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What They Wanted To Know: Questions About Idols From Family And Friends - New Age Idols Opinion Piece

My Favorite Picture From My Trip (Senso-ji Temple) As the title suggests, I will be answering questions I have received from my personal life regarding my love for idols. Okay, I will start with the most common one I have received. - What are you listening to? This happens a lot of times at work with people who do not know me so well. I will be playing my jams and I get that question. They usually ask if it is Spanish (since I do live in the states) and my answer obviously is, no. I usually explain to them what I am listening to and get the shrug and walk away but I don't care. I have my tastes and they have theirs. - They look so young. Do you like girls that age? I am going to give you idols a compliment. You all look young, which is really great. As for myself, I don't look like my age either. The answer to the question is hard in its own right. Let's say that in the case of AKB48, some members can be quite young or Sakura Gakuin in most cases.

Day After Valentines Blog Update : February 16th, 2016

Photo Courtesy: Myself (April 27th, 2015) Akihabara, Japan I would like to say a late Happy Platonic Valentines Day to everyone out there. I hope you had a great day with your significant other. As for me, I spent it by buying chocolate for myself and have been casually eating it over time. Sad, huh. Anyways, the reason why there has been no news article lately is because I have been swamped with work. I work at a lovely place named Walmart. In Japan, those would be Seiyu and Livin'. The company I work for owns those two businesses. Getting off track here. I usually get home about midnight or a little earlier (Central Standard Time - 14 hours behind Japan Standard Time) and I am super tired. I really want to write but my brain keeps telling me to put it off. So, technically it is laziness but I choose to blame it elsewhere. As I am typing this write now, I have a couple of articles burning in me. I really am wanting to write another opinion post but thi

Believe In The 12 Signs - Why@Doll's 1st Album, Gemini - New Age Idol Album Review

First and foremost, I planned on making a video review but I enjoy writing more so I decided to do that instead. I'm sorry. I still hope you read this and deeply consider purchasing this great album. I do plan on releasing a group review, technically a duo review of Why@Doll here soon but I really plan on something big for that one. According to the astrological signs, me (Taurus) does not have great compatibility with a Gemini. They were wrong. Let me say that this album has 14 tracks total which include six from their second and third singles, plus seven studio recorded tracks and a bonus song as well. In my opinion, that sounds like a fantastic album. As a duo, this is their first full-length album. Well, they has always been a duo. You get my point. When I saw this album on the release list, I flashed back to my trip to Tokyo when I saw them perform live and I knew I had to get it pronto. I enjoyed them so much during that event because I had front r

Weekly Idol Recap - Weeks of January 29th - February 6th

Sorry for the delay on this weeks idol news. I have been busy with work and such. Urggh. Anyways, here are a few stories and music videos. Plus latest single/album releases that you might enjoy. Also, I found out some heart-breaking news for myself involving one of my oshi. Included in this as well, will be some of my recent listens to underrated groups. Enjoy! News Notall According to Tokyo Girl's Update, the idol group notall had a very successful journey to Thailand to perform at the Japan Expo held in Bangkok. They got postponed last year due to the Bangkok bombings in August 2015 but they really showed out this time. Congratulations to them on that success. More success is in store for the girls when they will be releasing their new single titled Thanks A Million  on March 8th, 2016. So be on the lookout when that comes out. Nogizaka46 It was announced that there will be a 17 person senbatsu for their upcoming single. 17 members is quite a lot in m