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Relationships and Idols - Love Ban Issue - Opinion Piece

As you can see by the title, I am going to talk about that lovely topic that has most idols fans either going crazy or just not giving a darn. I fall into both categories in some cases, To the readers who have no idea what the "Love Ban" is, The love ban is a rule or guideline set forth by major idol companies such as the 48 Group or Hello Project and even some minor agencies that prevent their talent from dating or falling in love with anyone. Now, there are ways certain idols have "tried" to get around this rule to no avail. I will talk about this later on and will share my opinion on those matters. The reason why I am discussing this is because it has been on my mind since I became a idol fan. They can't date? Say what? That is a bunch of crap, is what I still think. For most fans, they follow their oshi through thick and thin. They cheer them on fully and attend their handshake events every chance they get (unlike myself, because I live