New Notall Single - Just Now - Single Review!

Attention: Notall is back with a new single after their recent release of my baby, my lover which was a great single but I have to admit they did a even better job with this one.

No Joke.

As soon as I found out about this release I immediately pre-ordered it, especially when I saw that they collaborated with the other indie group CYNTIA​ for their lead track, Just Now.

I still would have bought it even if they wouldn't have done that.

I really liked the cover art of this single as each member looks extra cute. 

Sorry for embarrassing you.

Now for my single review of Just Now.

The single has three tracks on it.

The title track Just Now is one of those songs that you could have on a road trip and jam out to it while on a open highway. 

The chord at the beginning gets the song to a great start right off the bat. The vocals come in with the order: The whole group then Katase Narumi, Tasaki Reina, Watanabe Chiko and finally Sato Haruka.

I definitely liked the part between each member with the walkie-talkie sound effect separating them. 

It took me a while to figure out who sang which part so I had to rely on live footage from one of their many performances. 

The rock element hits really hard in this song which makes it pretty killer.

As for the vocals, they are really on par on this track. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to each one of them sing this song. 

I have to give credit where it is due and Notall x CYNTIA knocked it out of the park. 

I got goosebumps when I first heard this song, it was that good.

The second track on the album きらめけtweet girl!! (Kirameke tweet girl!!!) is a great rock/retro/techno track that you could jam to as well.

​Now admittedly at first I did not like this song but it has slowly grown on me.

The reason why I didn't like it because I felt like it was out of there style but I could be completely wrong.


The beat to this song is ultra fast paced, so you have to keep up. It sort of felt like a Dempagumi Inc. song.

The vocals are pretty good as well.

They did their best with this track and I have seen them perform it on YouTube before, so I knew it could have been on this single.

The final track on this single is 
フィルター (Firuta). 

I did like the rock/techno intensity in this song as well with the fast pace to it. 

The vocals are strong and really intertwine perfectly with the chord and the different beats. 

I really liked this song a lot and it gave me even more reason to jam out to this single,

My overall review of this single would be that it was a pretty good single. Compared to the last one, which I rated pretty darn high, they are getting better and better as time goes along.

I honestly and patiently will wait for their new material to release.

Speaking of new material, they got themselves a new mobile site.

That was random.

I hope you go out and purchase this single from the following sites:

HMV Japan (Also has song samples)
Amazon Japan
Tower Records Japan

Please keep supporting this group as I will be in the future. I would love to see them succeed just as much as their other fans would.

Also, even more news from the group, they will be attending the Japan Expo in Thailand from January 22nd - 24th, 2016. So for all you Taiwanese fans, I hope you have a great time next month. Info here: Japan Expo Thailand (Notall)

I promised to see them when I come back to visit and I plan to do it. 

Official Links

Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Facebook
Official YouTube

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