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A Letter To Alice Project - Confident, Regretful, and Apologetic - WTNA Opinion Piece

Dear Alice Project and Kamen Joshi, You see so many people on a daily basis as you have multiple shows in a week. I know it can be hard to do that as you girls are part of multiple sub-units at a time, which is really incredible. I became a fan of the groups back in February when I saw the video of Kamen Joshis' video for Everyday, Genkidane . As soon as I saw that video I did research on the group and discovered who the members were and so on. I listened to you quietly and kept you on the down low for a couple of months until I felt confident enough to showcase your talents, and for that I'm sorry. When I got the chance to visit Tokyo approximately two months ago during Golden Week, the first destination was Akihabara. I wandered outside the JR Station by the AKB and Gundam Cafe and saw the large sign displaying the group and I thought to myself that I should see the group. I tried to read the directions on the sign and got lost multiple times. It gave me enough c

Arigatou! A Thank You Letter To All My Viewers - From My Heart

Just yesterday, June 8th, 2015 , I surpassed to 2,000 page view mark on my blog all-time. That may not sound so big to you but it is a pretty big deal to me. And I want to thank you for it all! I started this blog due to inspiration from a fellow J-Pop blogger named James Reed over at This Is Your Wake Up Call (link is in affiliates) and he also runs a website dedicated to young idol groups. I started back in July 2014 without the knowledge of how to write for a blog , as you can tell in my early articles. I didn't do it for views or money and such. I did it to spread awareness for the groups I really like. At that point when I started, I told my family and co-workers that I wanted to do this and I got mixed reactions. I settled with myself that maybe listening to J-Pop would only be a phase and that I would get over it and move on to something different. So, I didn't write for a couple of months. I saw James' blog posts and I thought that I could do