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My Favorite Picture From My Trip (Senso-ji Temple)

As the title suggests, I will be answering questions I have received from my personal life regarding my love for idols.

Okay, I will start with the most common one I have received.

- What are you listening to?

This happens a lot of times at work with people who do not know me so well. I will be playing my jams and I get that question.

They usually ask if it is Spanish (since I do live in the states) and my answer obviously is, no.

I usually explain to them what I am listening to and get the shrug and walk away but I don't care. I have my tastes and they have theirs.

- They look so young. Do you like girls that age?

I am going to give you idols a compliment. You all look young, which is really great. As for myself, I don't look like my age either.

The answer to the question is hard in its own right.

Let's say that in the case of AKB48, some members can be quite young or Sakura Gakuin in most cases.

In my case, I do have a age limit on how young certain group members can be.

I do explain that to them and try to make them understand that in the best way possible.

- Do you understand what they are saying?

This is another big question I get.

I have been trying to study Japanese for a while now but seem to get stuck in a rut.

I watch anime and dramas with subtitles, where I can really grasp the words, if that makes sense.

Listening to Japanese Pop really made me learn it a lot more.

I am still not great learning it, but I am doing my best.

- When will this all stop for you?

I got this one fairly recently from a family member. This question kind of made me a little frustrated and angry because it sounds rude in a way.

Since I started listening to J-Pop back in April 2014, some relatives thought it was a phase.

"Oh, it will pass by and he will move on," they would say.

Since that date, I haven't given up on the music I love to listen to.

You got to remember, where I am from, you have a couple of choices, either Top 40 or Country. I listened to the radio a lot before I got involved in the idol scene.

They would play the same song every single hour and it would get tiring because you would be so bored.

J-Pop saved me from that. I love listening to it.

I started my blog in August of that year, I think. I wanted to showcase my hobby and love to anyone that would want to see it.

I thank idols for allowing me to go to Japan last year and meeting some amazing people and also for this journey in a few months.

I was told that my tastes will change someday and I will give up the ghost, as it is said.

My answer to that remark was that maybe down the line, who knows how long from now, I will make my decision to give up on idols, but as of this moment, I am not quitting doing what I care about and who I care about. 

- Do you get paid to do this?

I do not get paid to do this. Straight up. I am doing this as a hobby. I do not want to take money from people in order to do what I love. I would rather have them support the groups themselves instead of me.

I never thought that in a million years I would have to answer those questions, honestly. Every night when I go to sleep, I thank God for all of you being in my life. Even though some of us haven't met in person, I thank you. You really changed my life for the better, no joke. I really wish you could hear the amount of times I talk about y'all. I usually have never anything bad to say. I do annoy people by talking about idols and they keep responding with saying that they're happy with me enjoying life.
For the past almost two years, I have had my ups and downs. When I got talked out of visiting Japan in the fall of 2014, I was a little frustrated and knew that I lost that battle but instead of giving up I pushed forward and made it to Tokyo last Golden Week and fell in love further with everything in general. I said in the last paragraph that I talk about idols all the time. Not only do I do that but I try to turn people into fans by watching their videos. Now sometimes, they may not like the group, which is perfectly fine, as it is their opinion. I love introducing idols to new people so where they can learn about what I love. 
When I look back on this time, a good maybe 5 - 10 years down the road or longer, I will never forget any of this. 
I really hope that you enjoy reading my material and always come back looking for more. If you are one of those people, I really appreciate you. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am at. If you are a idol from any group that I have written about and actually read this, I will continue to thank you until the end of time. 

I look forward to seeing you soon.

You can follow me on Twitter or feel free to leave a comment. I will always read them.

As Always, Have A Wonderful Day No Matter Where You Are!!!!


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