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Kotori With Stitchbird Head West In New PV "Chikyujin"

L-R Yuria, Kotori,Yuka I saw this video actually today so this is kind of a brief music video review. I had to do this because of what this video is based around. The groups name is Kotori With Stitchbird. They are under the Avex label and they were started in mid 2015. A little backstory behind the video and group: It is the ending theme for Yokai Watch Season 2 in Japan (started January 2016). Now Yokai Watch was never really a big deal here in the states until recently. Since I work in retail, we see a lot of things come in that grab our attention. Well, we got this display of merchandise that was labeled Yokai Watch and I was super happy. Everybody thought I was nuts. Literally bat crazy. I started singing the Dream5 theme song and annoying the living tar out of my coworkers. I thought it was pretty darn funny. Anyways, since then I have seen more and more merchandise plus the English dubbed release on DisneyXD at 2AM CT. I am happy to see that pl

When Fantasea Meets Reality - Atlantis Castle - New Age Idols Group Preview

If you got the very bad title pun, thank you! I thought of it myself. Fail. Anyways, I would like to introduce you to a new and upcoming, very underrated idol group that goes by the name Atlantis Castle. The motto of the group is that the "Brilliance Aura of Legend" is said to be somewhere in the world and searchers have never found this "glowing aura". Now these adventures have set forth on a mission to find it. This group is also know as a RPG idol group. If you don't know what a RPG is, let me explain. A RPG or role-playing game is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Each of them portray a certain character and I will introduce the members and their characters below.  On their website they showcase statistics but it is kind of difficult to explain. I do know the categories are: HP (Hit Points), MP (Magic Points), ATK (Attack Points), Defense and Quickness. Sadly, I had to