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This Idol Group Has A Lot Going On - Priamo (プリアモ) - New Age Idols Spotlight

  Photo Courtesy: Official Twitter There are a lot of things about idols that I like. Their personalities. The fact that sometimes they don't give a darn or can be super hyper about anything. Their cuteness and beauty. It is hard to distract yourself from that sometimes. They are also hard working. They put in hours upon hours of practice as well as performing for all of us fans to enjoy and receive our love in return. Other times, maybe being an idol isn't a full time job. They may work at normal office jobs or attend school side by side with a fan or two. Who really knows? (They probably do...) This group is all of these in a nutshell. So today, I wanted to discuss a dark horse idol group that I have been a fan of for about six or so months. That group is Priamo (プリアモ). Will you go on this journey with me and maybe discover a new favorite? Group Information Priamo, often stylized as プリアモ, debuted on September 29th, 2019. They are under the affiliation SYL Entertainment. SYL a