AKB48 - My "Obsession?" and My Oshimen List - Opinion Piece

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Okay. I know. AKB, right?

You are correct.

Yes, I can say I am a fan of the 48 group and its sister groups as well besides JKT48 and SNH48, as I am not too familiar with those two. I have no idea of NGT48, yet.

Don't get me wrong. I like big idol groups with up to 16 members but over 110? What on Earth?

Why become a fan of AKB48 in the first place?

Why listen to one of the most Overrated Idol Group to ever exist?

A topic has also been brought to my attention that they only are there for their beauty and "sexiness" which is wrong.

The answer to those two questions would be that one does not simply overlook that group when you are a idol fan.

The third topics answer would be a mixed response.

I can say that I do not mind them being gravure models as well. Go for it! Showcase what you have!

Most of us fans don't mind it as well, while others may attack us for liking that stuff.

On the other hand, if they are too young, like maybe say 15 or below, I am not keen to that gravure type.

-Insert Bad Segue Here-

I, at one time when I first started to listen to J-Pop, swore to family, friends and even God; Yes, God; that I would not join the mass hoard of fans that they have.

Boy, was I wrong.

So about 9 months ago, which is between Labrador Retriever and Kokoro No Placard, I started my crazy decent into AKB Group madness...

Now at first, I had heard about the group through the story of the crazy maniac slashing two members, Iriyama Anna or Annin and Kawaei Rina, during their handshake event.

Which was completely wrong by all means. The sentence they gave him was too light for his crime.

Sorry, a little bad blood there.

The first video I saw for AKB was for Koisuru Fortune Cookie with Sashihara Rino as center and I simply loved it.

Oh No! I thought.

Then I listened to Kokoro No Placard and I actually got goosebumps and the hair on my arms stood up and sadly, I think I shed a tear. I loved it that much.

I had no idea they had their own show, named AKBingo! and after I watched a couple of English subbed versions of the show, I fell deeper and deeper into love.

I kept my AKB fandom hidden for quite a while, which is sort of wrong to do but I did not want people to find out.

Weird, huh?

As usual, I find out they added another team to the group, Team 8, consisting of girls from every prefecture in Japan.

I watched their first music video and thought Damn! They're good and ultra cute as well. Here I go again. I immediately picked a first impression oshi, which is Yamada Nanami and I was set.

Then came SKE and HKT into my life.

SKE is AKBs' sister group is in Nagoya and HKT is in Fukuoka. I am not a big fan of NMB, which is based in Osaka, but I only like a couple of members from that group.

I first saw SKE from the video Oki Doki, which is a common phrase in Oklahoma or around the world. I listened to that song over and over, even showing co-workers and family the video because I enjoyed it that much. After becoming a fan, I listened and saw the video for 12gatsu no Kangaroo and Seishun Curry Rice and fell deeper into the group.

Links For:
 12gatsu no Kangaroo
Seishun Curry Rice
Coquettish Juutai Chuu

For HKT, I saw the video for Hikaeme I Love You! with the double center of Sakura and Harrupi (Kodama Haruka). Then I saw Melon Juice and I thought it was a cool song and I became a fan right after that.

I have seen multiple and more of SKE and HKT shows (such as Ebi-sho, Ebi Friday Night, Ebi Calcio, HKT No Odekake, Hakata Hyakkaten, etc.) due to gracious subbers. After watching those, they have become my top groups to listen to.

Now the problem with SKE48, was the gosh darn graduations we have had earlier this year. They kept going and going until we (fans) were at our wits end. Until just recently (knock on wood).

Nowadays, I can't stop watching videos upon videos and I can't stop talking about them on a daily basis. Now that is sorta crazy.

When I went to Tokyo a month ago, I stopped by the AKB48 Shop & Cafe to see what the buzz was about and to my shock, I was actually disappointed. Even though there were two shops, they were small and didn't carry a lot of goods. I probably was in the wrong place. Honestly, I felt awkward walking around in there. I didn't purchase anything but I plan to in the future.

I also should have went to a handshake event but I decided to pass.

I eagerly anticipate every new single from each sister group and AKB itself.

What you are about to see below will blow your mind, literally.

I am so sorry to do this to whomever is reading this, but it is a big list,

Now comes the part where I mention my favorite members or oshimen and then you wonder why I chose them (You'll just have to guess!). Some of them are in other groups currently and I will list them in their original groups.

All profile photos courtesy: Stage48 and AKS

Update 1-26-2016: After the original release of this article on July 12th, 2015, a few members have graduated and also some of the girls I had on here, I changed my mind on some, so you will notice a difference if you read the first.

Update In Progress




                                                                            Owada Nana
                                                                            Team A
                                                                            Born September 15th, 1999

                                                                            Shimazaki Haruka
                                                                            Team A
                                                                            Born March 30th, 1994

                                                                            Yui Yokoyama
                                                                            Team A
                                                                            Born December 8th, 1992
You are probably yelling at your computer, phone or tablet wondering why I do not oshihen Takamina. I honestly have not been a big fan of her or Iwata Karen. Hate me now!


                                                                            Shimada Haruka
                                                                            Team K
                                                                            Born December 16th, 1992

                                                                            Tano Yuka
                                                                            Team K
                                                                            Born March 7th, 1997

                                                                            Minegishi Minami
                                                                            Team K
                                                                            Born November 15th, 1992

                                                                            Mukaichi Mion
                                                                            Team K
                                                                            Born January 29th, 1998

                                                                            Mogi Shinobu
                                                                            Team K
                                                                            Born February 16th, 1999

                                                                            Oshima Ryoka
                                                                            Team B
                                                                            Born October 21st, 1998

                                                                            Kizaki Yuria
                                                                            Team B
                                                                            Born February 11th, 1996

                                                                            Goto Moe
                                                                            Team B
                                                                            Born May 20th, 2001

                                                                            Watanabe Mayu
                                                                            Team B
                                                                            Born March 26th, 1994

                                                                            Okada Nana
                                                                            Team 4
                                                                            Born November 7th, 1997

                                                                            Kojima Mako
                                                                            Team 4
                                                                            Born May 30th, 1997

                                                                            Komiyama Haruka
                                                                            Team 4
                                                                            Born September 12th, 1998

                                                                            Nishino Miki
                                                                            Team 4
                                                                            Born April 4th, 1999

                                                                            Yokoyama Yui
                                                                            Team 8
                                                                            Born February 22nd, 2001

                                                                            Yamada Nanami
                                                                            Team 8 / Team A
                                                                            Born February 9th, 1999

                                                                             Nakano Ikumi
                                                                             Team 8
                                                                             Born August 20th, 2000

                                                                             Miyazato Rira
                                                                             Team 8
                                                                             Born March 30th, 2002

Yes, that would end my AKB oshi list and also yes, no Yukirin, or Juri. The hate continues...

On to the sister groups;


                                                                            Anai Chiharo
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born January 27th, 1996

                                                                            Akiyoshi Yuka
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born October 24th, 2000

                                                                            Kojina Yui
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born January 24th, 1998

                                                                            Kodama Haruka
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born September 19th, 1996

                                                                            Riko Sakaguchi
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born July 26th, 1994

                                                                            Sashihara Rino
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born November 21st, 1992

                                                                            Tashima Meru
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born January 7th, 2000

                                                                            Tanaka Natsumi
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born August 10th, 2000

                                                                            Matsuoka Natsumi
                                                                            Team H
                                                                            Born August 8th, 1996

                                                                            Ota Aika
                                                                            Team KIV
                                                                            Born December 8th, 1994

                                                                            Tomonaga Mio
                                                                            Team KIV / AKB Team B
                                                                            Born May 17th, 1998

                                                                            Miyawaki Sakura
                                                                            Team KIV / AKB Team A
                                                                            Born March 19th, 1998

                                                                            Motomura Aoi
                                                                            Team KIV
                                                                            Born May 31st, 1997

                                                                             Moriyasu Madoka
                                                                             Team KIV
                                                                             Born July 26th, 1997

                                                                             Aramaki Misaki
                                                                             Born January 28th, 2001

                                                                            Sakamoto Erena
                                                                            Born September 12th, 2000


                                                                            Yamamoto Sayaka
                                                                            Team N / AKB Team K
                                                                            Born July 14th, 1993

                                                                            Ichikawa Miori
                                                                            Team BII
                                                                            Born February 12th, 1994

                                                                            Miyuki Watanabe
                                                                            Team BII / AKB Team B
                                                                            Born September 19th, 1993


                                                                            Oya Masana
                                                                            Team S
                                                                            Born November 6th, 1990

                                                                            Kitagawa Ryoha
                                                                            Team S
                                                                            Born October 9th, 1998

                                                                            Ego Yuna
                                                                            Team KII
                                                                            Born March 29th, 2000

                                                                            Oba Mina
                                                                            Team KII
                                                                            Born April 3rd, 1992

                                                                            Takayanagi Akane
                                                                            Team KII
                                                                            Born November 29th, 1991

                                                                            Furuhata Nao
                                                                            Team KII
                                                                            Born September 15th, 1996

                                                                            Matsumura Kaori
                                                                            Team KII
                                                                            Born January 17th, 1990

                                                                            Kimoto Kanon
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born August 11th, 1997

                                                                            Sato Sumire
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born November 20th, 1993

                                                                            Shibata Aya
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born April 1st, 1993

                                                                            Suda Akari
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born October 31st, 1991

                                                                            Tani Marika
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born January 5th, 1996

And last but not least....

                                                                            Matsui Rena
                                                                            Team E
                                                                            Born July 27th, 1991

Where is Jurina and Sae at? I can honestly say I do not like Matsui Jurina at all for some reason. For Saes' sake, I'm not a big fan of her.

Well, that was a long list, wasn't it?

A grand total of 54 members.

Now I randomly have that many profile pictures on my laptop hard drive,

Oh Well! I can make a good desktop background though.

So on that note I think I am going to wrap it up here...

I can say I am not a AKB elitist by any means. 

I just truly love to discuss this group to anyone who wants to listen to me gripe and moan and praise them in one conversation. 

I really hope you made it this far. I truly appreciate it.

To those subbers, may I say thank you for fueling my love for the group. I would like to at least provide my readers with your website link in order to bring them to the group.

For AKB subs:

UKN48  (Also subs Nogi46 as well)
Mars Sub Team
Half-Assed Subs

HKT Subs

Blue Mentaiko

SKE Subs

Kangaroo Subs

Official Links

AKB Official Website
HKT Official Website
NMB Official Website
SKE Official Website
Team 8 Official Website
AKB Group Official Shop

You can follow me on Twitter or leave a comment, I don't mind.

And as always Please Wherever You Are Or Whatever You Do, Enjoy Life To Its Fullest And Have A Fantastic Day!


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