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There are a lot of things about idols that I like.

Their personalities. The fact that sometimes they don't give a darn or can be super hyper about anything.

Their cuteness and beauty. It is hard to distract yourself from that sometimes.

They are also hard working. They put in hours upon hours of practice as well as performing for all of us fans to enjoy and receive our love in return.

Other times, maybe being an idol isn't a full time job. They may work at normal office jobs or attend school side by side with a fan or two. Who really knows? (They probably do...)

This group is all of these in a nutshell.

So today, I wanted to discuss a dark horse idol group that I have been a fan of for about six or so months.

That group is Priamo (プリアモ). Will you go on this journey with me and maybe discover a new favorite?

Group Information

Priamo, often stylized as プリアモ, debuted on September 29th, 2019. They are under the affiliation SYL Entertainment. SYL also has some other popular idol groups under their label. 

The groups slogan is "Sweet and sour feelings like first love to you".

They originally debuted with four members. That number slowly grew to five in December 2019. In Spring 2020, the original four members left the group and four new members joined. 

They successfully created the Priamo you see today on May 30th, 2020.

On December 19th, 2021 members Hayami Rikako (速水りかこ), Mochizuki Menma (望月 めんま), Hinata Ena (日向 えな), and Fujisaki Nanoha (藤咲 なのは) graduated from the group. The only member left is Tenman Nonoka (天満ののか). 

There looks like some new members will join Nonoka-chan to create a new Priamo but for now, we have to be patient.

The group has also released one album and one single since their formation. I am hoping for some more in the future but beggars can't be choosers.

Since we have a brief background about the group's history, shall we get to know the members?

Member Information

You know what I am going to say. They are color coded!

As I mentioned, there is now one member in Priamo. 

I will link their SNS for you to follow them. Some of the members still have their own Showrooms for you to partake in when you have the time. 

Name: Tenman Nonoka (天満ののか)
Birthdate: April 4th, 2000
Color: Heroine Red
Joined March 2020

Nonoka has her own YouTube channel where she does a variety of things. She is also a college student.

Nonoka-chan please do your best! I have faith in you. You won't be alone for very long!

Former Members

Hanohata Honoka - Left February 2020 - Original Member
Mashiro Futaba - Left February 2020 - Original Member
Tsukimi Tsukasa - Left February 2020 - Original Member
Yajima Aoi - Left April 2020 - Original Member
Hayami Rikako (速水りかこ) - Graduated December 19th, 2021 - Twitter 
Mochizuki Menma (望月 めんま) - Graduated December 19th, 2021 
Hinata Ena (日向 えな) - Graduated December 19th, 2021 - Twitter
Fujisaki Nanoha (藤咲 なのは) - Graduated December 19th, 2021 -  Twitter Showroom-Live

Discography Information

As was mentioned earlier, Priamo has released one digital album and one digital single. 

1st Digital Album - Priamo - Released December 28th, 2019

1st Digital Single - Shooting Star - Released September 19th, 2020

You can listen to their music on the subscription service that you currently use (Spotify, Apple Music). I will link the group's discography profile for both of those services. I was honestly really happy to be able to listen to their music. They have a lot of good tracks to listen to. 

Music Video / Live Information

For this section, I would like to showcase some of my favorite songs of theirs. The one lone music video on their official YouTube features the original members. 

Truth be told, I was conflicted in whether to show the only music video of the group. It was decided to do so because they were the foundation of what would become. 

I'm not going to do a deep dive into this song and music video like I usually do.

The title of the song is Harerukana (ハレルカナ)

This song is honestly catchy. I enjoy the chorus a lot and catch myself jamming to it quite often. It has that catchy rock and EDM vibes that I thoroughly love. I don't know a lot about the original members so it is hard for me to pick out one particular member that shines above the rest. Do give it a watch and listen though!

Since that is the only music video, I wanted to share a fan cam that I saw on YouTube that showcases their other music. Before that I want to shoutout to the channel creator who filmed this content: たつま 

The first live video I want to share is from May 1st, 2021 at Club Camelot. It is one of the recent ones as of this writing. I will take a deep dive into each song that they performed. 

Of course, you have the stage entrance song that allows the members to come out one by one. Most of the time, this is where you choose a favorite if you are at the venue and new to the group. You could find one immediately. 

The groups new outfits are really cool. I also enjoy the members color on it as well. The members are really cute and pretty as always.

After the stage entrance, it seems to be a new song that is not out on any of their digital discography. The title of the song is "Fiesta (フィエスタ)". This song is a jam. If you want audience participation, this one is the right one. From one side of the stage to the other side of the stage, it will get you moving in the club. The Euro Trance is a nice vibe that will get you doing all sorts of choreography. Speaking of choreography, it looks like it will wear you down after a while. Exhausting is the word I was looking for. There is a mini dance break about halfway through that is really fun. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy it from start to finish. I hope the release of this song will come out in the near future because I want to crank this up while driving down the highway.

The track that follows is probably one of my favorites. The title is "Shining Days (シャイニングデイズ)". The song itself is so bubbly and shows off their cute charms. There are a lot of words I want to say regarding this song but I will keep it to a minimum. I want it as either a ringtone or an alarm tone. Wouldn't you like to hear this song while waking up? The choreo is pretty simple besides the arm movement as it looks like it would be easy to forget the which direction to move your arm. I hope you know what I mean. I like the vocals as well. There is a part toward the end of the song, where Nonoka has some solo time followed by Nanoha and Menma come forward and sing. In turn the other two members, Ena and Rikako, join the final bridge. Such a calm feeling happens during that part. 

After the MC, comes the last song on the setlist, "Burning Love (バーニングラブ)". After the previous song, this one takes it back up to 100 with how much energy it shoots at you. You have the techno background mixed with some light vocals that set the tone. Next thing you know, you are jumping up and down like you just had an energy drink. "Burning Love" shows off their cool side with the dancing. Approximately halfway through this jam, there is a breakdown with some strobes and some cool choreography. Was that a light dab I saw as well? Either way, it is a strong section of that track. When listening to this on my own, I will always picture this part in my head. It so gosh darn good that I can't stop playing this track. 

All in all, I enjoyed this setlist a lot. You could probably tell that, couldn't you? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Understandably, this section is shorter than most but there is so many fan cams of this group on YouTube that the one I chose seemed like the best option. I do have some other favorite songs of theirs such as "Shake It Up, Baby" and "Shooting Star"

Make sure to listen to those as well. You won't regret it.

Overall Thoughts

My experience with Priamo has been not as long as other groups I have written about. To my knowledge, I knew about the group back in mid-2020 but didn't fully interact with them until late 2020. 

I was browsing Showroom early in the morning (US Central Time), when idols are more active on the platform, and noticed a short haired girl on the thumbnail. I, of course, was intrigued by this girl. I never realized how much of an impact her and her group would have on me. 

Did you guess the member yet? You did? Yes, it was Tenman Nonoka. You got it correct!

Anyways, after entering her distribution, I was blown away by how energetic she was from the get-go. I had a long day at work and it was the boost I needed to relax. That sounds strange. Why would you need energy after a long day? That is how I am. After commenting a few times and introducing myself etc. I was hooked from then on. I did a WithLive back on Christmas Day and it was really fun to chit-chat. 

I didn't know a lot about the other members at that time but I wanted to learn about them so I did some research and popped into their live distributions to chat. They have a wide variety of personalities. You have calm, cool and collected mixed with super energy that will get you through the day.

I overwhelmingly like this group and they are terribly underrated for being so good. I look forward to their future activities.

I want to go see them in person but that will have to wait until the borders reopen between our countries. Until then, I will continue to support them through thick and thin.

As usual, I want to leave a note to the members in case they do read this. 

To Priamo Members:

Thank you so much for everything you do. You all put in so much hard work both as an idol and in school/career work. It might be difficult somedays but you each are strong. I keep talking about your personalities, but it is one of a multitude of things that make you stand out. Every one of you are talented in dancing and singing as well. The Priamo fandom has a wide base in the domestic market but I hope you can gain some international fans too. Your fans, including myself, will always support you no matter the path that you take in the future. Always, always, keep being yourself and never stop smiling. I hope someday that I can repay the happiness that you have given us all. I wish you nothing but success in the future. You all will always have an international fandom in Oklahoma USA! 

Lots of love and support!

Official Links

I honestly hope you enjoyed this introduction/spotlight on Priamo. If you did like it, feel free to leave a comment. I don't mind at all.

You can also follow me on Twitter if you'd like as well.

As always, no matter wherever you are or whatever situation you may be in, Have A Great Day!


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