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What A Trip! - My SNH48 Group Fandom / The Journey to Meet Them Part 1 - New Age Idols Recap

Recently, I went on a trip to Beijing and Shanghai to experience a few events I never will forget. Before then, will you come along with me as I detail how I got to that point, what all transpired and what the future holds for my fandom after three years... I first saw SNH48 when they released their music video for the song Uza  (which is the Chinese version of the AKB48 song) and I enjoyed it but never payed attention to the group afterwards. A little later in March 2016, I read an article about a SNH48 member, Tang Anqi. In that article, it was described that she caught on fire in a Shanghai Café and burned 80% of her body. As that initial shock passed, deep inside was dwelling a dormant fan.  The presence of that person would partially appear a few months later, but wouldn’t fully appear until a year later. In June of 2016, I read that AKB48 Group and SNH48 Group were splitting up due to issues that I really won't go into detail about because it was qu

Don't Keep Sleeping On This Shizuoka Idol Group - ROSARIO + CROSS - New Age Idol Spotlight

First and foremost, I must apologize to this group and agency for such a late write up. I have been sitting on this article for almost four years now. In that time, members have left but also some new ones have arrived. Will you kindly join me for a long overdue article about one of my favorite groups, ROSARIO + CROSS. How did I find about this group? You may or may not ask yourself right now. Well let's hop into the way back machine to 2015. As you do during your days off or before and after work, you scroll through YouTube while watching other music videos from other artists. I don't remember who I was watching at that time but in my recommended section was this group that I hadn't heard of, so I gave it a listen and liked it. That song was "Short Hair" and I fell in love at that moment. After that video, I looked up the members, did some research and just relaxed while waiting for a new