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Far Away Cinderellas - Fre Fre Chime Festival - New Age Idol Introduction!!

Today I want to bring forth one of my favorite underrated idol groups that I have listened to and actually have seen perform. That group would be Fre Fre Chime Festival. They are under the label Plume Production. According to their website they are known as the "after school idols". Most of the group travels in from the countryside to Tokyo to perform idol activities. They classify their music as EDM and screamo but I beg to differ. I would classify it as a little bit rock and a little electro and a whole lotta pop. The goal of the group is to perform at TIF (Tokyo Idol Festival), the @JAM Expo and even a appearance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Ceremony, which all three of those would be pretty darn cool if you ask me. The group was formed in July 2015 but officially made their stage debut on September 13th, 2015 Finding out about the group was like it normally is. I used the lovely YouTube to access the group under my suggestions. They produced about a video e