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Kyueens of the New Age - きゅい~ん’ズ - Underrated Idol Spotlight

There are queens of all sorts over time. There are queens of different countries, different Western groups, and even queens in our own personal lives. These queens are of a different type, that you may not have heard (which is disappointing). These Kyueens have been in rule for three years over my idol kingdom. Join me on learning more about the Kyueens of the New Age. Will you? Group Information As I mentioned in the opening, Kyueens was started almost five years ago in December 2014.  They belong to the Universal Music Japan label and are associated with the agency, D Universe.  The group has released a total (as of 10/19) of 5 mini albums and 3 digital singles in their five year long campaign thus far.  The group currently consists of five members but some have come and go since their debut. The current roster of five have been together since 2016.  Member Information In this section I will introduce you to the members of the group and provide some t