Purpure☆ - Underrated Idol Spotlight!

Let me introduce you to this great idol group.

The groups name is Purpure☆ as suggested by the title. Created in 2013, this group is from Kyoto, and aims for academic priorities on the weekdays and idle weekends for singing to deepen their ancient traditions and charm to make a knowledge of the history, culture and tourism as the idol of the city of Kyoto. All members had to pass the Kyoto Certification Exam. The groups' name comes from the old English coat of arms violet (Purpure) and the  ☆ meaning sparkling light, called the star. So in together it would make the group Purpure sparkly star.

The group consists of nine members according to their official website profile.

Member Information

Name: Kinomoto Aya (Leader)
Birthdate: December 10th, 1993
Twitter Handle: @aya_purpure

Name: Hamaguchi Aiko
Birthdate: October 20th, 1994
Twitter Handle: @aiko_purpure

Name: Sae Watanabe
Birthdate: August 19th, 1993
Twitter Handle: @sae_purpure

Name: Morimura Rina (Sub-Leader)
Birthdate: January 27th, 1993
Twitter Handle: @rina_purpure

Name: Amigurumi Hoshino
Birthdate: March 12th, 1998
Twitter Handle: @amiru_purpure

Name: Kurokawa Haruna
Birthdate: April 26th, 1994
Twitter Handle: @haruna_purpure

Name: Hinano Yui
Birthdate: February 25th, 1993
Twitter Handle: @yui_purpure

Name: Aizawa Akane
Birthdate: June 5th, 1996
Twitter Handle: @akane_purpure

Name: Sasaki Yurina
Birthdate: May 11th, 1996
Twitter Handle: @yurina_purpure

Discography Information

To this date Purpure☆ has only released one single. The single is titled Ka-Ren-Ka/Start. The single was released on May 5th, 2014. I hope to see more singles coming out and a potential album.

There are four tracks on the single; two with vocals and two without.

The first track Ka-Ren-Ka, I would consider it to be a ballad because of the tone it sets, the vocals are calm making it sound like a old-fashioned Japanese love song.

The second track, titled Start, I believe is to be the best song on this single. it has the rock feel you can jam to and it is very catchy. They did a very good job with this one. I get goosebumps listening to it (no, seriously).

How Did You Find Purpure☆?

Well, technically they found me. Since I have a Twitter account, I noticed one day about a month ago that the member Sae Watanabe decided to follow me. I had never heard of this group even while doing research of other groups.

I don't know how she found me, but if you see this, Thanks!

I went on YouTube and watched their live concert video for their song Start and I dug into them more.

After finding their official site and gaining knowledge of the group and its members, I knew I had been given a hidden gem.

After checking out their site, I decided to order their only single and a t-shirt. I might have went overboard and asked them to sign it.

I received the package about 10 days later with the cd and the shirt both autographed by the members of the group. I was astonished.

I greatly appreciate what you did and I will cherish it!

I will post the photos of the shirt and cd later in the post.

They have become one of my hidden idols that I hope I can spread the joy and fun of Purpure☆ with my readers.

Music Videos

They have not produced a MV but they have concert footage though and here it is. Both of their songs were performed at the Kyoto Okazaki Red Carpet.

The song is Start.

This next one is the main track for their first single Ka-Ren-Ka.

Ka-Ren-Ka Video

Also, here is their PR video they did. Just warning you, the pirate lady is kind of creepy to me. LOL.

My Purpure☆  Merchandise

Again, may I say Thank You! I especially like the drawings you made for your autographs. They're Kawaii!

Share this group or this post to anyone you know. I hope for the success of the group for the future. I want to make this group known not only in the Kyoto area but around the world.

Official Links

Official Facebook
Official Twitter
Official Ameblo Blog
Official Showroom

Feel free to comment or follow me on Twitter.

Please Wherever You Are Or Whatever You Do, Enjoy Life To Its Fullest And Have A Fantastic Day!


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