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PinkySpice New MV (この指とまれ!) Release - New Age Idols Review

  Kind of a weird screenshot... Somehow this has turned into a PinkySpice fan website. I don't mind it though.  Anyways, today or tonight, the group has released their new music video for their upcoming single Rakuyo ni Madou,  on July 21st. The song is titled  この指とまれ!(Kono yubi tomore) or in English, Rare With This Finger!.   It is a very interesting title to say the least. Let's review this song and video! I was eagerly anticipating this video when it was teased. Of course, I had to put on my notifications. I'm going to be honest. This video and song is my style. For real! It is a very stark difference from their previous songs and I like that. It is very bouncy and has some nice jazz intertwined. I had to watch it another two or so times.  Of course the vocals are top notch. The chorus is ever so catchy and you just start to jam a little bit. There is a part where the synthesizer comes in during the dance break that makes it really classic. It is followed by a nice solo

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