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Solo x Solo x Solo Girls Storm Golden - Astro Hall Shinjuku - May 1st, 2015 Event Review

I mentioned in my Tokyo wrap-up post that I got to see this event in Shinjuku which featured over 10+ artists. I had a great time watching my favorite soloists and even some of my favorite groups. This will be my review of the event and the disappointment of a couple of groups I was excited to see and the fans that I saw. Before I start, may I mention that this is my review, so there might be a little "No Holds Barred" on some of these groups and wotas alike. I showed up to the venue about two hours early and was told to wait until the line was formed, which was understandable. I started to roam around the area at that point to kill some time, which helped. After about a hour, they started queuing people to get into the building. They let us in and I gave them the choice of artist to meet and I said Yuuka Ueno, my "once-in-a-lifetime" idol. As I walked down the tiny stairs, I knew it was going to be a tight fit for all the fans. The capacity for Astro Hall