Kotori With Stitchbird Head West In New PV "Chikyujin"

L-R Yuria, Kotori,Yuka

I saw this video actually today so this is kind of a brief music video review.

I had to do this because of what this video is based around.

The groups name is Kotori With Stitchbird. They are under the Avex label and they were started in mid 2015.

A little backstory behind the video and group: It is the ending theme for Yokai Watch Season 2 in Japan (started January 2016).

Now Yokai Watch was never really a big deal here in the states until recently. Since I work in retail, we see a lot of things come in that grab our attention. Well, we got this display of merchandise that was labeled Yokai Watch and I was super happy.

Everybody thought I was nuts.

Literally bat crazy.

I started singing the Dream5 theme song and annoying the living tar out of my coworkers.

I thought it was pretty darn funny.

Anyways, since then I have seen more and more merchandise plus the English dubbed release on DisneyXD at 2AM CT.

I am happy to see that plus even some Doraemon from time to time on there as well.

The story behind the group is sort of simple. The stitchbird meaning of the group is that they are a
"bird of patchwork, together three people of personality, fused in good shape, and want to fly in the large sky". The main vocal Kotori, came from the idol group Dream5, who I mentioned earlier. The other two, Yuria and Yuka I really have no backstory on, so if you read this and know, well yell at your screen or leave a comment.

Now you might say what is there to like about this video?

Let me tell you.

For one, I love the song. It is so gosh darn catchy. It makes you want to say "Yee-Haw" during the instrumental part. Try it. It will make you feel good.

As for the choreography, it is fun to try to imitate, especially the main chorus sections.

The outfits are pretty cute to be honest. They have the pink cowgirl hats and the boots which are pretty cool as well as the print on the dress Kotori is wearing to the cow print on Julia's and Yuka's outfits.

Being born and raised in Oklahoma, you kind of only really hear country music, which gets really tiring after awhile.

I really love when idols try to make country/western songs as well. They just make me laugh at the whole concept of the Wild West or No Man's Land.

The CG effect of the country town to the miniature pony as well as the wanted signs make it feel like you are sort of in a small town in the late 1800s.

If you like the song, I hope it gets stuck in your head all flippin' day as it has done to me.

Buy it here: CDJapan Tower Records Amazon Japan

Official Links: Official Homepage

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*And as always, Have A Wonderful Day No Matter Where You Are!!


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