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When You Feel Like Rocking, They Will Come A Knockin' - Yanakoto Sotto Mute - New Age Idols Feature

Photo Courtesy: YSM Official Twitter

I'm going to be super honest about this. I have completely fallen for this group over the past few months.

Now to admit, I'm not a big indie rock fan or a rock fan to begin with unless you are talking about 70s and 80s rock that my parents listen to still to this day. Yet thanks to this fantastic group, I got a ear opening experience unlike I have never heard in a long time.

This group is so underrated that it is killing me.

They are competing to gain some ground in a already swamped entertainment industry but I really think they have the talent to have great success.

I happened to stumble across this group while on my vacation to Tokyo back in April of this year. I saw that their full debut album "BUBBLE"  was featured in the new release section at Tower Records in Shibuya of course.

I picked it up to listen to because I was very drawn in by the cover work of that album so I put on the headphones and proceeded to listen to the album in the store and was jamming out to this group (in my mind, not actually in the store itself) that was super unknown to me at that time.

I kept listening to it and since I was going to Korea the following week I knew I shouldn't bring a CD with me through the rest of my trip. Little did I know that that would be a big mistake, but I did not forget about the music I heard from that album.

I happened to be listening to Spotify recently and got back into Japanese pop and discovered this group again and saw they had released a new single, "STAMP EP". 

As I began to listen to that single, I realized what I loved about that first listen to them a few months prior and was completely blown away.

The past week or so has been full of this group. I've been blaring them at work, in my car, in my house in the dead of night. I've been just trying to listen to them everywhere and picking my favorite songs thus far from the group.

Further in this article, I will put down my Top 5 songs and explain why I love them so much.

So now that I have laid the groundwork for this, let me introduce them to you.

The groups name is Yanakoto Sotto Mute and they are a four member group.

They were founded under DCG Entertainment in April of 2016.

Their motto is (rough translation): I do not solve anything softly mute the daily life full of bad things, but I will try to sing a melody that does not turn into a rock sound for the time being.

Meet The Members

Name: Nade Shiko
Nickname: Nadechan
Birthdate: December 27th, 1996
Twitter: @nadeshiko_ysm

Name: Mamiya Mani
Nickname: ManiMani
Birthdate: April 24th, 1996
Twitter: @mani_YSM

Name: Ichika Minami
Nickname: Ichika
Birthdate: August 13th, 1996
Twitter: @ichika_ysm

Name: Rena
Nickname: Rena
Birthdate: May 1st, 2000
Twitter: @rena_ysm

I'm not going to choose a favorite member of a four member group like them because that would be rude of myself to do such a thing, so I will choose all four as my oshimen.

They are all pretty, right? 

I'm glad you see it the same. 

Discography (In Chronological Order)

Yanakoto Sotto Mute has released as of October 2017: 2 EP (Extended Play) and 1 full album.

Sealing EP  
(Each Member Had A Seperate Version)
Released: December 26th, 2016
Oricon Ranking: 111th Place (1 week on chart)

Released: April 5th, 2017
Oricon Ranking: 81st Place (1 week on chart)

Released: August 16th, 2017
Oricon Ranking: 194th Place (1 week on chart)

For those of you who do not know what the Oricon Chart is, they rank singles and albums sales daily, weekly, monthly and yearly solely based on physical sales of their albums or singles. 

As you read those rankings you probably think that this group isn't good but let's take a peak at what the number one single/album at the time of release was. 

When Sealing EP was released, the number one single was by NMB48 titled "僕以外の誰か" or in English "Someone Other Than Me". 

So that was a hard single to go up against, especially since they are a 48 group. 

Let's check the album chart that "BUBBLE" was released on. 

The top album at that time was "Love, Piece and Fire"  by Superfly.

I'm not sure who Superfly is but it must be someone popular.

Last but not least, on the Oricon singles chart for the week of August 28th, 2017, which placed "STAMP EP" at 194th place, the number one single at that time was "Family Song"  by Hoshino Gen. 

Okay, now that one, I can understand as well. 

But still, the content of these three CD's have been nothing short of amazing.


Released: April 28th, 2017

This is a photo book that comes with a DVD with behind the scene (the good stuff) footage from the photo shoots for this album.

I really should purchase this in all reality. 


The group has released one LIVE DVD for their FINAL at Shibuya.


My Top 5 Songs

As the title to this section of the article reads, I want to introduce my top five favorite songs that they have released so far and if that song has a music video I will place it there and explain why I like that song. So I hope you enjoy as it was very, I mean very hard to choose.

#5: Lily

This song comes from their first EP, Sealing EP, as well as on their first album, BUBBLE.  The reasons why I love this song are endless and it's a shame that it is only my number five. The cinematography of the video is outstanding, especially with the scenery on the beach and inside the house. The vocals are outstanding and it makes you want to keep listening to more from them. 
I translated the lyrics (Google Translate) to see what the song is about and it is very heartwarming. 
Trying not to lose memories of your favorite moments in life is the main theme of the song and as we get older and the friends or relationships that start to fade it is best not to forget the good times. 
Amen to that. Am I right?

#4: 天気雨と世界のパラード (Tenki ame to sekai no parado) English: Weather Rain and World Parade

So the only video of this sing is from a LIVE they had back on May 8th, 2017. Credit for this video goes to 坂巻裕太 on YouTube. 
This song is from their latest EP, STAMP EP.
Anyways, they look like they are having so much fun performing. I really enjoy the choreography of this song as it is simple yet elegant. As for the song itself, I love the differences in the light feel of the main verses and refrain followed by the heavy rock of the chorus. It brings a different feel to the table that you can just keep listening to over and over as I have done plenty of times. 
The vocals are really good to listen to. The last chorus is the part that really gets me with the held long note that is just pure bliss. 

#3: am I

Just like the previous one, I could only find the live version of this song and I credit this video to Eden alley.
am I  was released on their first album, BUBBLE.
The reasoning behind choosing this song is because it kind of has that country rock that you would hear from a Luke Bryan or someone like that. 
Case and point, his new song, Light It Up.

Sounds a little similar, right?

Anyways, that is what I love so much about am I. It has that twist that someone from Oklahoma like myself would enjoy. The vocals are fantastic and they are very ballad-esque in the main verses until the chorus hits and then you get slammed with the rock vibes that drive you crazy (in a good way). This song is nothing compared to my number two.

#2: Horoscope

I absolutely love this song. It comes from their Extended Play, Sealing EP and featured also on BUBBLE.
This music video is the first one they ever shot and it is quite good to say the least. This song is super ballad and I love that so much when it comes to a heartbreak song. The way they sing this song sounds like they are angels beckoning me and hoping that I was part of her horoscope (I can only dream). 
This track gives me the super chills and makes my hair stand on end. Also for some reason the song resonates with me and I want to cry a little bit while listening to it. 
The last chorus really gives me goosebumps when the song stops for a split second and resumes with the guitar slide and high note by Nade-chan. I super, super love it but I'm disappointed it only is my number two.

Last but not least, my number one song from Yanakoto Sotto Mute: Any

This song comes from their latest Extended Play, STAMP EP.  
Their are many a reasons why I love this song but I will only leave a few comments why. For one, the song is so upbeat that you could jam out to it wherever you see fit. It starts out super strong and uptempo that you keep headbanging. 
Also, try doing air guitar or air drums to this song. It can get a little crazy. 
All the members are looking ultra pretty in this music video as always but they shine a lot in this one.
The vocals are outstanding with the main vocal being seamlessly back up by the others at some points. 
It is outstanding to listen to over and over.
I have actually shown this one to my co-workers and they loved it as well.

I hope you enjoyed my top five songs from the group thus far. I would like to know your favorites from them. Feel free to post yours in the comments below. 

Overall Opinion

I have a mad crush on this group now. 
I like them, like them. 
If you know what I'm talking about, we must be similar in ages.
I face literally turned red when I watched some behind the scenes videos they did because I couldn't stop smiling and being a weird fanboy. 
This group is so talented yet so underrated. Their music is fantastic and they constantly put out great songs that make us want more until we can't take it any longer. 
Are you not sad that they have not ranked higher on the charts like I am?
I hope they release something early next year but beggars can't be choosers in the land of idols.
After all is said and done, I really wish and pray for their success in the future. 
They deserve all the love they can get.
I will do my best to support them from here in Oklahoma, USA.
From writing this to buying merchandise, I will do whatever it takes to make them get more recognition.

If you wish to support the group, you can do it by going to these non-sponsored links:

If you live in Japan, please attend a concert of theirs if you can.

I'll be super jealous if you do and buy some merchandise as I have to wait until my next trip to Japan to see them.

Official Links

Something a little extra:

*I want to leave this message to the members of Yanakoto as I draw this to a close. I will include a Japanese translated version and my original English one.


Dear Yanakoto Members,
I wish you all the best in the coming days, weeks, months and years.
I want you to never give up and always look ahead.
You all have a great future ahead of you, believe me.
If times get tough, I hope you can rely on each other for company and support.
As a fan, I honestly want you all to remain safe and healthy as you continue to perform in front of us.
One last thing, have confidence in yourself and always look on the bright side of life.
Best wishes,


You can follow me on Twitter or feel free to leave a positive comment below.

One Last Message: Always have confidence in yourself and have faith that when you hit a bump in the road we call life that things will always get better. Things happen for reasons we may not understand.

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A Better Love Story Than Twilight - A New Age Idols Tale

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Let me start this off by saying that I am so, so sorry it has been over a year since I have written on here but I have a very unique story behind this that I hope you will enjoy.

Over the past year, I sort of had a falling out with J-Pop.

We had a very lovely relationship for over two years, we fell in love on a very lovely spring day. It was just perfect. If I had a rough day, she was always there to cheer me up if I was feeling blue and I felt like nothing would tear us apart.

I even got to visit her parents on vacation every year since we first started out but I felt like I was just going through the motions every time I would visit her at home or at work. I never really felt all there.

In the fall of last year, I hopped on a dating app and decided to see who else was out there. I of course hid this all from the love of my life, but it wasn't easy.

I came across this profile on there and she looked really cool. She must have been really popular because she had a lot of vacation pictures with various groups of people,both guys and girls.

She drew my attention and I decided to send her a DM (Direct Message) to just get to know her a little more.

That girl is named K-Pop (Korean Pop).

After a couple of great conversations I slowly but surely started to have feelings for her.

One evening, my love J-Pop discovered our messages and I new our gig was up.

When she found out about my feelings for K-Pop, we had a very constructive discussion about where to go from there so we both decided to maybe take a little break from each other, see other people, you get the gist.

At that point I decided to leave my good relationship behind with such a lovely lady to move on to someone bigger and better that could improve my status.

At the end of our lovely and heart breaking conversation, J-Pop told me that if my feelings change, that she would always welcome me back into her loving arms and we could start our relationship anew.

I gladly thanked her for her lovely words and didn't really make a promise but deep inside I knew that just maybe the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

I called up K-Pop and told her my whole situation and I asked her out and she said that she would love to go out with someone like myself. She said she would treat me nice and give me more happiness and love than J-Pop ever did.

I shouldn't have listened to her.

While I heard, she (K-Pop), was a good person and all, there were also rumors that she was a gold digger.

I decided not to listen to those rumors and decided to start a new relationship and never look back.

The first few months were fantastic. We would go on dates to restaurants or we would go to the club and dance to our jams but over the course of time, some of her bad habits started to show.

She started to become super clingy. She always wanted me to go buy her this or get her that because if I did that she would love me more.

Since, I was such awe struck by someone as popular and a head turner as she was, I gave into her time after time.

She even invited me to visit her family and I gladly accepted. I took that trip with the hopes that she would not be like this when she is in her home country.

I told her that I needed to pick up some things from my former love's house so I told her I would meet her at her house and she told me that that would be just fine.

When I went to my ex's place, it felt sort of empty. It didn't feel like it used to for some reason. Maybe it was because I was seeing someone else, but maybe it was because I missed her so much.

I happened to walk into her favorite place, the music store, just so I could reminisce about the good times and just hope not to run into her.

As I walked through the store, I looked up and saw a familiar face. She (J-Pop) was there looking at a new release CD of one of the groups I knew she liked. I got real nervous and decided not to approach her but as I tried to leave, she called my name.

I was taken aback by this action and slowly turned around to see her smiling and waving at me. I wandered over to her and we had a little chat about why I was there and if everything was going alright with my new relationship.

I told her everything was going just fine but I think she knew it wasn't.

I asked her how she was and she said that it was going just fine. She had just come to visit her family for a little bit after the split.

I became curious about what she was holding and she showed me the new album that she was looking at.

I asked her if she remembered the first time we both listened to their first album together and how we both loved it. She said she would never forget the look on my face after hearing those lovely voices, just the joy on my face on that day, made her more happy than anyone else ever has.

We ended our conversation with a very awkward handshake/hug thing (kind of like a bro hug). As I left that place I couldn't help but think about her the remainder of my vacation to my new girl's country.

My new girl's family treated me very well and took great care of me when I needed it. K-Pop changed in front of her family and I had hoped it was for the best but as soon as we got back here in the states, things went back to the way they were.

She knew I didn't have a great paying job but still constantly asked for money at every twist and turn.

It started to get real annoying so I decided to contact my ex and tell her what has been going on and if she was available to meet up and talk.

J-Pop took a day or two to respond but she said that she was back in the states and would gladly meet me for a chat later that weekend.

As I sat waiting on her in that cafe, I wondered if I should just break up with K-Pop and ask J-Pop to take me back. I came to the realization that I had it better with J-Pop.

She arrived looking all lovely and we had a great discussion about what was going on and how I should go about this situation and she gave me some great advice and told me to talk to K-Pop about it.

One evening just recently, I had to sit her down and tell her how I truly felt. I told her that I didn't like her using me just for my money and how I didn't like how she became clingy. I ended the conversation by saying that we needed to break up. She of course told me that I would never find someone like her and that since I wasn't that rich I wasn't able to spoil her like most other guys would.

When she left my house, I picked up my phone to call J-Pop to tell her how what happened and asked if she would come over for a moment. She gladly agreed and shortly there after arrived at my place, asking what I needed to say to her.

I told her how much I truly loved her and how happy I was with her being in my life and that nothing will ever break us apart ever again.

We both shared an amazing hug and maybe a peck on the cheek and started our relationship anew.

I truly love her with all my heart and soul and I will and won't ever forget what she (J-Pop) has done in my life for the greater good.

I honestly hope you enjoyed reading this very strange love story between a man and a genre of music. No joke this is kind of a true story.

Anyways, I am back to writing and I really wish you come back next week for an idol introduction article.

Don't miss it!!!

By the way, you can follow me on Twitter or feel free to leave a comment down below. Any constructive comments are always nice.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, be confident in yourself because someone out there loves you for who you are!!!