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This Type Of Monsoon Will Make You Dance - BAKUMON (ばくもん) - New Age Idols Spotlight

Image Courtesy: Official Twitter A monsoon can either make you happy or sad. It depends on the person. They usually bring in change no matter where they go.  Have you ever heard of dance monsoon? It's a new variety that is starting to bring happiness to the people in its path. The group I'm going to showcase is one that it took its namesake from. That group is Bakufu-Monsoon, also known as Bakumon... Will you join me on this journey into a party jetstream? Group Introduction BAKUMON (ばくもん) is a group with the average age of 18 years old.  According to the official website, I'm going to paraphrase, when you hear the groups' rhythmic music, it creates a whirlwind of excitement that will make your body move without thinking.  They were unveiled on July 23rd, 2020.  The group belongs to both CMajor Works and FreeK-Laboratory. Both of those agencies have a variety of talent under their name. The group originally debuted with six members but shortly after quickly grew to eigh