Hyper New Age Pop + Cute Idols = A Really Good Combination - LUV Neo Girls Wave (LUVネオガールズウェイブ) - New Age Idols Spotlight - NOW DISBANDED


Have you ever listened to an idol group that never fails to get you hyped up for whatever you are about to do? 

If your answer is yes, then we have the same kind of music tastes.

If you responded no, then you need to find some new groups to listen to.

Regardless of your response, I want to spotlight a group that will make you want to kick your butt into overdrive to get things accomplished.

That group is LUV Neo Girls Wave (LUVネオガールズウェイブ) or LUVネオ for short. 

Since the original article was released on January 22nd, a lot of things have happened since then. If you saw the original one, you will really notice the changes.

I hope you will enjoy reading the updated version of this article 

Group Information

The group debuted on September 21st, 2020. Even though they have not been around that long, they have had some rave reviews (no pun intended).

They perform what is called New Age pop. It is kind of coincidental to the title of this site. 

They are under the same company as one of my other favorite groups, Bugsmeme (formerly known as Savatlime). 

There are currently four members in the group... former member Honten-san announced her graduation on February 18th, 2021...Graduation Announcement

The girls have also released four digital singles and a physical single set to be released on September 21st, 2021, which you can stream and will in the near future, purchase their music.

Member Information

All five members are color coded, which is my favorite thing ever. I like all the members so there is no favoritism here.

Prior to writing this article, the group unveiled their new stage outfits, so I am happy to put in their new profile photos. Their previous ones were good as well.

I will place their SNS profiles where you can follow each member. Please do so!

Name: Shuan Papico (朱殷ぱぴこ)
Birthdate: January 17th
Color: Red

Name: Mashiro Aisu (真白あいす)
Birthdate: May 22nd
Color: Black

Name: Kisaragi Sara (如月サラ)
Birthdate: Janauary 27th
Color: Purple

Name: Aoru (碧琉)
Birthdate: June 23rd
Color: Blue

Former Members 

Ganso Misu Honten (ガンソ・ミス・ホンテン) - Graduated on March 14th, 2021
SNS: Twitter

Thank you Honten-san for the countless memories you made with fans and members alike. Even though your time was short, we appreciate all that you did. I wish you nothing but success on the next path you have chosen. There will always be support for you no matter what.

Discography Information

As I mentioned above, the group has released four digital singles that you can stream via your favorite places such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and others. 

1st Digital Single - LOVE ONLY - Released September 2nd, 2020

2nd Digital Single - VIVAccho!!!!! - Released December 26th, 2020

3rd Digital Single - GekiTeki!! - Released May 30th, 2021

4th Digital Single - Bebebe Invader (ベベベインベーダー) - Released May 30th, 2021

1st Physical Single - Kimi Summer IN (キミサマーIN) - Released September 21st, 2021

You can stream all their music on these wonderful platforms that I personally use. 

When the single released on September 21st, you can also buy them from the great sites listed below:

Music Video Information

Luv Neo has released one full length and two short music videos.  Now admittedly, I like all their songs, so no offence to their other songs. 

The first song I want to spotlight is one of the fist songs I hear from them from their first digital single. There will be more on that in the overall review. The song is titled, ポンコツ精神論 or Ponkotsu Seishinron. 

I am absolutely in love with this song! It gives me so much energy while listening to it. It has the EDM vibe mixed with the bass that can get you moving. The vocals are so nice to listen to as well. If you want to blare this while driving your car, I highly suggest it. You might get some strange looks but don't mind them. The album artwork is before Aisuちゃん changed her hair color to what it is now. When you watch the live videos of them, the choreography to this song is very simple and can be replicated fairly easily, even if you have two left feet like myself. (*≧艸≦)

The next song is from their first digital single and is titled スパノバハレーション (Supernova Halation). 

I like the synth at the beginning of this song before it picks up into the first verse. It has that EDM bass that I enjoy that can blow out your speakers. As the song goes along and hits the bridge, the tempo gets faster. At this point, you should have your light stick ready because you are about to pump your fist like you are in a club rave. The chorus is pretty simple and the lyrics "Supernova Halation" will get stuck in your head as you are jamming out. If I am having a difficult day, I will turn this on and dance in the aisles at work. I like the solo part at the end before it breaks into a bridge when it turns into the final chorus. The last segment, if you aren't jamming by then, you should be.

For the third song, I want to showcase two out of three songs in their second digital single, VIVAchoo!!!!. The song is the title track, VIVAっちょ!!!!! . They recently released a music video for this song so check it out! 

This song will give you so much energy right off the bat. It gets you clapping and then goes for the retro vibes before the pace picks up. If you need a song to run around the block a few times or just want to dance, this song will do the trick. It sounds really similar to what you would hear from Dempagumi Inc. and I enjoy that a lot since they are one of my all time favorite groups. It has really good instrumentals and also has a nice rock vibe towards the end followed by a couple of solo verses which really surprised me. After that it picks up the pace once more before finishing. This is the kind of song that my coworkers or family would consider to be what all Japanese Pop sounds like. I really enjoy this song from beginning to end. The video itself is a great introduction to the members cuteness. Each of them has a unique personality that is on display throughout.  In terms of choreography, it can't be beat. It is pretty easy to replicate and I have danced to this at work a few times.

The fourth song is a song that recently blasted into one of my favorites, if not top dog. The song is titled, 乙女は猫かぶりめう♡ (Otome wa Nekokaburi Meu). The group recently released a short MV for this song and I couldn't have been more happy. 

There are various reasons on why I love this song. It makes me happy to listen to, even when I am in a good mood. Also, this song is quite adorable, I'm not going to lie. It is just a song that can lift your spirits. It is uptempo but has a nice little break during the verses that is really enjoyable. The choreography is fun as well. Believe me, I have tried to do this choreography at home and it can be done, even if you are a bad dancer. When I first saw the video, I was hit with intense cuteness. How could you not fall in love with the group after seeing the video. I could listen to this song for hours!! I want it as a ringtone in the near future... 

Last but not least is their sound source video for their latest song, ベベベインベーダー (Bebebe inbēdā). 

Who wouldn't want to jam out to this song, especially during the bridge portion when you can start clapping and moving your head side to side. It has the retro bit at the beginning that I truly enjoy from this group. The song itself is really good and will keep you entertained for a long time. I have listened to it several times since it was released and it never fails to make me smile. I want to go on a run now, who wants to join? The breakdown is nice as well towards the end where the synth picks up and then goes back to the bridge where you start jamming. Overall, it is really good!

In the past few months, they also along with the other videos, released a short MV for a new song. You can check out my initial reaction to it and the news at that time here.

Overall Review

I came across this group back in late October when I was looking for new groups to listen to. In my recommendations on YouTube there was this live video of LUV Neo on the iColony channel. 

I had no idea who they were at the time so I waited until my lunch break to watch it. Little did I know that they would become a group that I can't stop listening to.

After grabbing my lunch, I sat in the corner and watched the video. I was surprised at how energetic their music was and I starting jamming out during that period. I was enjoying it so much, I looked up and my coworkers were staring at me and thought I was having a party. 

I, of course, looked them up more on YouTube and also via their SNS and streaming sties, and I didn't look back. I couldn't get enough of them! After work I would turn them up in my car and just be doing all sorts of dance moves in my car that I almost wasn't able to drive straight. 

Even now, while writing this, I would get distracted by watching their live videos. On that note, the group allows videos of their concerts, which is a big plus for a foreign fan like myself. There are countless videos of their performances such as the channels にゃりぴー , まとch , and いぬ、 . Shoutout to them for doing a great job filming and uploading their videos for the world to see. Give them a subscribe as well since they update often. Each channel has a different filming perspective which is nice to see. 

I truly love this group from the bottom of my idol loving heart. It doesn't take long for me to become attached to a group and I am happy to have done that for this group. I have tuned into some of their Showrooms and it makes me happy to chat with a couple of them when I can. 

They do not have a big foreign fanbase but they do have a solid domestic fanbase. That in of itself is very exciting to see. 

In order to write this article, I asked one of the members if I could and I got the go ahead. I was happy for that!

I want to go see them in person when I return to Tokyo (perhaps later this year) because it would be a fun show to see.

This next part is a letter to the members themselves:

To the members of LUVネオ,

You are a really talented group of girls that have so much energy that can't be contained. Each of you has a unique personality that shines through, either via social media or your live performances. 

You all are so talented, whether is be singing or dancing. There is a bright future ahead for you, not only individually, but also as a whole. 

I hope you never give up on your dreams and continue to perform and promote at the highest level. 

Thank you for being yourselves....

Always keep smiling!

I am looking forward to seeing your performance someday.... 

Much love and support from the United States! 

Official Links

(If you have a foreign credit card, it will not work)

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed reading it. 

Feel free to leave a comment if you would like.

Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter. It is your choice though. 

As always, wherever you are and no matter what situation you may be in, Have A Great Day!


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