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Big Announcement From Your Favorite Blog!!! - Early Christmas Post!

MERRY CHRISTMAS (Six Days Early)!! You might be wondering why I have that title for this kind of post. Well, there is a good reason for it. For those of you who have been following my journey as a idol blogger, I greatly appreciate you. No really. I do. I wrote a article about my first journey to Tokyo back in late April/early May and how fun I made it sound and other stuff like that such as the concerts I attended and the interview that took place on my birthday while I was there. I kind of have two news stories to cover with y'all instead of one. Sorry. The first news story is the fact that I shall be returning to Japan from April 25th - May 13th, 2016.  YAY!!!!!! My major plans for this trip are that from April 25th - May 4th (aka Golden Week) I will be in the Tokyo area. After those nine days, I will journey on down to Fukuoka for the rest of my vacation. Why that should matter to you, you may ask. Since I am a idol "wota/blogger/whatever" I

New Notall Single - Just Now - Single Review!

Attention: Notall is back with a new single after their recent release of  my baby, my lover  which was a great single but I have to admit they did a even better job with this one. No Joke. As soon as I found out about this release I immediately pre-ordered it, especially when I saw that they collaborated with the other indie group CYNTIA​ for their lead track,  Just Now . I still would have bought it even if they wouldn't have done that. I really liked the cover art of this single as each member looks extra cute.  Sorry for embarrassing you. Now for my single review of  Just Now. The single has three tracks on it. The title track  Just Now  is one of those songs that you could have on a road trip and jam out to it while on a open highway.  The chord at the beginning gets the song to a great start right off the bat. The vocals come in with the order: The whole group then Katase Narumi, Tasaki Reina, Watanabe Chiko and finally Sato Haruka. I definitely liked the part betwe