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Worst Day Of An Idol Fans' Life - Graduation and Oshihening - My Story

I am once again going to go on a strange path with this post. So just stick with me. Please? As you have seen in my post regarding my "obsession" with AKB48, I listed all of my favorite members at the time and at the bottom under the SKE section, I listed my "kami-oshi" as Matsui Rena. Now, I had really liked Rena-chan for about a year at that point (no creepiness intended). She is the young woman that got me into Nogizaka46 and also into SKE48. I watched countless variety shows involving her and she made me smile. Then came the day, I will never, as a AKB48 fan, forget. That day came on June 10th, 2015. It started as any normal day like an idol fan like myself. Check Facebook. Check YouTube. Check Reddit. Check Instagram and last but not least check Twitter. When I checked Twitter that afternoon, something felt "off" about it. I scrolled through my timeline to discover tweets stating that Rena will make a announcement on ANN (All Night Ni

I'm Back!!! Also, Viewer Participation Project!

I am really, really sorry for being gone for the past month, I have been so busy due to work and other real life problems which has caused me not to write as much. Not only that, but I sort of got writers block, in which I can't seem to think of anything and it just sucks because I am leaving you out in the cold. I know I have said this before, but I honestly want to get back on track with my readers and hopefully y'all will kindly welcome me back. With that out of the way, I want to talk to you about something important. I would like you, yes you, to collaborate with me to not only help improve my skills as a jpop/kpop blogger but also help me discover new groups that I may not have heard of or you would like to see me review. I would really like your help. Would you like to see more underrated group reviews? Single Reviews? Opinion Topics? More K-Pop? What would you like to see? I have been thinking really hard about this over the past few weeks and