Ninja Idols That Charm During The Reiwa Era - NINJA紅 / NINJA Kurenai - New Age Idols Spotlight

Do you like ninjas?

What about idols?

How many ladies that have a variety of talents (models, actresses, etc.) can you put in both categories?

There is no need for them to hide in the shadows and be silent stress killers.

Ninja紅 has become such a staple in my life since they grabbed my attention and I hope they will grab yours as well.

I hope you will join me on this journey as we spotlight NINJA紅....

Group Information

Ninja紅 (Kurenai) debuted on February 15th, 2020 under the company YM2 Agency. 

Their company has a variety of talents from domestic talents to foreign talents as well. Quite a few notable ones to be honest.

In the time they have been a group they have released one mini album according to their agency website but it may be a venue exclusive kind of thing. 

They have their very own YouTube channel that posts a variety of videos from behind the scenes, games, live videos and a lot more. I will place their channel in the official links section.

The group is also active with advertising certain products such as the Kirin probiotic drink, IMUSE...#notanad....and some other things in the works.

On debut, there were four members and that number jumped to six members with the editions of Nene and Hana-chan. 

After the edits below, the group is reduced to two members. To be honest, I hope that the group will survive and not become just another passing thing. It looks like there are plans to add additional ones in the future, fingers crossed.

BIG EDIT (April 1st, 2021) : One day after releasing this article Mami Hanai (Hanachan) announced her graduation from the group, effective March 31st, 2021. She will be focusing on her voice acting career. Ganbatte Hana-chan!! Announcement

MAJOR UPDATE (May 15th, 2021): It was announced by the official group account that original members, Kadota Saki  (門田紗季), Sugiyama Yuki (杉山夕希) and recent member addition, Iori Isaki (伊咲いおり)will be graduating, effective immediately.  They have decided to focus on their other career paths from now on. I wish nothing but the best for all of them on this future path. Group Announcement 
Let's get to know the members of the group in this next section.

Member Information

The members are color coded and you all (my readers) know how I feel about that. 

I will place the order from left to right. Also, I will link their social media pages for you to follow them if you would like. I highly suggest you do so.

At least three members: Hanai, Iori, Yuumaru (Sugiyama Yuki) use streaming services such as Showroom, 17.Live, or MirraiTV. For international users, you may have to download an APK file for MirraTiV. Use the links on both Hanai's and Yuumaru's Twitter to catch them there. 

When I discuss some information about each member, I will use their nicknames, just so you all know.

Name: Aoi Nene (青井音々)
Nickname: Nenechi (ねねち)
Birthdate: October 14th
Color: Red
SNS: Twitter 
Joined December 2020

Nenechi is the newest member and has been in various productions since 2015 including modeling, TV and CM appearances as well as stage performances.

Name: Yukimura Natsumi (幸村なつみ)
Nickname: Nacchan (なっちゃん)
Birthdate: May 27th
Color: Yellow
SNS: Twitter
Original Member

Nacchan has been in a variety of things. She has appeared in American commercials, worked around the globe and has lived/studied abroad several times. She is practically, if not, a fluent English speaker. 

Former Members

Mizushima Ki (水嶋きい) - Graduated September 11th, 2020 Announcement
Mami Hanai (花衣真美) Color: Apricot Twitter Mirrativ 
September 2020  -  March 31st, 2021
Kadota Saki (門田紗季) Color: Purple Twitter
February 2020 - May 15th, 2021
Sugiyama Yuki (杉山夕希) Color: Pink Twitter
February 2020 - May 15th, 2021
Iori Isaki (伊咲いおり) Color: Sky Blue Twitter Showroom-Live
September 2020 - May 15th, 2021

Discography Information

As I mentioned above, their music may only be available at live shows. I have looked them up on various streaming sites and other websites but have found no digital or physical versions. I hope that it will appear on some sort of music streaming service or through other purchase options in the future. 

Music Video Information

In this category, I will showcase some of the music of NINJA紅, that I hope you will enjoy. The live versions come from a performance on February 7th, 2021. The venue where the performance takes place is Akihabara SinfoniA.

The first video I want to share is their short version PV of the song "DoRon"...

This video showcases their charms. The first question I have is, who is drinking the Dr, Pepper? Reason being is that I grew up on that stuff and love it to this day. Anyways, it obviously was filmed before Nenechi but you will see her in a moment or two. Since this is the short version, you can get the vibe of this song and I really enjoy listening and watching the video a lot. The members look so pretty in their casual clothes and their personalities shine through. I do enjoy the solo shots that are filmed throughout Tokyo. Back to the song, it is really catchy and I happen to notice myself jamming out even for a little bit of time. 

The next video is the full version of the "DoRon" but it is performed live. In this performance Yuumaru is absent but still good nonetheless. Also welcome Nenechi into the performance as well.

They give off a great atmosphere that is hard to describe. It is so cheerful that it gets you moving in a heartbeat. The choreography is really good and pretty easy to imitate if you feel like dancing in your room or in public. As I mentioned earlier it is really catchy and you can see that in the audiences participation. As the song goes on, it definitely picks up. There is a part towards the end, where I surprising high note happens and it gives me chills. Such a fun song and atmosphere. 

The next videos I want to showcase are from their song "Code 紅" and it will be the same as the previous two (short version and live version). This song is very different from "DoRon".

I enjoy the rock vibe of this song. More on this to come. The members look like some cool ninjas in their stage outfits. The fight scenes are nice as well. Can you figure out who the cloaked assassins are? I won't give you a hint. I also liked the mix of live version and solo / group shots in this short PV. There was a nice shot of running through the Shibuya Scramble is also a good touch. I'm curious where the other locations were filmed. 

Here is the live version of this song.

This song kicks all sorts of butt. My butt, your butt, whoever's butt. The rock mixed with a little classical EDM makes it pop. The choreography is pretty great if I were to be honest. It is not as easy to replicate as "DoRon" but give it your best shot. This is definitely a song that you need friends to perform with. There is a really cool dance break towards the end of the song that hits perfectly with the rock aspect. I say dance break, more like power stances for battle. You get the picture. The vocals throughout the song are top notch. I enjoyed it all from the solo bits, to the spoken word section, all the way to the whole group harmony. I truly enjoy this song a lot and always come back to watch this video.

Last but not least is the live performance for their song "花火 (Hanabi)" or "Firework" in English. 

I honestly would expect to hear this song as an anime OP or ED... It has that kind of vibe. The ballad start followed by the rock riffs, combined with the vocals it makes the song great to listen to. There is a part where the members individually sing and they show off their vocal prowess during this segment.  If I were to watch fireworks, let's say during the 4th of July or on New Year's Eve, I would love to plug my headphones in and listen to a playlist that involves this song. The choreography is good and it includes a dance break as well that showcases some of their skills. It is always nice to see an individual dance break. I would love to see this performed in person just to feel the atmosphere and be able to do the fan chant for this. 

I wanted to include some of my other favorite YouTube videos for you to see but I will let you discover them in all their glory yourselves. 

Overall Thoughts

So while doing my research on this spotlight, I came to the realization that there is not a single English article about this group.

I'm not joking. No wiki page to be found, which is surprising. Zip, zero, zilch, nada. To be honest, I am saddened by this fact. 

My experience with  has been relatively short. My guess would be about six or so months, maybe longer. Time starts to merge together sometimes. 

I didn't know about the group at all until I got a notification on Twitter from a user who was new to me. 

It was the group's official Twitter account (of course, I followed back).

Of course, I followed the link in their bio to the official YouTube page and became very intrigued by what I saw. 

Three members (Sakichi, Yuumaru and Nacchan) were eating the Gigamax Ramen. It is a lot of noodles that I would love to eat. There was some comedy in there that I will not describe because some chuckles were to be had.

Their personalities were enjoyable and I began to become curious of who they were. After doing research (such as following member's Twitters) and watching other videos of theirs, I began to become more and more of a fan. I didn't realize how much of one I would become.

Fast forward a couple of months when Hana-chan and Iorin were added to the group and it made me even more curious about the happenings of the Reiwa Ninja Idols. 

I immediately became a fan of both of them. You have no idea how much I enjoy them. That sounded creepy but it is not meant in that way. 

When the notice about a new member joining (Nenechi) was announced, my fandom grew larger to the point where it is at now. 

I constantly look forward to their new videos, both behind the scenes and music. They do a variety of videos, including playing card games, doing some limbo (really good video), and even just hanging out with each other away from the studio. Please check out their YouTube channel! I don't think you will regret it. They are characters (in a good way), to say the least.

Sometimes going into their livestreams just to chat for a bit, if I have some time to spare, is fun as well. It is very relaxing just to listen to them chat or watch them play a mobile game. They do their best to speak in English when they are comfortable with their language skills. It can be really cute. 

When I return to Japan, they will be one of the top priority groups to see in person. I want to feel the excitement and rock on. Also get a chance to interact with them in a face to face environment. 

Until then, I will do my best to support them from where I live. 

Down below will be a note to the members, in the hopes that they will read this.

To the members of NINJA紅:

Thank you for everything that you do! Each one of you is ever so talented, whether it be through singing, dancing, acting/voice acting and whatever you put your heart to. I can't tell you enough how much the hard work that you put in day in and day out is appreciated, just to put smiles on fans faces, regardless of the time of day. Your fan group is starting to build up as time goes along and honestly, I hope it will grow larger. Sometimes times can get rough and you may not feel well, but your fans are willing and readily able to give you the support you need to continue on. All of you have different personalities that can make someone's day brighter by just a single photo or a broadcast. You all have endless possibilities both as a group and individually. I wish for so much success in the future. Always keep smiling! Please keep safe and stay healthy.

Much love and support from Oklahoma USA!

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