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One Of A Kind Idols In Omiya - Omiya IDOLL (大宮アイドール) and I☆DOLL BRAVE - New Age Idols Spotlight

  If you had told me over a year ago, that I would meet a couple members of this group, and they would become a mainstay in my life, I might have been surprised.  Little did I know that this smaller group would play a much bigger part in shaping who I have become as a idol fan and person since that day.  That group is Omiya I ☆ DOLL (大宮アイドル)  and their research student group I ☆ DOLL BRAVE.  Some of you may not have heard about this group (especially in English speaking countries) or maybe not even in Japan itself. Where is Omiya? You may ask. Omiya is in Saitama Prefecture, which is northwest of Tokyo. I can compare it to my hometown when it comes to explaining where I am from.  Let me introduce both of these great groups to you. Group Information As I mentioned, this group is a locally based in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.  They were formed in November 2014. Not only are the members idols but they also work part-time at a café with the same name. They do performanc