If Bees Listened To Music, They Would Choose These Artists - Hachimitsu Emporer (蜂蜜★皇帝) / Le☆Miel (ミエル) - New Age Idols Spotlight

For the month of December, I wanted to spotlight a couple of artists that have been an impact on me for a few months. 

They also have left an impact on the city of Gifu, Japan as well.

One group does Fairytale Rock while the other performs Sweet Pop. When you combine them you get sweet satisfaction. 

Bee-lieve me, they are both really good groups that shine brightly for the world to see. 

As you can tell, this hasn't been updated since December 2020. The original article was pretty beefy but things have changed since then. Some members have come and gone, as well as some new releases. So in August 2021, I went back into the hive to share the information I had learned.

Will you join me again on this journey inside the honeycomb (last one, I swear)?

Group Information

Both of these groups are from Gifu, Japan and if you don't know where that is, here is a handy dandy location. If you google Gifu, it looks pretty stunning! I want to go there to see the area as well as these groups.

Source: Wikipedia

They are under Honeycomb Promotion (I'm piecing together the pun here) and have different start dates. 

Hachimitsu Emperor  (蜂蜜★皇帝) or Hachipera for short, is a queen bee-theme inspired group and debuted in November 2015.

miel (ミエル) officially started in August 2018 but made their official debut in October 2018.

Member Information

In this segment, I will include the members of each group and include their SNS profiles, if you so wish to follow them. I hope you do!

The members of each group are color coded, but on some occasions, you see may see them on their stage outfits.

Honeycomb Promotion also has three research students as well. Those members don't have social media or official pictures but you can see them when they do online cheki events. 

Hachimitsu Emperor (蜂蜜★皇帝)

The group currently has five members. None of the current members were part of the original lineup. 

Name: Kazama Yuma (風間遊馬)
Birthdate: September 14th
Color: Green
Joined September 2018

Name: Kanzaki Erena (神向エレナ)
Birthdate: November 28th
Color: Pink
Joined December 2019

Name: Momomi Aoi (百未葵)
Birthdate: October 13th
Color: Blue
Joined June 2020

Name: Kureha Marin (紅羽まりん)
Birthdate: May 23rd
Color: Red
Joined June 2020

Name: Sakurai Noa (桜井乃愛)
Birthday: July 9th
Color: Purple
Joined October 16th, 2021

They have a laundry list of former members so I made the decision to leave them off of this post. 

Le☆miel (ミエル)

There are currently five members of Le☆miel. 

One of the members, Nanase Momona, was one of the founding members of the group.  Member Hojo Minami, transferred from Hachimitsu Emperor to be the leader of the group in June 2020. Member Kozakura Mai transferred from Hachipera to Le☆Miel on October 16th, 2021. 

The names of their respective colors are really creative.

Name: Hojo Minami (北条みなみ)
Birthdate: March 15th
Color: Angel Pink
Joined June 2020

Name: Nanase Momona (七瀬ももな)
Birthdate: July 25th
Color: Honey Yellow
Founding Member

Name: Suzumiya Kokage (鈴宮こかげ)
Birthdate: August 23rd
Color: Mint Green
Joined June 10th, 2021

Name: Kozakura Mai (小桜舞)
Birthdate: September 19th
Color: Purple
SNS: Twitter Cheerz 
Joined October 2021

Name: Mashiro Miru (眞城みる)
Birthdate: April 7th
Color: Strawberry Red
Joined October 17th, 2021

Former Members

Morino Anzu (森乃あんず) - Graduated May 8th, 2021 
Shion Erika (詩音えりか) - Graduated June 6th, 2021 - Twitter
Tachibana Riko (橘りこ) - Graduated June 6th, 2021 - Twitter

Discography Information

As of this writing, Hachimitsu Emperor has released two albums and soon to be six singles. 

miel has not released any music, either digitally or physically. 

As for obtaining their music, it can be really difficult. Most of the albums can be found on their official shop site. 

You can not find any of their music on streaming sites but you may be able to find a rare copy of their first album on Amazon Japan. I got lucky and found one, so keep trying and you may be able to get your hands on it.

1st Single - RESET / BOOM BOOM - Released December 27th, 2015

2nd Single - Masagu ni Saku Hana - Released June 11th, 2016

3rd Single - Koakuma Emperor / Taiyou Emotion - Released November 1st, 2016

4th Single - Empress - Released April 18th, 2017

1st Album - Hachinosu - Released June 26th, 2019

5th Single - RED BEE - Released December 22nd, 2019

2nd Album - SOLO COMPLETE Vol.1 - Released May 30th, 2020

6th Single - Infinity Quest (無限大クエスト) - Released July 11th, 2021 

Music Video Information

In this section, I want to showcase a few of the groups music videos and give my honest opinion about the song and music video itself.

The first music video I want to share from Hachimitsu Emporer is from their fourth single, Empress. The songs title is the same as the single. 

Do you want to run through a mile really quick? Listen to this song. The members in this video are some of the original team. As you can notice by the fact that the video came out on April 2nd, 2017.
The song is good and makes you want to do a workout or something. It has the rock / hip hop vibe that I really dig. The video is very interesting. You have to find out who the leader is, even if you have to play Russian Roulette. That part was pretty brutal with a nice twist toward the end. The cinematography was great as well. It lured you into the story and after each member killed themselves, the swap back and forth was fantastic. Each of the members look pretty as well. The stage outfits are befitting of a queen bee themed group. Did anyone notice the stingers? Those might hurt someone. Anyways, this would be a good song to get hyped up for something.

The next video is I want to share is from their fifth single, RED BEE. 

You may notice some changes in the lineup. In this music video, you will see Hojo Minami, Kazawa Yuma, and Kanzaki Erena inserted into the group. This is the first video for Erena to be in but not the first for Minami or Yuma as they appeared in a previous one earlier that year. If you want to sustain your run after the first song, this one might well help with that. This song is really good as it showcases their vocals. It has a really good rock edge without the hip hop from the first video. It shows the versatility of their talents while performing. It is a good song regardless. The video is really good as well. I don't know who beat them up but they took some damage (we may never know). The members besides that look amazing in both their stage outfits and the yankee clothing. If they showed up to my place with those torches, I would be afraid, I'm not going to lie. 

The next video is their latest one, released in September 2020. It is their own original song titled, Answer.

This song has to be one of my favorites of 2020. The group changed some more with the introductions of Momomi Aoi, Kozakura Mai, and Kureha Marin as well as the departure of Minami to their sister group miel. I thoroughly love this song. It has the rock vibe and it has a little hip hop but not a lot. This is a song that you would listen to after finishing your run or if you need a pick me up during your long day. I constantly go back to this song, if I need some happiness. The lyrics are nice as well, if properly translated. They have new stage outfits during this one and they look pretty dope. More mobility is a great combination with good choreography. The members look ultra pretty in both the single shots and the stage shots. This song gives me the goosebumps during certain parts. It is also good for fan chants if that is your thing. 

Since the release, they have released two new music videos. I want to share my favorite out of those two. Before that I want to mention DAYBREAKER. I like the song in general. It has the super heavy rock and even has a band as well. Overall, if you like metal, then that is your jam.

Anyways, the video I want to showcase is called, Infinity Quest (無限大クエスト). It is a tie in to the mobile game Gifu Quest. It is their sixth single and was set to be released in early August but there has been a delay. The release date is unknown.


This is honestly the first time I have ever discussed this song or music video anywhere. I like the beginning where it has the EDM rock while showing the members. It sets the tone for a journey. As you can tell, the game is kind of like an old fashioned Final Fantasy game. You quickly get to know the characters of the game. Marin is the princess that needs saved, as you could probably tell. It is honestly very pretty. I do have a quick question. What is the pink companion supposed to be?   This song goes into different gears throughout and it is quite enjoyable. From rock, electronic, slow pace, then kicks back up to high speed. It keeps you on your toes. That is what I enjoy the most. I never know what to expect. The members are killing everything in their path. From snowmen to leeks, they make their way to the princess. I don't know where they filmed this, but it is beautiful. The members look cool, cute and pretty all at the same time. I have listened to this song several times and it ranks second, behind Answer. I hope that it will be released on some sort of streaming platform so we all can listen to it. If you are new to the group, I highly suggest this song. 

Now comes the change from cool rock to cute pop....

miel has some good music videos that display their cuteness and I will share them both. The first video is from their song, BeeMine. It features Anzu and Momona, as well as former member Asahina Shiho before her dismissal in March 2020. 

How adorable! Am I right? I enjoy the cuteness of this song so much that my heart can't take it. The members look really cute and they have really good singing voices. The stage outfits are cute as well. This is a song that you would listen to on a sunny day with your sweetheart in a drama. The choreography is easy to follow as well.  I want to listen to this more often than I do. 

The next video is their latest one with the new system. The song is titled Ijukinashi Fainda, or Sissy Finder in English. Kind of a weird translation but okay.

This song is really good as well. I love the current lineup! Quick question, does Minami fit the cool rock vibe or ther cute pop one? I don't have that answer for you. I enjoy the tempo of it as it has an airy feel to it. It is almost as if, you are walking outside and seeing the sun in the morning for the first time. It will be a beautiful day kind of feeling. The members look really pretty between both the white outfits and the stage outfits. The representative colors are around the color of the uniform. I like the stage outfits because it shows off their girliness and really conservative, which is a plus. The choreography is really catchy as well and it can be replicated in your home if you are trying to learn it. The cinematography is nice as well. Is the sun abnormally bright like that because it was really blinding in some of the dance and solo shots. I don't have a favorite particular scene but I do enjoy the solo shots a lot. I could listen to this song for a long time. 

miel also have a video of their live at Shibuya VEATS from October 4th, 2020. It showcases all their songs with the current lineup. Here is that video. I will not leave any commentary about it. It is worth a watch!

Final Thoughts

I came across this group through Twitter of all places in early October 2020. One of the idols I follow (which is many) liked a photo from one of the members introducing herself to new fans. It was 
Aoi-chan of Hachimitsu Emperor and I immediately liked her because she wears glasses. As someone that wears them as well, it was already a plus. Doing more research on the group led me to the Answer MV, which I enjoyed, as you read above. It led me to watch a few hours of their online cheki events and I was hooked. 

I think I watch the online cheki events once a week, even old ones just to pay attention to their personalities or see their wardrobe choices. A majority of the outfits are really cute and suit them well. 

I found out about miel at that time as well. I picked a couple of favorite members (you know who you are), and I was set. During this time of the virus, it has given foreign and domestic fans to chat with idols through Talkport and other avenues and I have gotten lucky to chat a few times to a couple of them. 

As a local idol, I can't imagine how hard it is to get recognition for your talents. They have a dedicated fanbase that I see on Twitter and who travel to whatever venue they are at to see them perform, no matter the distance. It makes me envious to be honest. The groups don't really have an international fanbase but I hope through this, they can gain some from that community. 

Their music is kind of niche in a saturated idol world but I hope they can break through soon. It may not have been this year but I hope for their success next year. 

To the members of Hachipera and miel

You are all so talented in both singing and dancing. You have made a positive impact in not only Gifu, but across Japan with your music and I hope that it continues. Each of your personalities are really fun and they mesh well together when you are a whole group. You're funny and energetic beyond belief, even after a long live. You are all very pretty and if anybody tells you different, ignore them.

There are times when I wonder if you are all okay, both mentally and physically ( I hope you are!)

I honestly wish for nothing but success in 2021 and afterwards. I hope that you continue to grow and get stronger as time passes.

Keep smiling and stay safe during these uncertain times!

I would love to see a live that you will be performing at in the near future but for now, it would be nice to speak to you all via Talkport.

I'm going to stop myself there. 

Much love and support from Oklahoma, USA!

Official Links

If you read this far, I really appreciate it. I hope that you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please follow them on social media and watch their videos. It would be greatly appreciated. 

Please feel free to leave a comment. You can also follow me on Twitter if you'd like. 

*As always, have a wonderful day, no matter where you are or what situation you may be in!


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