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Welcome Back To The New Age!

Hello Everyone! I am back. Yes you read that correct! I am back to writing about Japanese Idols again.... Where have I been? You may or may not have asked yourself. For starters, I hit a bit of writer's block to be honest and Japanese Pop began to fade from me as I began to delve more and more into Korean and Mandarin Pop. As days went on without writing, I felt like I should have done more to plow through the block but I gave in and abandoned what I worked hard on. Secondly, I'm going to put a little, just a little bit of the blame on personal things outside of the site such as new relationships and even a new job which restrained my time away from the office. But most importantly, I blame myself once again for leaving you all without a trace of what had happened and what the future was for this page. I put so much time into this place that it hurt my heart, looking back on it. I want to sincerely apologize for the time lost on here and for all the people that