Solo x Solo x Solo Girls Storm Golden - Astro Hall Shinjuku - May 1st, 2015 Event Review

I mentioned in my Tokyo wrap-up post that I got to see this event in Shinjuku which featured over 10+ artists.

I had a great time watching my favorite soloists and even some of my favorite groups. This will be my review of the event and the disappointment of a couple of groups I was excited to see and the fans that I saw.

Before I start, may I mention that this is my review, so there might be a little "No Holds Barred" on some of these groups and wotas alike.

I showed up to the venue about two hours early and was told to wait until the line was formed, which was understandable. I started to roam around the area at that point to kill some time, which helped. After about a hour, they started queuing people to get into the building.

They let us in and I gave them the choice of artist to meet and I said Yuuka Ueno, my "once-in-a-lifetime" idol. As I walked down the tiny stairs, I knew it was going to be a tight fit for all the fans. The capacity for Astro Hall is 400 but I can be sure that in America, it would be a fire hazard.

I got up to about the barricade, which is a good three feet in front of the stage, which was really cool.

As the event started, I noticed that the people that surrounded me were wearing Kikkawa You t-shirts and had her muffler towels plus glow sticks with them.

I was pretty amazed at that to begin the afternoon. Kikkawa came out to perform first and she did a very good job. Her energy was really good and it got her fans hyped. As she started her MC portion of her set, her fans started to sing Happy Birthday because her birthday in on May 1st. I obviously joined in because I didn't want to look like I didn't like her.

She continued her set for another two songs before her departure. As she left, about half of the people that were there, left. I looked around to see a almost empty building. I was shocked that people paid $40 to only watch her perform.

When they left, I moved up to the barricade for front row access,

As a couple of solo artists performed, which left no impression on me at all finished, the first group came out and they were called Dora Dora. I had never heard of this group before and it was a surprise to be introduced to them.

They started out strong, sang a couple of good songs, reached out for the fans hands, in which I shook the popular members one and then they finished, During their performance, I was checking to see how many fans they had in the place and I sadly only saw four. I felt really bad for them and I decided I wanted to be their fan as well. Congratulations, Dora Dora. Also, during the performance, one of the members whom has short hair, kept staring at me the entire time, which freaked me out because I would look at the other girls and there she would be eyeing me. Funny, right?

A group performed after them and they were really good but I do not remember their name. Sorry to that group, but they were really good.

A couple of solo artists performed and then a group named Harajuku Fashion Show came out and the fans went nuts, I have to admit that they were pretty good and intensified the atmosphere that had died down from the solo artists, The girls that performed were cute and talented and interacted with the fans which was fun.

Why@Doll is a favorite group of mine and they performed as well. They were absolutely fantastic, starting with their song Magic Motion No. 5, which happens to be one of my favorite songs of theirs.

Find it here: Why@Doll Magic Motion No. 5

They were really adorable in person and they really surprised me and actually kickstarted the event for me. I thoroughly enjoyed dancing to this song along with their fans. It's a fun song to listen and dance to.

A short time after they finished, my girl Yuuka Ueno came out and put on a show stopping performance. She is a very good soloist and has the looks to back up. I know I stated that in my post about her, but damn is she good. She sang all of my favorite songs of hers and I had a blast listening to her angelic voice.

More artists came along which were alright to jam to and I started to like the event after all.

The meat of the line-up began with the performance of Cupitron, which has to be one of my all-time favorite groups. I made a post about them when they started, which can be found here. They didn't sing my favorite song, Unicorn Parade, but they did perform their new single Battery and a couple others from their debut and second single.

Here is Battery:

As you can see from this song, they are very talented and are very pretty as well. The girl in the green outfit did not do any talking as either she wasn't feeling well or she didn't have a lot of MC skills. But other than that, they were superb.

Next up came the climax and the most memorable performance of the night, Aoyama Saint Hachamecha High School. I did a post on them as well here.

They literally tore the roof down on the place with their performance. I was still standing in the front row when they started. Their outfits were rock n roll themed with a union jack shirt underneath, which was pretty kickass. As they started jamming out, I could tell it was going to be a fun ride. I have been listening to that group for almost a year now and they did not disappoint. The girl that usually performs in the green was jamming along with the songs and the barricade that was in front of me, she had one foot on the stage and the other foot there, just going all out next to me. I thoroughly enjoyed their performance and I could not help but be amazed. They performed all my favorite songs including Beyond The Darkness:

The one in the white in the video with the playing cards, she kept my attention during the entire performance. She was right there to cheer with me and the fans as well. As for the fans, they were amazing. I was pretty pumped with them and doing the chants along with them. We were having a partay!

After their performance, it died down a lot. I mean, a lot.

Now came the complication of emotions for the night, Ru:Run.

If you don't know who Ru:Run are, let me give you a short breakdown. The lead singer of the group is Momokowa Haruka, formerly of Kiketsu! Tropical Maru. I wrote about them last year as well. The group disbanded and left Haruka out in the cold, so management came together and put a group around her.

They came onto the stage and tried their hardest. At first, I didn't like the performance, but after two months and finding the video of the song they performed, I found them to be alright.

I was so excited to see them live as I had seen multiple videos of them before the event, but I kind of was disappointed. Sorry, Ru:Run.

After the performance, I really had no idea what to think. It might have been there first live? I honestly don't know. If it was, they have gotten better since.

Other than that sad disappointment, the concert was really good. After the event was over, you could meet a couple of the performers.

I chose to meet Dora Dora, in which I purchased their debut single and got their autographs, and then I headed to Yuuka Uenos' table and met her. She is a outstanding young lady, whose beauty is unimaginable. She tried her best to speak English to me and it was really cute and I appreciate giving me her time to talk. I got a autographed clear file folder of her and left the venue a little happier.

I want to thank you for reading this and I hope you get to see a event of this size.

P.S. I was in the front row and TPD Dash came out to perform and this 40-something year old man pushed me aside with his glow stick and started to jam out. Also, he was about 6 foot 4. No fight needed with that guy.

And as always Please Wherever You Are Or Whatever You Do, Enjoy Life To Its Fullest And Have A Fantastic Day!


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