobs t