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Today, I want to discuss a group that I have had on my mind for a few months now. 

Truth be told, they have only been around that long.

This group is up and coming, so watch out!

They are cute, cool and powerful. A fantastic triple threat!

Let's explore one of my constant favorites, NANONI

Will you join me?

Group Information

NANONI was started in early 2021 but officially debuted on April 21st, 2021. They are currently under the agency, Office Bit. Their company also houses acts such as SOMOSOMO, YUENI, SHIKASHI, DATTE etc. It is a very well known company. 

NANONI wears camouflage, to fight and survive in the new era. They will shoot their way through the idol scene and become the strongest group by making a hole in it. 

I'm not going to lie, it sounds cool. It also describes the reason why they have guns in their photos.  

The group consists of eight members. Two of which came from the dissolution of another group HAJIMENI and the six others came from auditions for Office Bit. 

As of August 2021, the group has released one digital album, thanks to a 30 man mobilization at their live on April 21st, 2021 at START DASH LIVE vol. 2...

As you can tell, they have a brief history, but should we find out about the members?

Member Information

As I mentioned earlier there are eight members of the group. I will link their SNS profiles where you can find them and give them a follow. I highly suggest that you do!

Name: Mizushino Rizumu (ミズシノ リズム)
Birthdate: July 31st

Name: Rindo Akane (リンドウ アカネ)
Birthdate: July 27th

Name: Giga Cocoru (ギガ ココル )
Birthdate: July 31st

Name: Rakurai Nao (ラクライ ナオ)
Birthdate: November 30th

Name: Kanau Kana (カナウ カナ)
Birthdate: N/A

Name: Kinouno Karen (キノウノ カレン)
Birthdate: N/A

Name: Ikinari Mippo (イキナリ ミッポ)
Birthdate: March 6th
Debuted December 25th, 2021

Name: Hanabi Saku (ハナビ サク)
Birthdate: November 22nd
Debuted December 25th, 2021

Members Rizumu (リズム) and Akane (アカネ) were part of HAJIMENI before that group disbanded.

Former Members

Kiyoraka Sui (キヨラカ スイ) - Withdrew June 28th, 2021 Announcement

Discography Information

As I mentioned above, at this time, the only album to their credit is a digital album. You can find this album on a lot of streaming platforms. I'm not joking.

I am hoping for more releases in the future. 

START DASH NANONI - Released May 15th, 2021

Music Information

Now usually in this category I place some music videos and such. Most of the time, I relay my thoughts on the video. You know the drill. 

This one will be different. NANONI has not released a music video but since they have released a digital album, I want to showcase some of my favorite songs from it.

The first song I want to showcase, if I'm not mistaken, is their SE (stage entrance song). The titled is called "NANONI START".

I'm not kidding when I say this, but this jam is my wake up alarm. You can hear why.  It gets your attention pretty quickly. I also like listening to it, when I am about to start work because it gets my blood pumping. The rock and electronic vibe just cause you to want to jump around. It doesn't have any lyrics but that is fine by me. I just absolutely love this instrumental.

The second song I want to share is their track, 色づく夜の星たち (Irodukuyorunohositati). In English, the title is, Colored Night Stars. 

The start has a nice rock vibe that slowly goes into the lyrics. The song is really pleasant to listen to. The vocals are really, really good. I was reading the lyrics and the basis behind the song is that when you destroy the chain that binds you, or whatever binds you, chase after the stars or the rainbow. I honestly like the premise. The bridge to the chorus is when things really pick up. The vocals get more intense and the chorus is nice. It gives you the emotions that you would expect from such a song. After the chorus, is a nice rock instrumental, and then the chords start repeat with the second verse. There is a solo part towards the latter half of the song that gives me the chills every time. The final lyrics are all in English, which I did not realize but it ends on a good note with the lyrics, "Look at the sky, at night" After listening to this over and over, it is a wonderful song to do that with.

The last song, I want to share is グルピコランド (Gurupiko Land).

This song gets me hyped up. I could listen to it for hours on end. It has a nice like electronic and rock mix throughout that gets me head bobbing throughout the day. The song is really catchy, especially the chorus. Guru Guru, Piko Piko will get stuck in your head. I have seen a video of a live performance of this song and it was very enjoyable. The lyrics behind the track, showcase a video game world. They are here to battle through the game but every time, they come up short but they keep playing until they win. Little do you know, the game they are describing is life! What a twist! I have this song constantly on repeat because If I'm ever feeling down or work is just getting overwhelming, I can put this on and all will be good. The final boss is making it through the last hour of the work day. The vocals get pretty intense towards the end but it brings out your energy. The whole song is fantastic from start to finish.

I know I shouldn't leave out the other two songs, From him and 幻想ゲーム (Genso Ge-mu) Fantasy Game. Both of those songs are really good as well. I don't want to discredit the members whatsoever for their hard work.  

If you want a heavy rock song, From him fits the bill. The meaning behind it is very deep and worth a listen. 幻想ゲーム (Genso Ge-mu) is a wonderful song as well. It has an upbeat rock tempo that is also definitely worth a listen.

To be honest, this album has been played through numerous times on my end that it was hard to pick a few songs to mention. I love the whole thing from beginning to end.

Overall Review

While doing research about them, I discovered that there is no source of information online at all. Surprisingly....

This will be the first kind of introduction.

My fandom story with NANONI is a little short. I learned about the group through Twitter in my recommendations back in April 2021. I knew of SHIKASHI , YUENI and HAJIMENI at that time but found out that HAJIMENI disbanded.

When I saw NANONI come up in my feed and I became curious. I looked up their digital album and was just immediately in tune with everything. 

I listen to that album almost everyday!
After learning about their music, I wanted to learn about the members and one of them peaked my interest (you know who you are). I didn't know a couple of members came from the disbanded group and it made my fan status grow. Each of the members has a unique personality, and that is putting it lightly. 

When I am in a terrible mood or if I am happy and need something more happy, I can turn to this group for some sort of joy in my mundane life.

I hope to see them in person someday but for now, I am just enjoying the highlights on Twitter and hopefully listening to new content. Sometimes, I might want to pop in on one of their deliveries to say hello and chat.

They are very talented and I hope you will become a fan of them as well.

Here is a note I would like to deliver to the members if they read this.

To the members of NANONI,

First off, Hello! Nice to meet you. You are all so very talented. Each of you has a unique singing voice and you can really belt out some of the lyrics. I saw some of your choreography due to a fan video and you can also dance well. Looking at your schedule, you are all busy workers and your hard work will always be rewarded ten fold. As I mentioned above, you each have a unique personality that brings something different to the group. Whether it is serious or goofy, you all mesh so well. You have a nice domestic fanbase across Japan but I hope that it grows more and more so you can stand on a bigger stage in the tour maybe? I also hope that your international fanbase will explode as well. Always keep doing your best and keep your hopes high. Never give up!! I look forward to seeing you all in the future. In the meantime, I wish that you stay safe and healthy during this uncertain time. 

Much love and support from Oklahoma USA!!

Tyler (タイラーさん) 

Official Links

I really hoped you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to leave a comment down below, if you'd like. Also, you can follow me on Twitter. No pressure.

As always, no matter wherever you are or whatever situation you may be in, Have A Great Day!


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