Hello! My name is Tyler and I'm the sole writer of New Age Idols.

You can also call me タイラーさん or タイラーくん.

Thank you for visiting my site. I have been doing this on and off since 2015. 

A little about myself and the involvement with idols.

I live in Oklahoma USA, which for foreign readers, is in the central United States. 

For most people, Oklahoma is not well known. In Japan and around the world, you might be familiar with the name because there is also a dance called the "Oklahoma Mixer". It is a waltz dance to the an old English song, but to most Americans it is known as "Turkey In the Straw".

Anyways, let's move on to my idol background.

In April 2014, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube made by the FineBros. which produce react videos. 

I saw YouTubers React To BABYMETAL and it immediately drew my attention. I happened to watch the video a few times before I actually saw their music videos.

The first BABYMETAL video I saw was Gimme' Chocolate and it blew my mind.

If I had known at that time what would occur in my life, I would've have seen them earlier. 

The list kept going on with the videos I saw a lot of them: Megitsune, BABYMETAL Death, HeadBangya!, and Iine!, also Ijime,Dame,Zettai. and I forgot Doki Doki Morning.

I found out they released an album a few months prior and bought it.

I learned that the skeleton band was a fake one and I saw the real one (Kami Band) which was a lot cooler and powerful. They are the ones in the BABYMETAL Death video above.

I got it in and listened to it constantly for a good two months before discovering that they were part of a bigger group named Sakura Gakuin or Cherry Blossom Academy in English.

Then it transitioned to Nogizaka46 and then the 48Groups and it goes back and forth every now and again between mainstream and independent groups.

Blogging wise, I wanted to use my talents as a writer in order to showcase my hobby which is listening to idols.

I actually saw on Facebook in the Sakura Gakuin thread of a man named James Reed. I read that he had his own idol blog named This Is Your Wake Up Call. I read some of his articles and I asked him if I could join the group of idol bloggers like he was.

He gladly agreed and we became good friends. When he would post articles on his site, I would check the artist, so I wouldn't copy who he had on his.

Nowadays, we like completely separate groups, so there is no problem with that anymore.

Being a idol blogger has opened so many doors to myself in terms of getting to know some amazing people, both idols and otaku alike. 

It also has opened many opportunities for me to enjoy to what I love most, which is idols and traveling.

When this was first started, I never would have guessed how crazy it would've been since the first post.

There were times when I took a break for a while due to personal reasons or I have writer's block. Also, a bit of it was that I got really big into Korean and Mandarin Pop. At that time, Japanese Pop kind of wavered in my mind.

It wasn't until my last trip, just before the Coronavirus pandemic, that I realized how much this whole niche world means to me and a lot of others. I began to rewrite with that focus. 

At work, I talk about idols. When I'm at home, I talk about idols. So many things are going on at one time that it is hard to keep up.

I honestly hope you read my articles and explore with me the wonderful world of idol music.


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