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What They Wanted To Know: Questions About Idols From Family And Friends - New Age Idols Opinion Piece

My Favorite Picture From My Trip (Senso-ji Temple)

As the title suggests, I will be answering questions I have received from my personal life regarding my love for idols.

Okay, I will start with the most common one I have received.

- What are you listening to?

This happens a lot of times at work with people who do not know me so well. I will be playing my jams and I get that question.

They usually ask if it is Spanish (since I do live in the states) and my answer obviously is, no.

I usually explain to them what I am listening to and get the shrug and walk away but I don't care. I have my tastes and they have theirs.

- They look so young. Do you like girls that age?

I am going to give you idols a compliment. You all look young, which is really great. As for myself, I don't look like my age either.

The answer to the question is hard in its own right.

Let's say that in the case of AKB48, some members can be quite young or Sakura Gakuin in most cases.

In my case, I do have a age limit on how young certain group members can be.

I do explain that to them and try to make them understand that in the best way possible.

- Do you understand what they are saying?

This is another big question I get.

I have been trying to study Japanese for a while now but seem to get stuck in a rut.

I watch anime and dramas with subtitles, where I can really grasp the words, if that makes sense.

Listening to Japanese Pop really made me learn it a lot more.

I am still not great learning it, but I am doing my best.

- When will this all stop for you?

I got this one fairly recently from a family member. This question kind of made me a little frustrated and angry because it sounds rude in a way.

Since I started listening to J-Pop back in April 2014, some relatives thought it was a phase.

"Oh, it will pass by and he will move on," they would say.

Since that date, I haven't given up on the music I love to listen to.

You got to remember, where I am from, you have a couple of choices, either Top 40 or Country. I listened to the radio a lot before I got involved in the idol scene.

They would play the same song every single hour and it would get tiring because you would be so bored.

J-Pop saved me from that. I love listening to it.

I started my blog in August of that year, I think. I wanted to showcase my hobby and love to anyone that would want to see it.

I thank idols for allowing me to go to Japan last year and meeting some amazing people and also for this journey in a few months.

I was told that my tastes will change someday and I will give up the ghost, as it is said.

My answer to that remark was that maybe down the line, who knows how long from now, I will make my decision to give up on idols, but as of this moment, I am not quitting doing what I care about and who I care about. 

- Do you get paid to do this?

I do not get paid to do this. Straight up. I am doing this as a hobby. I do not want to take money from people in order to do what I love. I would rather have them support the groups themselves instead of me.

I never thought that in a million years I would have to answer those questions, honestly. Every night when I go to sleep, I thank God for all of you being in my life. Even though some of us haven't met in person, I thank you. You really changed my life for the better, no joke. I really wish you could hear the amount of times I talk about y'all. I usually have never anything bad to say. I do annoy people by talking about idols and they keep responding with saying that they're happy with me enjoying life.
For the past almost two years, I have had my ups and downs. When I got talked out of visiting Japan in the fall of 2014, I was a little frustrated and knew that I lost that battle but instead of giving up I pushed forward and made it to Tokyo last Golden Week and fell in love further with everything in general. I said in the last paragraph that I talk about idols all the time. Not only do I do that but I try to turn people into fans by watching their videos. Now sometimes, they may not like the group, which is perfectly fine, as it is their opinion. I love introducing idols to new people so where they can learn about what I love. 
When I look back on this time, a good maybe 5 - 10 years down the road or longer, I will never forget any of this. 
I really hope that you enjoy reading my material and always come back looking for more. If you are one of those people, I really appreciate you. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am at. If you are a idol from any group that I have written about and actually read this, I will continue to thank you until the end of time. 

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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As Always, Have A Wonderful Day No Matter Where You Are!!!!

Day After Valentines Blog Update : February 16th, 2016

Photo Courtesy: Myself (April 27th, 2015) Akihabara, Japan

I would like to say a late Happy Platonic Valentines Day to everyone out there.

I hope you had a great day with your significant other.

As for me, I spent it by buying chocolate for myself and have been casually eating it over time.

Sad, huh.

Anyways, the reason why there has been no news article lately is because I have been swamped with work.

I work at a lovely place named Walmart. In Japan, those would be Seiyu and Livin'.

The company I work for owns those two businesses.

Getting off track here.

I usually get home about midnight or a little earlier (Central Standard Time - 14 hours behind Japan Standard Time) and I am super tired.

I really want to write but my brain keeps telling me to put it off.

So, technically it is laziness but I choose to blame it elsewhere.

As I am typing this write now, I have a couple of articles burning in me.

I really am wanting to write another opinion post but this time in what, in my opinion, the differences are in Korean Pop and Japanese Pop.

There are a lot of articles out there about that subject. I have yet to join those masses as well.

I have also been on a little kick in terms of Alice Project. Today, I literally watched videos from their past, like 2011 era to see the original members and to see how far they have come.

I have a lot of favorites in Alice Project and I really like that.

If I am having a rough day, I can turn to them for some great music and plain adorableness.

I mean plain in a good way.

They never seem to fail to make me smile.

In terms of other articles, I plan on introducing Deep Girl, Keyakizaka46 and a couple others.

A couple of articles to be updated will be the Nogizaka 46 article, the AKB48 article and the Sunmyu article.

For the Nogi 46 and AKB48 one, I am waiting on new profile pictures to be released and then I can completely remodel them.

As for Sunmyu, I will just update the member information and the singles/albums portion.

As I stated in my news a couple of weeks ago, I found out my favorite member graduated so that is when I decided that I need to update it.

I also have a bit of questions I would like to answer that I have received from multiple people in my personal life regarding idols.

I think that one will be a doozy.

Anyways, I best start getting to work shouldn't I?

Friday, February 12, 2016

Believe In The 12 Signs - Why@Doll's 1st Album, Gemini - New Age Idol Album Review

First and foremost, I planned on making a video review but I enjoy writing more so I decided to do that instead.

I'm sorry.

I still hope you read this and deeply consider purchasing this great album.

I do plan on releasing a group review, technically a duo review of Why@Doll here soon but I really plan on something big for that one.

According to the astrological signs, me (Taurus) does not have great compatibility with a Gemini.

They were wrong.

Let me say that this album has 14 tracks total which include six from their second and third singles, plus seven studio recorded tracks and a bonus song as well.

In my opinion, that sounds like a fantastic album.

As a duo, this is their first full-length album. Well, they has always been a duo.

You get my point.

When I saw this album on the release list, I flashed back to my trip to Tokyo when I saw them perform live and I knew I had to get it pronto.

I enjoyed them so much during that event because I had front row access to my top duo in the idol world.

Sorry, I kind of got side tracked.

This album was released on February 10th, 2016 and the lovely people over at CDJapan delivered it to me on the 10th here in Oklahoma, so I'm happy for that.

Also, as of this articles release, the wait is now 3-5 days on most sites to receive this album.

The album also released at number 20 on the Oricon album chart, which is really great, honestly.

Again, I got off track.

I just really love this album.

Album Review

Let's get on with it, shall we?

The first track is titled, Gemini, and basically it is a overture song. For those of you who do not know what a overture song is, it is a instrumental to introduce the album in a roundabout way.

I honestly like overtures and this one is one of the best.

- After Gemini, comes the second track GAME.

This song is what I love about Why@Doll. It has a catchy beat with the bass guitar and drums and adds a little piano plus a electric organ.

The whole track is so upbeat and their vocals just completely harmonize through most of the song.

It is one of those tunes, where you could be head bobbing to (like I am now) and really feeling it.

I can get hyped up listening to it while driving down the road and getting weird stares by people at red lights.

It happens.

- The next song on the album is Ringing Bells. 

Obviously throughout the song their is going to be at least some ringing bells.

This songs beat and melody match pretty perfectly.

I always love when lyrics are being sung and the beat drops off and focuses only on the vocals and it happens a couple times in this song.

I know I didn't explain much about that song but there will be more explanation on others.

- The fourth track is their song, Signal.

It is very upbeat much like the past two tracks but this one kicks it up a notch.

It is very peppy and the high notes that are hit early in the song are really fantastic.

When the chorus hits, it gives me chills because I don't really expect it or I really enjoy it.

Both members sound really good in this song. They both play into each others harmony so well.

I do like the retro vibe to the melody as well.

That is what makes Why@Doll so darn good.

Again the instruments cut back a little and allow the vocals to come back in and send chills.

As the song ends, you get a lovely instrumental to jam to if you'd like.

- As for the fifth track, Tactics, it goes one-up on Signal.

It has a great jamming electro-pop vibe to it.

The lyrics are really packed into this song and I love during the chorus that some vocals and echoed in the background.

A very rocky chorus hits in the middle of this tune and livens the mood even more.

I really enjoy this side of the duo as well.

This song has some major bass to it where at certain points I have to turn it down so I don't blow out my speakers, which is perfectly fine.

- The sixth song for this album is titled Bekutoru.

Once again, this one has a rock vibe but a little more jazzy which makes for a great song.

I like the guitar that plays in behind the vocals lightly.

This song is road trip material by the ocean.

The wind blowing in your hair while in a luxury convertible (I can dream).

The lyrics and voices are ultra strong in this song.

About half-way through, they hit a major instrumental part followed by a light guitar with vocals to everything again.

You can jam out to this one without regrets.

- Track number seven on this great album is shu-shu-star.

I keep saying it but I really like the vibe of this tune,

The vocals one again are great with the up and down vocal movements ( I can't describe it).

When the chorus hits and you just start singing along while looking at the stars it sends shivers down your spine.

I believe every time the words, midnight star, were muttered that happened.

Again the instruments cut out in the track just releasing the talented voices they have.

The whole melody of this song matches the composition that just keeps you listening over and over.

- The eighth track of the album is a very popular song I heard them perform titled, Aimai Moon.

I'm just warning you this song is really jamming.

It once again has this electric pop vibe but with more of a disco feel.

It is very up pace and will keep you wanting more of this song.

I have heard this song many times and I do not get tired of hearing it.

The bass be on fire throughout this whole song.

The vocals of course are outstanding and very easy to listen to.

Towards the end it makes you just want to clap while driving down the road (Do Not Attempt).

At this point in the album, mostly all the songs have been uptempo but the next two are very slow songs that I can't listen to for a long time due to the tone of the melody.

- Track number nine, Setsuna SHOOTING STAR, is a emotional roller coaster.

It starts with a heartbeat and Morse code which set this song apart from the get-go.

I am going to be completely honest.

I have heard this song a few times now and about 20 seconds in, tears start welling up.

Call me a sissy, I don't care.

Anyways, the songs beat is really uptempo but then the vocals kick in and it takes it to a whole new level.

I get the chills each and every time when they start singing,

It sounds so beautiful.

The composer killed it in this song. I don't know if they did it on purpose to evoke some sort of emotion but, I can say they did a great job.

I keep saying towards the end they cut out the instruments and no joke they are perfectly harmonized.

I honestly love these types of songs.

- For the tenth track, you get Arigatou. 

After listening to Setsuna Shooting Star, this one took it even further and made my symptoms worse.

The song catches you off guard because it immediately starts with them singing, with a lovely piano background and at that point you know what kind of song it is.

You can feel the emotion just releasing from the song.

At the beginning of the first verse, I am already in tears.

It sounds so heartfelt that it makes me love them more.

The vocals are perfect in this slow song. I am not kidding.

The melody of this song is so fresh and airy that it takes you by surprise.

It has a great guitar riff and then back to vocals which gives me chills and then it hits like a climax which makes them worse,

The song picks up and hits a higher climax and then drops back down to a piano and a little drum to slow it down a little.

As the songs keeps going the more you want these kind of songs.

Throughout the song they are saying thank you, but it should be me whose thanking them.

The instrumental part at the end is so pretty that it takes your breath away.

- For the eleventh track, Byousoku Party Night begins.

Unlike the previous two, this one goes back to the root of the others.

This one has like a 80s' feel to it with the electric piano riff.

It is dramatically uptempo and you want to clap when you have the chance.

It makes you want to go to the roller rink and skate to this with a headband.

I feel like this would be a song I would listen to when I need something fun to listen to.

I really like the melody and the chorus of this song.

I want to listen to this over and over.

The instrumental in the latter half makes it a lot more retro-ish.

I still like the electric piano riff though, Good touch.

- As the twelfth track, CANDY LOVE starts, you know it is going to get a bit funky up in here.

Just the funky band sound makes this song a great listen.

I really enjoy this song as you could jam out to this a lot.

ChuChuChuChuChu Candy Music!!

I am literally dancing to this because it is so upbeat and you would want to have a party to this.

Towards the end, you get a little bit of the Bruno Mars song, Uptown Funk, kind of beat, which is pretty dope.

Then they start using words to pick up the pace and it makes it even better with the jazzy guitar and band instrumental followed by more:

Candy Love!!!

As you can tell, I am feeling this song.

ChuChuChuChuChu Candy Music!!!!


- After that track, you get the lovely song Clover for number 13,

This one is one of my top favorites from the group no doubt. The song is really funky as well which perfectly matches the previous one.

Day By Day, Step By Step

The choreo to this song is pretty easy to mimic as well.

I have tried it embarrassingly.

I love the melody and the tone of this song as it presents itself in a way you could jam to.

The funky guitar again just brilliantly plays through the usual instrumental.

I think they did a great job making this song and I hope to hear more music like this from them in the future.

- Finally, number 14 has arrived with the title, LOVERS on EARTH.

As you can tell by the title of the song, it is one of those.

I actually listened to it for the first time on the drive home from work yesterday and it hit me about as hard as Setsuna Shooting Star and Arigatou. 

The song starts with a lovely vocal opening and continues to impress as the song goes along.

The beat is really good for this song as it is not too fast or slow.

Then the chorus hits and sends shivers down your spine.

The vocals in this song are absolutely amazing.

They have their second verse followed by the chill chorus and it makes you want to bob your head along.

Then the guitar starts and rips through this song with a amazing force.

Once again the chorus starts and hits you with a punch that they have shown throughout this album.


-Claps with the beat-

As the song ends, you really wish it wasn't over.

Overall Review

As you could tell by my opinion of this album, I really love it. Why@Doll did a fantastic job at organizing songs and releasing a perfect album.


I have shown many people the music of this group and they absolutely love them.

I would purchase this album for them all but I would be really broke.

I honestly hope you go out and buy this and support them with all your might.

They are seriously underrated,

I hope you felt the same way as I did on this crazy journey. If not, I don't blame you.

Purchase Links

HMV Japan  (Includes Song Samples)
Tower Records Japan (Includes Song Samples)
Amazon Japan (Includes Song Samples)

Official Links

Official Website
Official Twitter

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Weekly Idol Recap - Weeks of January 29th - February 6th

Sorry for the delay on this weeks idol news. I have been busy with work and such.


Anyways, here are a few stories and music videos. Plus latest single/album releases that you might enjoy.

Also, I found out some heart-breaking news for myself involving one of my oshi.

Included in this as well, will be some of my recent listens to underrated groups.




According to Tokyo Girl's Update, the idol group notall had a very successful journey to Thailand to perform at the Japan Expo held in Bangkok.

They got postponed last year due to the Bangkok bombings in August 2015 but they really showed out this time.

Congratulations to them on that success.

More success is in store for the girls when they will be releasing their new single titled Thanks A Million on March 8th, 2016. So be on the lookout when that comes out.


It was announced that there will be a 17 person senbatsu for their upcoming single.

17 members is quite a lot in my opinion.

The center will be Fukagawa Mai. I wrote about her in the first Weekly Recap and it will be her final single with the group.

I am happy for her and wish her the best.

I am still upset that my oshi has yet to senbatsu since their fourth single.



I rarely talk about this group. I actual haven't what so ever on here but there is a first time for everything.

Negicco will be releasing a new single on March 29th, titled Mujun Hajimemashita. 

I am especially excited about this because I have been a fan of them for a while. I started listening to them about a year ago and never really said anything.

The group also will be on tour starting on February 14th in Niigata and ending on April 27th at the Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo.

They will be performing with the NEGiBAND, which I am also happy for.


Apparently I have not caught up on that group in a while and just yesterday I found out my oshi, Yamauchi Haruka, had graduated back in December.

I was not too pleased but I blew it off like you blew off the dust on a N64 cartridge.

Sorry, I'm a 90s kid.


Music Videos

So I discussed last week that Juice=Juice released a new music video and I reviewed.

Well in that time, they released the b-track video titled Next Is You.

I have no words to describe this song or video. Well I do have words for it but they may be not what you want to hear.

Now admittedly, the girls look great and have great vocals but the song itself, is kind of meh. 

It might grow on me but for now that is my opinion.

Another music video was released lately that includes one of my top favorite artists, I Ris.

This music video is from their 11th (No Joke) single titled Goin' On. It is the opening theme for the fourth season of their anime show PriPara. 

I have got to say even with the colorful outfits on, they look very pretty. With this video, they are in street clothes and they are even prettier.

The song is very nice as well. 

I will most definitely be checking out their new single which releases on February 17th.

I watched this music video and it gave me the chills and goosebumps hardcore. 

I love listening to this group!

The group also will be on tour in Japan from April 24th - May 21st in the following cities and the venues will all be Zepp (insert city): Fukuoka, Sapporo, Namba, Nagoya, and Tokyo. 

I wish I could see them live but I do not think I could get tickets whatsoever.

New Single Releases

You can buy these upcoming singles by clicking the link on the single/album title.

Releases on February 3rd, 2016

Akamaru Dash - Another You (Soba and Udon Versions)
Releases February 10th, 2016

Why@Doll - Gemini

I know that this weeks news is not so spectacular but just you wait for what I have in store. 

I will be creating new articles on some of the groups I have mentioned above and updating others like I did to the Aoyama Saint Hachamecha High School Article. 

I know for sure there will be more articles. 

Now that I have a couple days off, I can spend all my time and energy on writing for y'all.

If you have made it down this far, I hope you liked or didn't like the news but that is your opinion.

Feel free to share any articles or share my page in general. 

Also, you can follow me on Twitter if you'd like or comment on this page. I honestly don't mind.

Oh and another thing, I had to push my trip back a couple days so I will be in Japan from April 26th, 2016 - May 16th, 2016.

And as always, Have A Wonderful Day No Matter Where You Are!!!